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    double post ignore

    double post sorry
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    TP & HBs/Ric content

    Wanted to do this for awhile.
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    I did a (minor cosmetic thing) thing

    I did a thing! For Gibsunday Eve. This Gibson SGJ came with 490 pickups with weird black plastic covers, which are infamously difficult, if not impossible, to remove. They looked like EMGs, ugh (stock photo): So I bought Bobbin Toppers, to give the appearance of open coils. Slapped 'em...
  4. Brian Krashpad

    All my gear together, first time in 8 years!

    Here's the lot. Have fun kids. Any questions gladly answered.
  5. Brian Krashpad

    All my amps together for the first time in 8 years!

    Here's the lot. Have fun kids. Any questions gladly answered.
  6. Brian Krashpad

    NAD Oops I did it again

    '80s solid state combos keep falling into my lap for stupid cheap dosh. The latest is this Model 5213 "MOS-FET 100 Reverb Twin:" Here he is with his little brothers: The other three, from top: 20W (Model 5002), 75W (Model 5275), 50W (Model 5210). The Lead 20 is a 1x10" single channel, the...
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    Belated NGD, & etc.

    So, I actually got a guitar earlier this last week, on Thursday. I've been so busy I didn't have a chance to post anywhere but a couple pics to Instagram/Facebook. An online bud over at the Mark Wein Guitar Lessons forums said there that he was thinking about selling his Les Paul Special to get...
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    Oops I did it again...

    Old ('80s) Marshall "JCM 800" combo solid state series amps keep coming up locally for chump change. I got the latest, a 75W two-channel 1x12', "75 Reverb" model 5275, for $190 with a non-original two-button foot pedal: The other two I have are a 20W 1x10" single channel "Lead 20" model...
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    NGD: Deluxe!

    Merry Krashmass to me.
  10. Brian Krashpad

    NGD: Deluxe!

    Merry Krashmass to me.
  11. Brian Krashpad

    Discontinued Squier Telecaster Custom (dual humbucker)-- used pricing?

    Hey, there's one of the older Squier Telecaster Customs with the generic dual humbuckers (not the current model with the Wide Range buckers), Indonesian-made, agathis body, for sale locally. The kind that looks like this: In good shape, w/gigbag. Seller's asking $225, which is not out of...
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    Possible NGD on horizon

    I'm seriously considering this. I think I can get it for $225 USD, w/super clean Epi hsc (which of course I would cover in stickers). Do I need it? No hell no. I already have a Gibby LP Special in matte black, a cherry doublecut Hamer Special, and a sunburst Epi Junior (not the $99...
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    NGD (Strat)

    I picked this up last night. Certainly from a "list price" standpoint, the nicest Strat I've owned. Spaghetti logo, maple board, two-color burst, and vintage tuners indicates it's the "Fender Classic Series'50s Stratocaster." Though advertised on craigslist as simply a "Mexican Strat." And...
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    Played last night with my main band

    For the first time in months. New drummer and our former bassist sitting in for current one (who had a gig with his commercially viable band), so it was a bit messy, but hey that's punk rock. We did two new songs that were particularly shambolic, but I can tell they'll actually be good and...
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    So now I've played with 2 of the Big 3 of GNV's punk rock icons

    Living in a virtual punk rock mecca like Gainesville FL (google "The Fest Gainesville FL," for example), even just playing in little crap pissant bands like the ones I'm in, one just naturally crosses paths, eventually, anyhow, with punk rock royalty. I consider the Big 3 of GNV's extant punk...
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    Harmony-Central history being made and no one left in Guitar Jam to see!

    So, I don't know if any of you have ever posted on "H-C," but it's become the familiar sad internet story of a hugely successful forum site that the folks in charge made huge changes to, and many of the forums there (including "Guitar Jam," which was banished to an "off-topic" section which you...
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    Like ZOIKS! (2nd) NGD/Battle of the Cheapie Strats!

    So a few weeks ago I bought a cheapie Squier Standard Strat. Rosewood board, big headstock, 2-point trem. Blonde w/tort guard and white pups/knobs, agathis body, alnico pickups. For a Benjamin, but also included a gigbag and a Kustom 12A hybrid practice amp. I'd been Stratless for a year...
  18. Brian Krashpad

    Belated NGD!

    So anyhow, a friend from my church band needed a step-up guitar from whatever he had at the time, and not being a Strat guy, I sold him my Peavey USA Predator a year or so ago. Been Stratless ever since. Happened to have a spare Benjamin lying about, and one of those package deals popped...
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    FINALLY, a little space!

    Excited about tonight! We're usually crammed into a space about a third this size, way off to the left of this shot, beyond the lecturn. Looking forward to the occasional prowl instead of being stock still. Plus, although my guitar is always in the PA as well, it'll be fun to have a bigger...
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    Cheapo NGD!

    New Gibson Day! Well, new to me anyhow. "Les Paul Melody Maker;" simplicity itself. One pickup, one volume control. Stock Gibson ceramic humbucker (included) replaced with GFS Dream 90 P-90 single coil. Came with a nice Gibby gigbag like the one that came with my Les Paul Special...
  21. Brian Krashpad

    Wish me luck! (deal pending)

    You don't actually have to send mojo. Just cross your fingers boys and girls! I got a line on an MIJ Squier Strat w/hsc for $120! Hope to have it by noon today if my seller doesn't flake! Will post this afternoon if it works out. Unless there's something really wrong with it...
  22. Brian Krashpad

    New Family Photos!

    Since I hadn't taken a proper group shot since 2005, I wasted a few hours last night with this: Slightly closer up of the top row: Closer up of the bottom row: Unobscured shots of the amps: I originally planned to include acoustics, but ran out of space. As it...
  23. Brian Krashpad

    In which our protagonist becomes a confirmed triskaidecaphobe

    High drama, appropriately enough, at the Friday the 13th show last week. We were set to go on second, with our former bassist sitting in. Got our amps backlined behind the openers, a hardcorish quintet from Cali called Twitch Angry (sample song title: "On The Rag"). I'm there, then rhythm...
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    I really don't need a 6th bass. BUT a seller on cl was selling a '70 Aria 1720 for next to nothing, w/typical period chipboard case. Too good to pass up. MIJ Mosrite copy! Seller's pix: Matsumoku BAYBEE!
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    Surprise NGD, etc.

    Apparently I forgot to post about this here. D'oh. Last Saturday was wild. Went to church and got all my gear set up in the Fellowship Hall, along with my big bass rig I was lending our bassist, and then worked on getting the PA all connected. Two hours into that our band leader arrived...