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  1. Sparky472

    The magnificent Cindy Cashdollar

    Yeah, Cindy is a great player - one of my heroes for many years. And one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
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    Songs with killer Rythm guitar thread

  3. Sparky472

    Songs with morality tales-- your fave!

    It’s a song about marriage, after all…
  4. Sparky472

    Fender USA string trees - why do they ping and can you cure it ?

    Yep, this is absolutely right. I have the same issue and it’s very obvious where the pinging comes from. I keep meaning to change it out, along with the bent steel saddles.
  5. Sparky472

    NGD: Reverend Contender 290

    Beautiful - congrats! I just got a Reverend as well. Charger HB. Reverend really does it right.
  6. Sparky472


    Sorry to hear it. I’ve struggled with anxiety for the last 30+ years - basically my entire adult life. Only in the last year have I had some major breakthroughs with it. My wife swears by Ashwaganda. Vitamin D is good. Many of us have vitamin D deficiencies, which can cause/increase anxiety and...
  7. Sparky472

    Kidz Bop … why?

    I’m in full agreement on that point.
  8. Sparky472

    Kidz Bop … why?

    My daughter when she was 6,7 or so always asked me to put on Kidz Bop in the car. She knew the songs they played already, liked that there were kids singing and got a kick out of how they changed the lyrics to make it more “kid-friendly.” It didn’t last long, thankfully and we still laugh about...
  9. Sparky472

    Question on Bodies from

    Why not call them and ask? You’ll get the best answer straight from the source.
  10. Sparky472

    Is this a dealbreaker?

    It wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me, but everyone’s different. I wouldn’t be bothered by the appearance and if the feel bothered me, I’d fill. Don’t know how much it’s cost but I’d probably do it myself and I wouldn’t be concerned with making the repair invisible. More important to me would be...
  11. Sparky472

    Not Quite Awake, Let My Guard Down

    The good news is what they really wanted was your money, so email address or not, they’ll move on to the next target.
  12. Sparky472

    "A woman sued by Eric Clapton after listing a bootleg CD for €9.95 on eBay now has to pay his legal

    it’s fact-based… Clapton has taken care of the smearing on his own.
  13. Sparky472

    Dale Watson’s amp?!

    I loved gigging with my Mustang III. Light, versatile, great sounding, reliable.
  14. Sparky472

    Webb Telescope & the End of Darkness

    first off, you’re conflating issues. This is entirely different than private citizens paying exorbitant amounts of money to go to space. Secondly, humankind exists because of aspiration, desire to understand the world we live in and the universe our world inhabits. This is not folly. It is an...
  15. Sparky472

    this is beautiful , auroral borialis

    The Northern Lights is truly the one thing I can think of that I must see before I die.
  16. Sparky472

    Clifford the big red dog.

    No, it is a parody conspiracy theory.
  17. Sparky472

    We could all use some good cheer - What's your favorite Christmas song?

    The 1947 version with Johnny Moore’s 3 Blazers.
  18. Sparky472

    Deluxe Reverb Tonemaster and headphones

    Thanks! I suppose had I cracked open the manual I’d have known that. So thanks for setting me straight and saving me the cost of a Mustang Micro!
  19. Sparky472

    Deluxe Reverb Tonemaster and headphones

    I tried this with my TM Twin. maybe I’m doing something wrong but it doesn’t work at all for me. The volume knob on the amp still controls the volume of the signal through the speaker and the headphones, so even with the line out set to 10, if the volume knob is at 0 there’s no sound. If I turn...
  20. Sparky472

    The scammers FINALLY got me.

    Sorry to hear that. It happens, unfortunately. As others have said, If PayPal is accepted you get some level of protection there. I try to verify the legitimacy of any website I consider doing business with. If I can’t, I won’t do business. Also, if a site doesn’t take PayPal or Apple, I always...