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  1. Dennyf

    Your hairline/do you wear a hat?

    In my mid-30s I discovered I had a little round patch of bare skin on the top/ back of my head. That day, I got a set of clippers, put on the No. 3 comb, and ran it over my head. Been doing that for over 30 years now. Never have worn a hat indoors.
  2. Dennyf

    Are Guitar Players Generally Financially Poor?

    Let me tell you about my motorcycles . . .
  3. Dennyf

    The Ringle Factor: Are your neighbors always outside when you are?

    Perhaps YOU are the Ringle Factor. (Cue Twilight Zone theme . . .)
  4. Dennyf

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

  5. Dennyf

    It's my birthday today.

  6. Dennyf

    Suggestions for putting a decent “dad band” together?

    Sounds that way to me too. BTW, I'm 65, not tryin' to diss anyone. I retired from gigging a few years ago. I now live in a 55+ "active adult" community. A few has-beens and never-weres like myself formed a "music club" which entitles us to community facilities for rehearsals and jamming, and...
  7. Dennyf

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Penn State Football . . . and the birthplace of AccuWeather
  8. Dennyf

    Are we guitarists the absolute worst about buying stuff for our stuff? Who is worse than we are?

    There are rabbit-holes in every endeavor into which one can throw lots of money. But as for "buying stuff for your stuff," Harley Pirates are the kings. You can't just buy a Harley off the showroom floor and ride it without "accessorizing" it to "make it YOURS." And there are no other...
  9. Dennyf

    Indiana Jones

    "Raiders" is a great movie. Pays homage to "Secret of the Incas."
  10. Dennyf

    Made Jaeger Schnitzel for dinner.

    Concur! And a glass of Weihenstephaner hefeweissbier.
  11. Dennyf

    Why Stainless Steel Frets

    The guitar in my avatar is my #1 which I had played for over 18 years when it needed a refret. I went with SS, and I immediately noticed a difference in the sound when I got it back. As you noted, it was just in the attack. I wouldn't have called it a "ping," but now that you mention it, it's a...
  12. Dennyf

    Corroded saddles

    Have to take it off the guitar, but toothbrush and naptha. Pay extra attention to cleaning out the hex sockets. Then penetrating oil + patience.
  13. Dennyf

    On what have you changed your mind over the years?

    Here's your solution:
  14. Dennyf

    On what have you changed your mind over the years?

    I decided at 10 or 11 that girls were not, after all, icky.
  15. Dennyf

    Do You Trust Your Brain?

  16. Dennyf

    For The Vintage Hi-Fi Lovers

    Oh, I dunno. You get great bass reinforcement on the floor and in the corner. If you're into that. Let your ears decide!
  17. Dennyf

    Going From 10's to 9's Reluctance To Change

    I played .009s for many years. Then went to .010s, 'cuz, y'know, everyone said "tone." Played .010s for many subsequent years. Now have just gone back to .009s on my Fender-scale guitar (Peavey Reactor). Sounds fine, plays easier, needed no adjustments to saddle or truss rod, intonation is fine...
  18. Dennyf

    For The Vintage Hi-Fi Lovers

    This is vintager. Although "hi-fi" part is up for debate. But it runs on tubes, so it must be better. Packard-Bell, roughly '65(?)
  19. Dennyf

    Some of THE most gullible people on earth are on Facebook. Case in point.

    Yeah, just about the time I'm fed up enough with FB to give it up, it'll offer up a "memory," or someone else will, that sends me down a nostalgia rabbit hole of old pictures and posts, and I still like that. About all I still participate in, though, are "groups" with interests I share. Avoiding...
  20. Dennyf

    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    Sonny Landreth for artistry and technique. Johnny Winter for Pabst and bonfires.
  21. Dennyf

    Some of THE most gullible people on earth are on Facebook. Case in point.

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. At least you had to be a kid to fall for this: