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  1. tele_pathic

    I am looking to buy a new modeling amp, but which one?

    I've had a Fender Mustang III for years and years. I've also had many Fender tube amps over the years, but I still have the Mustang but not any tubes amps, if that tells you anything. Recently, I picked up the new Headrush MX-5 floorboard unit. And I have to say, I find it outstanding. I...
  2. tele_pathic

    SRV sober vs non-sober?

    Oh man what a question to answer. I think the answer comes by comparing two videos: Live at El Macambo vs. Austin City Limits. 1. Both are incredible performances, no doubt. I prefer El Macambo for song choice and playing style and tone. I really dislike that "dumble" tone. 2. SRV, and I...
  3. tele_pathic

    Tuners: TU-3 or Polytune 3 mini?

    I've had a TC Polytune Mini for years. I love it. The only thing better was the pedalsized Peterson Strobostomp, which is fantastic but much bigger and heavier than the TC PT Mini.
  4. tele_pathic

    Welp, I’m going down the Big Muff rabbit hole (again)

    SUF makes some serious good stuff. I've also been eyeing the Garbage Face, as I'm a huge J Mascis/Djr fan. IF you are also, SUF makes the '76 Amhurst, their siggy JM pedal. I had it forever, and it was always great. Also, ZVEX makes the JM Double Rock, which is also a great JM pedal.
  5. tele_pathic

    MEN! Bidet toilet seats? Whose got one?

    The worst thing about having a bidet: It makes me not want to travel, except to Japan, because I HATE being without my beloved bidet!
  6. tele_pathic

    Dust my broom. Required listening

    Freddie King/eot!
  7. tele_pathic

    NGD Fender Ultra Telecaster

    Ahhhh I love that finish. I don't like a maple board so I have the Texas Tea finish, but if I was to a get a maple board, it would be the mocha finish. Got any real pics?
  8. tele_pathic

    American Deluxe Professional 2 vs American Deluxe Professional

    No, this is NOT splitting hairs. The rolled edges, smoother fingerboards, and contoured heels are VAST improvements over the previous generation. Unless you are restricted by budget, go APV2 vs previous gen.
  9. tele_pathic

    Favorite Board Game or Card Game? Need Gift Ideas ...

    My 18-25 y.o. kids LOVE Cards against humanity, so if you're buying a card game for someone that age, that's what they like, games that display your moral character and offend at every question.
  10. tele_pathic

    Fun times from a gig over the weekend!

    Great video! Did y'all record the sound directly off the board? Grreat guitar licks, sweet sultry harmonica playing, tasty grooves from the bass player (who was obviously feeling it) and the drummer!
  11. tele_pathic

    31 years ago, I bought a very small motorcycle

    That's a cool story. I too had the evil kneivel stunt rider. It's awesome your wife rides. I mean, is that a Hayabusa? My wife just started riding last year, and she instantly feel in love. Why start riding at 50? Well, Honda just released its Rebel 1100 with DCT. Apparently, what kept her out...
  12. tele_pathic

    Top Smiths songs

    Lordy....I couldn't pick a favorite: they are all my favorites. For me, The Smiths defines my entire high school experience. Meat is Murder was released my eighth grade year: I bought both The Smiths and Meat is Murder during my freshman year, in 1985. Then two more albums over the next couple...
  13. tele_pathic

    Sweetwater, FedEx, and my new 70th Anniversary Esquire's Tour of the West

    FedEx is THE WORST!!!! Sweetwater only ships via dedex for free, so....dang! Every package I've bought from Sweetwater that has shipped with fedwrecks had been delayed at least a day. As a matter of fact, even vendors other than sweetwater too. Just this week, I had a package scheduled for...
  14. tele_pathic

    Pro Reverb versus Deluxe Reverb

    The new Pro Reverb all the way. One of the things that I hate about DRRI or TMDR is the "normal" channel. Why do I still have this choice? And it's why I want a Pro Reverb instead of a DR or anything else: one channel.
  15. tele_pathic

    Fender Blues Deluxe or Custom Vibrolux Reverb

    CVR and it's not even close. Why compromise on tone? HOWEVER, now, today, I would choose the new Pro Reverb over either of these two.
  16. tele_pathic

    Sweetwater gallery - how to choose among same models?

    I bought a new guitar from Sweetwater a couple months: an Ultra Tele in Texas Tea w/ rosewood fingerboard. How I went about choosing is exactly what you said. Since I was getting a rosewood board, I considered that first. I zoomed in on the necks and went up and down looking at the grain. I...
  17. tele_pathic

    Anyone else completing mind-numbing, mandatory online training?

    Ugggg...just checking in on TDPRI while completing this BS mandatory online training. Videos that stop playing when you change screens....thank goodness I have a dual monitor setup. I still have a few days/couple weeks to finish it, but I did one, so I was like, "Well, shoot, I may as well...
  18. tele_pathic

    Welp, one debate settled. Next up, hot dog sandwiches

    A bidet solves the TP debate. Also, who gaf whether a hot dog is a sandwich or a hot dog? I simply don't gaf! You want to call it a sandwich? Fine by me. I ain't time to debate that stuff!
  19. tele_pathic

    2021 - What made it (And what didnt) to your Rig this year? - Finishing strong and Ready for 2022

    Like the OP, in 2021, I abanoned my ALL analog pedalboard of 9 pedals, big and heavy and bulky, and my tube amps. I replaced all that with a Headrush MX-5, new for 2021, with an affordable price half that of other Headrush units, through a Quilter Micro 45 45 watt pedal-sized "amp" into a Mojo...
  20. tele_pathic

    Can I live with an hour and ten minute commute?

    Take the job. Buy a Tesla and find a charger near work, or if it is a state job, ask your future employer to install a charging station as a condition of your employment. Owning a Tesla includes an $8,000-$10,000 tax credit. Be sure to get the long-range battery. If a Tesla is out of the...
  21. tele_pathic

    New reverb unit day

    NICE!!! I had an outboard reverb unit, not Fender, and I can't remember the brand off the top of my head but a respected builder. It was amazing. For the life me, I wish I never sold it. Outboard reverb cannot be beat and it canNOT be duplicated.
  22. tele_pathic

    Kenny Vaughan.......them dead chickens in the sky...

    OH Lawd I love Kenny Vaughan. He had a TrueTone tone lab interview on the youtubes you should watch. An hour or more of him talking about guitars and tones.
  23. tele_pathic

    NGD Am Pro II

    Congrats! That is on my short list.
  24. tele_pathic

    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga was on The Late Show on Tuesday. She gave a great interview while also knocking back shots of tequila with Colbert. At one point, Colbert said "he heard" that when she sang the nat'l anthem at Biden's inauguration, that her dress was bullet-proof. She confirmed that rumor, saying her...