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    Peavey Classic 50 410 Tube Guitar Amplifier. You got one?

    Tell me about yours.. list is $899. Might give one a shot. The classic Peavey amps seem to get good all around reviews. Never had an issue with Peavey tube amps other than its a Peavey. Sold lots of their stuff in the 90's bec thats all we had to sell. The one thing bothers me about these amps...
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    Denny Freeman RIP

    He wasnt from Texas, but he was adopted. I'm glad you found heaven before you passed on Denny. RIP
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    Pickin on Zeppelin

    Jimmy Page Net Worth: $180 Million I wish I could honestly thieve like that :)
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    Fake Tuff Dog on Reverb

    and look its got the same serial number as one that was sold as a COPY. Someone trying to be slick... oh and both these shops from Canada too. good grief!!
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    out of town

    out of town
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    Tonewood Question

    depends on the angle of the attack of the pitched ball expressed as where you are sitting in the stands in relation to the hit batter can also affect how the sound is perceived
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    Why does Popeye's always make me sick?

    popeyes doesnt bother me but the smell of McDonalds just turns my stomache and I dont have to eat it.. but actually as to WHY it makes YOU sick might be a better question for a good Gastroenterologist. If you havent had n MRI or a colonoscopy the WHY might be scarier than just popeyes making...
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    Lifetime Guitar

    martin 0's 00's OM's (long scale) / 000's(short scale) are all very comfy guitars. If you dont have a large wingspan dreads can be tiresome to play. you going to spend more on the Martin BUT they hold their value very well.
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    A cast iron stomach it is you have, when this is your Sunday morning breakfast.

    cast iron stomach's RUST out bro....doh!!
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    Fender Factory Faults - Vintera Road Worn Tele LPB

    too bad it didnt get the 55 point inspection for it left da factory huh?
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    Carbon fiber collapsible archtop

    urban django you've created your own genre :)
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    "Lullaby album of Alice Cooper’s music has been released for infants" even if im not a billion dollar baby I wouldnt complain :). Alice can be kind too. He does love the dead.
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    Farewell to our cat Winnie

    :cry: next time you look up into the clouds you might be surprised...
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    Johnny Winter - Still Alive and Well

    saw him live at the Texas Opry house when I was about 14. Rode the bus got there early n thought man we got here early and got front row freeking seats!! oh no when we saw the band come out and put in earplugs we knew we was in trouble. now made sense why no one was sitting in the front...
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    Do you make your bed in the morning?

    yes it keeps me from climbing back in it bec I dont want to make it up again. But there is another REAL reason. My cat has thrown up in it and I didnt see it...ughhhhh ewwwwww wet smelly tuna in my bed . Now if she tosses her mahi mahi back up I can see it and dont roll around in it first :eek:
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    Today I ran out of amp...

    had a similar occurrence a few weeks ago. my blues cube sounded great sitting in my lonely room. got it out took it to the bass players house it just sucked. next day traded it off got a new fender blues jr. for about 300 bucks out the door. happy happy happy :) IMO the blues cube just...
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    Experience with Sweetwater Limited Edition Princeton

    50 to 100 watts outdoors minimum IMO with no mic and you still going to get mud 3 rows out. Outdoors is tuff to deal with low wattage amps and not sending them thru the PA. Fender doesnt have many options for direct out if any.
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    I Just Can't Help Believing

    I saw Elvis at the rodeo once. He set then a record for attendance at 43,000. The Astrodome sucked for sound as the pic offers clues as to why it sucked. Saw lots of great shows at the Rodeo. Saw Barry Manilow too and still to this day wonder why I was there.
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    How do you feel about amplified busking near places you do business?

    A busker would be a welcome reprieve from the ultimate question from the lurking homeless man "Excuse me sir, you got anything I need?"
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    New neighbour...

    my friend at work just moved into a new apartment and he has the same problem. says he cant play anything without the neighbors beating on the walls ceiling and floor. I told him his real problem is he sucks at guitar and is irritating. They have a valid complaint :)
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    Does a static-producing pickguard sound that way forever???

    I had to copper foil mine under the guard. problem solved quite easily for a few dollars.
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    3 dollar raise!

    the employee incentive program. I like it :) we havent gotten raises or a bonus in what will be the 2nd year. we may never get a raise again. its ok though bec we lost 2 guys this month and I been eating up their time they left behind. last 2 weeks check 92 reg hours 35 OT. Im tired. grats...
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    Farewell to our cat Winnie

    Its hard now that we lay them down for the final sleep :*( and Dan I feel ya too. I got 5 cats and 2 arent well as we speak...
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    This is how incredible Willie Nelson is.....

    jus love me Willie. its yet to be determined who gives up 1st Willie or his trusty steed. "Trigger". If a person had to look like his guitar, a match made in Texas :)