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    NGD - 2004 Fender Showmaster

    Pretty....but, I see it too suffers the "pickup-pole" alignment problem when using Gibson pup's with Fender hardware.
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    Viking Funeral or Wall Hanging?

    Like Rodney Dangerfield, Epiphones "...get no respect...", but I vote 'wall hanger' all the same.
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    Cat v polar vortex

    That'll be one-fewer Snow Cone "lives" for that kitty.
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    Cat v polar vortex

    A Feline Polar Poodle?
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    Looking at a Martin D28 - what do I need to look at?

    Q: What do you need to look at? A: Check book balance is probably first.
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    How many Teles do you need?

    Just a sampler's list: • One for each hand • One for Monday • One for Tuesday • One for Wednesdays Child • One for Thursday • One for Friday • One for Saturday Night • One for Sunday • One for the Bluz... • One for the Whiskey... • One for All the Pretty Women at Midnight • One for the Honky...
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    Scary anti smoking ad.....!?!?!

    Was that HIS before or after picture?
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    Why do builders keep creating Jazzmaster/Telecaster hybrids?

    Darwin's 'Evolutionary Progress' applied to guitars: Tweak a little here, tweak a little there, constantly trying new things for improvement, usually mostly involving their profit, however. (Wink,wink).
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    Storing an unfinished neck?

    Hanging, not leaning!
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    Bear eats Junkie, Bear Dies

    BEAR 0 MAN 0 METH 2
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    Wireless Microphones (NEW RULES)

    Beware of white FCC vans slowly driving up/down your city streets "sniffing" for somebody to FINE.
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    Your Favorite Piano Part?

    Electric pianos: 1) Ray Charles' WHAT'D I SAY. 2) The Doors' RIDERS ON THE STORM
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    A short history of the Fender Champ

    "In the beginning there was Leo...and he made the Champ."
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    Is a neck plate needed?

    No. Big plate was simply cheaper than four separate countersinkings and washers.
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    Experience with apps that can identify a song by you humming it?

    NAME THAT 3 notes or less! !
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    Wireless Microphones (NEW RULES)

    WHICH: 600HZ or 600KHz or 600MHz FCC Notice: "Wireless microphones that operate in the 600 MHz service band (the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies) will be required to cease operation sort by no later than July 13, 2020, and may be required to cease operation sooner if they could cause...
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    Apollo 11 Doc Trailer

    The huge dish tracking antenna on top of Laguna Peak, just south of USN Pacific Missile Range, Pt. Mugu, CA, supported that mission:
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    Apollo 11 Doc Trailer

    "One small step..." in the Lunar regolithe.
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    Bigsby removal...what to do about screw holes?

    In the electronics industry, these are called "boo-boo plugs"
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    Was he the best???

    ...good in his day...which ended when he died.
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    You know you're a lumberjack when,,,,

    Q: Are you a Lumberjack? A: You might be a Lumberjack *IF* you're a graduate of Northern Arizona University (NAU), Flagstaff (not Falstaff beer), Arizona!
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    Rockabilly & Jazz pickups for archtop hollowbody?

    IF you don't want to cut-into the body to mount a pickup, Kent Armstrong makes these "floating" HB pickups which attach to the heel of the neck:
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    Iron Age Guitar Found In Scotland

    Is that the guitar that Keith lost on one of his Scottish/UK trips (wink,wink)?
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    Tuner bushings necessary?

    Like ROCK, SCISSORS, PAPER...WOOD yields to TENSION, STEEL (bushings) doesn't.