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  1. Unison Bend

    Dangerous knuckleheads drivers in your locale are usually driving what ?

    Always trucks, usually jacked up and stupid looking.
  2. Unison Bend

    Why Ringo is the best Drummer Ever.

    Does Ringo even lift?
  3. Unison Bend

    Tremolo (Vibrato) Pedal

    Strymon Flint
  4. Unison Bend

    NGD Reverend Greg Koch Gristle 90 in Bradford Beach Blue

    As Greg would say - a beautiful. instrument of musical sorcery and devastation to the auditory senses
  5. Unison Bend

    Craigslsit new city search option; SUCKS!

    Trust me, even with the new map, dude’s are still trying to sell like new MIM’s for $700.
  6. Unison Bend

    I have never played an SG

    Had a SG Faded. It played decent, but left me kinda meh. Very easy to palm mute and soloing on upper frets doesn’t get easier. Cowboy chords, F/F# bar chords are a reach depending on how you situate how it hangs. Lastly, and always on your mind, is the headstock, always threatening to snap at...
  7. Unison Bend

    Bad Pedal Off Reverb

    I don’t recommend fuzz pedals.
  8. Unison Bend

    Playing licks that I'll never play again, or the value of TrueFire's learning paths

    Trufire was a huge waste for me. I still feel learning songs, as much as possible by ear, is the best way to learn.
  9. Unison Bend

    Can you explain this Slash idolazation?

    It’s the top hat……
  10. Unison Bend

    Remember 90s music?

    I enjoyed most 90’s Alt until I was subjected to Dave Mathews, Blues Traveler, and Barenaked Ladies. All around ‘97-‘98. I was done after that. The late 90’s for me were worse than late 80’s hair metal.
  11. Unison Bend

    Norman's Rare Guitars Warehouse Adventures - Episode 3

    There will always be a market for it. If he can sell old stuff for the price of a car, my hat is off to him. What I don't care for is the whole "this Strat is 40 years old with Hep C all over the fretboard, can you hear how much better it sounds" charade that he propagates in every video.
  12. Unison Bend

    Talk me into using a Tremelo pedal...

    I have a Strymon Flint. The photo trem on that is hard to turn off once you hear it.
  13. Unison Bend

    California Drought 2021

    Move East
  14. Unison Bend

    monthly practice schedule template

    Takes the fun out it. Find a song you like and learn it by ear - your way.
  15. Unison Bend

    I’m on a pick quest - need recommendations

    Primetone 2mm = fat, rich notes
  16. Unison Bend

    I'm developing an appreciation for Joe Bonamassa

    Bonamssa answers a question nobody asked.
  17. Unison Bend

    Hendrix: is that ALL pentatonics?’s all pentatonics.
  18. Unison Bend

    Keurig coffee machine, with the little coffee pods (rant)

    What’s complex? You put pod in and hit start.
  19. Unison Bend

    Hi From NKY/Cincy area

    Welcome from Dayton - just North.
  20. Unison Bend

    I have YouTube guitar fatigue

    I agree. More and more, it is starting to blend together and sound the same. There are so many to listen to, getting past the like, ring the bell, patreon, check out my Instagram. At the end of the day I always remind myself they are creating content whether it helps you or not. It’s usually...
  21. Unison Bend

    OMG car dealerships LOL

    Busiest 3 months of the year coming up for dealers. Best time to buy is Sept - Nov. when they are hungry. Even so, the right motivated internet salesperson will work a deal with you. Work deals at 2 dealers and beat both down. For many salespeople and managers, at the end of the month, a unit is...
  22. Unison Bend

    So I am "the pick (or plectrum) guy" now?

    Keep the crapiest Guitar Center pick for just that occasion.
  23. Unison Bend

    Is JB selling some of his gear?

    "I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude".
  24. Unison Bend

    New American strat or part-o-caster?

    My ‘12 American Standard Strat is by far the best playing guitar I own/have owned.