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  1. cheapgtrs

    FSR Black Paisley Telecaster

    So I just got offered one of these for my Charvel So Cal Pro Mod. I love the looks of it. I was wondering if anybody has tried one? Is it just a standard MIM with the paisley paint? Ceramic pickups? How many made? My quick Google search didn't offer a lot of insight. Thanks Charlie
  2. cheapgtrs

    Pedal power help

    Sorry for the newb question but I just picked up a lightning boy soul drive v+. Amazing pedal by the way. My problem is this, the pedal needs 300 ma to work it's best. It can run at 9 or 12v. My pedal power has a 9v 500ma spot and a 12v 100ma spot. It was suggested by the builder that it sounds...
  3. cheapgtrs

    NGD SX Furrian

    Just ordered from Rondo. I got the powder blue with a p90 in the neck. Anybody try one? Thoughts? I see threads but not about the p90 version. Cheap and looks cool ;)
  4. cheapgtrs

    Crate Vc5310 vs Fender Hotrod Deluxe.

    I know, I know apples to oranges. I own the Crate and got an offer to trade for the HRD. I have no experience with the HRD. I like the crate but its not my number one. Just looking for opinions and thoughts.
  5. cheapgtrs

    NGD 2006 Gretsch Rancher

    Liking it so far. I think she's purdy.
  6. cheapgtrs

    Geppetto Guitar Pickups

    Anybody try them? He only makes Strat and Tele styles. He's got a deal going buy a set at regular price get a second for 50 bucks. Im thinking of giving them a shot. He's local and Id like to support the local economy. The videos sound good but Id like to hear somebody with their own experience...
  7. cheapgtrs

    Wiring problem

    Ok, I've got a Les Paul Jr. with 1 bucker, 1 volume and 1 tone. So I wired everything up according to the diagram, plugged her in and got a pretty loud hum. I double then triple check everything. Everything is in order, solder joints are shiney. Next I unwire. Then I connect the bridge ground to...
  8. cheapgtrs

    peavey special 212

    Found a silver stripe on CL for a hundred. Worth it? I've played some bandits and liked them. These are pretty much the same? Its got 3 channels and reverb. Just hoping for a decent and reliable back up. What say ye?
  9. cheapgtrs

    check these out

    Old skateboards. Pretty neat idea.
  10. cheapgtrs

    squier standard shoreline gold

    Anybody know about these. Got a chance to pick up a minty one with a maple neck for $100. No case or anything. Pickups? Hardware? Any good? What do y'all think?
  11. cheapgtrs


    My brother in law committed suicide early yesterday morning. Apparently by drinking drain cleaner. He left behind 2 children, a son (7 years) and a daughter (6 years). The thing is he was physically abusive to my sister. She finally left after years of physical and mental abuse. I should be...
  12. cheapgtrs

    Any bluegrass fans?

    I've been listening to The. 357 String Band alot lately along with OCMS and some Hank iii (the country stuff). What do you guys like? I need some recommendations. Thanks:-)
  13. cheapgtrs

    New Buckethead

    I just got my copy of Its Alive and I think its amazing. This guy is a monster. I'm surprised he's not mentioned more around here. Any other fans?
  14. cheapgtrs

    The Belle Brigade

    Just watched them perform on t.v. and I thought they were great. Never heard of them before. What do you think?
  15. cheapgtrs

    piledriver DIY boost

    Anybody put one of these together? How is it? Thanks in advance.
  16. cheapgtrs


    Just picked up a crate flexwave 15r and a line 6 pocket pod for 50 bucks together. Both in new condition. Nothing great but will make a good practice rig for breaks at work and the pod is nice for late night jamming. Cool cool.
  17. cheapgtrs

    old line 6 spyder

    Just got and old line 6 spyder 212 for free. I still think I paid to much. All knobs are loose, effects knobs spin completely around and you just jiggle them until you get the effect you want. Loud pop when you power off also. Is it fixable? What do you guys think? These effects knobs aren't...
  18. cheapgtrs

    fender stage 160

    Someone offered one up for trade today. Is it a decent amp? I know it's solid state. Its the older pre DSP model 2×12.any opinions?
  19. cheapgtrs

    trade bait ????

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place . I have a late 30s electro voice v1 ribbon microphone I'm trying to use as trade bait for my first tele. What do you guys think its worth? I had a couple people tell me its quite valuable but I have no idea. Thanks in advance.
  20. cheapgtrs

    any amp techs in sw Michigan?

  21. cheapgtrs

    whats your favorite alcoholic beverage?

    I like Jager shots with gennis chaser
  22. cheapgtrs

    electro voice model v-1

    Anyone have any info? I inherented this from my grandfather who Jude's passed. He used it in a country band that he also played lapsteel in. Is it any good? Is it old?
  23. cheapgtrs

    machete .... best movie ever

    Anyone seen this?
  24. cheapgtrs

    what artist have had the biggest impact on you?

    Chris & Rich Robinson Dylan Neil young Little feat
  25. cheapgtrs

    the Beatles or the Stones?

    +1 for the stones

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