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  1. brogh

    who's into sim GT3 racing ? :)

    Well guys .. dust off the games haha :) i'm having very very much fun with this game, it keeps you on your toes and at the same time gets a little peace and distraction from every days stuff. cheers
  2. brogh

    who's into sim GT3 racing ? :)

    weeeeeeeelllllllllll a long long time ago I spent quite some time sim racing on computer but things we're not really there yet.... just for fun I bought a game for xmas and started playing again .. Sim racing has grown quite a lot in the meantime, I'm having super fun times with this monster...
  3. brogh

    Gibson acquires MESA/BOOGIE !!!

    so mesas will be going for 10 k instead of 5 ? :D wellll.. you can keep em :D
  4. brogh

    Gibson or Epiphone LP

    keep the thread clean guys !
  5. brogh

    NGD...I can't keep looking at the classifieds!

    you know it's you that click on the "link", and the "contact", and the "send" and the same goes on for your bank .. it's unlikely that a guitar "accidentally" happens to materializes in your home out of nowhere :D:D;) have fun !
  6. brogh

    I Got Up, And Logged On To Work This Morning

    Same boat.. I woke up one Sunday and couldn’t get why nobody was around :lol::lol:
  7. brogh

    Simple Video editing

    link ;) forgot .. with resolve there are also some simple titling features which might come handy
  8. brogh

    What Tele got you hooked on Teles?

    not one … all of them :) .. seriously .. when I was on the "what might be the right one here for me ?"phase, I spent some time understanding what's what .. well all the tele players had something different .. then i got one and a whole new world was in front of me... guitar ? ... nah . that's...
  9. brogh

    Simple Video editing

    Absloutely advise Davinci Resolve, it's a magnificent piece of software and it's free to use for professional and personals use, i use it not daily but a couple of times a week. If you just edit, cut and paste you'll be able to get by ""easily"" YMMV here, depends on how much you know about...
  10. brogh

    Hand me a beer...

    I voted open, just to bé clear.... it get’s opened right before it gets handed to usual here
  11. brogh

    Something you want for NO GOOD REASON

    Something like this ...-
  12. brogh

    When it comes to keeping stuff, I'm a special kind of stupid.

    Cmon TD it’s Xmas, get that Martin back..sell some golf clubs and do it, if you don’t like it send it over :lol:
  13. brogh

    Unable to reply to classified ad.

    Hey John :) If this is still going on the fastest way is to use the contact button, I'll ring a bell to the administrators however thank you Cheers
  14. brogh

    Woodworking tool, gift for a friend

    Hi Thanks to all for the great suggestions it might come handy in the future, in the end after some back and forth I decided for a Japanese saw, It sadly arrived a bit late but he was very happy with it and cut a piece of wood right away :) I got him one of these, which from what I learned was...
  15. brogh

    Woodworking tool, gift for a friend

    Last minute Update, he is actually working on " desk sized " wooden tool drawers & cabinets for his tools :)
  16. brogh

    Woodworking tool, gift for a friend

    thanks To all for the replies :) !!! great ideas all along I'm gonna see if i can find something that he might need with his wife complicity :p. for what I've figured as said before, he is into small stuff, he doesn't have a table saw or better .. he has a proxxon mini table saw which allows...
  17. brogh

    Woodworking tool, gift for a friend

    I was looking at the stuff he does and mostly it's small cabinetry and box shaped object, he doesn't do chairs or full furniture stuff I was htingking that a saaww like this might actually get handy, for the stuff he does, i see they coome in various variations and sizes, also looking at...
  18. brogh

    Woodworking tool, gift for a friend

    Hey all :) I need some advice for a gift, I was thinking about some jig/tool that get used in a hobbyists woodworker shop, he likes also to do models, cnc routing, circuit design, lately he’s deep in wood stuff so I was thinking about woodworking. I have no clue .. the only thing I know is...
  19. brogh

    " Studio " Outboard effects - rev's and delays suggestion

    Hello all, well here’s the deal, I don’t have a studio.. I have a small home studio, so I don’t need studio outboard, the mx200 I have would be perfect but it’s defective, it has some woes and changes the settings of the presets as it’s on.... you can have a lot of fun if you want to go into...
  20. brogh

    " Studio " Outboard effects - rev's and delays suggestion

    i actually found a mx400 for 170 bucks which will give me 4 independent effects … mmm :D
  21. brogh

    " Studio " Outboard effects - rev's and delays suggestion

    Thanks @63telemaster , they go around 100 euro's here more or less what the others above go ... thanks !
  22. brogh

    " Studio " Outboard effects - rev's and delays suggestion

    Hey BT Thanks ! .... completely forgot to mention .... :D Rack - 2 stereo channels :) @Guitarteach in fact i have a mx 200 whic was working good, and would be ok for me, my unit is however defected and needs replacement, i'd get another of those, but they go 100 bucks here, the mentioned ones...
  23. brogh

    " Studio " Outboard effects - rev's and delays suggestion

    Hello guys i'm looking int getting an external multifx i'm debated between the TC Gmajor/ Gmajor - 2/Lexicon mx500 - all can be found relatively cheap - intended use home studio - at least two simultaneous effects - needs to have reverb (lots of them ) /delay analog & digital everything else...
  24. brogh

    What Happened to this Project?

    gives that you need backup for the project, that missed at a point … and that's it's all I'm gonna say about it. I'm gonna remove the threads probably later ..... cheers
  25. brogh


    Metheny Holdsworth Shostacovich Nine Inch Nails (musically speaking ) Tchaikovsky Crow Stones Sonic Youth Scofield Corea Weckl Miles

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