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  1. Cysquatch

    Am I just dumb?

    I think spec sheet thinking is mostly useful for excluding things you've tried and know you don't like, rather than singling out the perfect instrument. Example: if I'm ever in the market for a guitar, I consider most everything that does not a) have a Floyd Rose because I'm lazy, b) have a...
  2. Cysquatch

    I'm Not One To Complain About Technology Gains/Losses, But...

    I highly recommend looking into Motorola phones. You can get really solid, provider agnostic, feature-rich phones for a few hundred all day with them. I've had three now and the first was replaced because I broke it and the second because I caught a silly deal on a Z model with interchangeable...
  3. Cysquatch

    NGD: Gretsch G2657TG

    I think the vast majority of Gretsch's Korean production has been moved to Indonesia and China in the last couple of years. There's a rather small and seemingly random selection of the G5xxx line being made there and that's about it, as far as I'm aware. Sad to see, because I've had two Korean...
  4. Cysquatch

    The butt of all car jokes, BUT I dont think this car is ugly

    This thread really has me wondering if the quirkier auto styling of the 70s was actually as cool as I've always thought and just underappreciated in its time, or if I just have god-awful aesthetic values in vehicles.
  5. Cysquatch

    Where to buy caps, resistors, and such in Atlanta?

    It may be a stretch, but you could give Maple Street Guitars a call and see what they have on hand for repair work and if they'd part with any. Really great shop and they'll probably help you out if they can.
  6. Cysquatch

    Light weight, inexpensive back up head

    I would recommend looking into a Yamaha THR100H or THR100HD for a splurge. You can get the single channel model for under $500 used and it's excellent. I picked up the dual-amp/channel HD model out of curiosity and it very quickly became my go-to, and soon to be only, amp. Weighs as much as a...
  7. Cysquatch

    Why do people still use Pro Tools?

    You're all good, man. As much my bad for bristling so easily as it is a word choice thing. I've spent a good amount of time PT, and while layout is some of it, it's really just the general look of it, even with fiddling with appearances and editing layout and using custom templates. There's...
  8. Cysquatch

    Why do people still use Pro Tools?

    Of course you can edit it, but I'd rather not spend time doing that when I can pop open something else without expending time and energy on the parts that don't make music. I'm fully aware of how to disable and change visual settings, I just strongly prefer Waveform's aesthetic and modularity...
  9. Cysquatch

    Why do people still use Pro Tools?

    Honestly, my biggest gripes with Pro Tools are how unintiutive is (to me anyway) and how absolutely miserable it is to look at. It still looks like late 90s freeware in many ways, which just grates on my eyes. If I'm going to be spending as much time looking at a program in large sittings, it...
  10. Cysquatch

    The first 72 hours. Plus a real world gig test w/the Silver Sky.

    I'm well aware of this and why I said in my post that I do think he makes some serious stuff. I'm not taking away from his work, just saying he comes across like an absolute tool to me in everything I've seen of him. Not saying that anybody else has to agree, just my personal read on him...
  11. Cysquatch

    The first 72 hours. Plus a real world gig test w/the Silver Sky.

    Good for you, man. Play whatever the heck feels best in your hands. My biggest hangups with PRS aside from what I consider broadly awful visual design is how much of an absolute chud Paul himself seems in every single piece of media I've seen from or featuring him - which is a lot. He makes...
  12. Cysquatch

    good pots?

    What pickups did you find muddy? Just honestly curious as I've gravitated towards SD pickups pretty heavily over time because they've always given me the zing I'm looking for in the top end. So interesting how different ears can be. For the OP, don't swap 'em unless you don't like how they...
  13. Cysquatch

    Defend That Album That's 'Loathed' By Fans and/or Critics

    Funny you bring up St. Anger as I was going to bring it up. Not necessarily because I like it per se, but it's by far the most interesting thing I've heard from a band I absolutely cannot stomach. Buddy of mine in high school loved Metallica and was so hyped when that album came out and we...
  14. Cysquatch

    Anyone like the VoxAc10c1?

    The AC10C1 is an excellent amp, though it can get a little boomy if you want much body added to the traditional Vox chime, which is easy to remedy with some minor modifications to the back panel to open it up. You'll see plenty of people freaking out that part of the initial gain stage has some...
  15. Cysquatch

    I have never played an SG

    I actually really like the "long-neck" feel of SGs, and I still find myself pining for the way my old fireburst SGJ felt when it wasn't trying to crack its own head off in a wild neck dive. The 60s style neck ("SlimTaper" is what Gibson calls it I believe) was very comfortable and it was slinky...
  16. Cysquatch

    Ways to find a centerline without a neck?

    Thank you all for the replies, I suppose I was over-thinking it and didn't consider the "put the centerline where you'd like it" option. I'll certainly not be doing anything off of standard Fender speck regarding neck heels without the individual neck present to use, but it's good know that even...
  17. Cysquatch

    Ways to find a centerline without a neck?

    Let's say you've happened upon a pre-cut body blank (as in it's cut to the body outline already), but without any further routing - no pickups, bridge placement, controls, or neck pocket. And for the sake of argument, let's also say it's a silly shape. With no routing or neck to use as a...
  18. Cysquatch

    What's the deal with Terrapin Station?

    The Medley is pretty "epic", I agree. And I think what I've quoted from @RoscoeElegante below explains why I prefer it to the rest of the album: it has more of that somewhat meandering and freely evolving "live" feel that really defines the legend of the Dead's live playing and really grabs me...
  19. Cysquatch

    What's the deal with Terrapin Station?

    Not at all a troll thread here, just honestly curious where people fall on this. I know it's highly celebrated within and without the 'head community but aside from Medley, it leaves me a bit flat and I really wish to understand why it's so deeply loved. I'm aware that there were some tensions...
  20. Cysquatch

    Fender Modern Player Plus PUPS

    No problem man, I had one of these for quite a while and really liked it and have done more than my fair share of "oops" when buying pickups that either only kinda fit or weren't what I was looking for. One thing worth knowing on the Modern Player Plus is that the neck pocket is also...
  21. Cysquatch

    Fender Modern Player Plus PUPS

    I would look for something a bit different for the bridge, personally. Firstly, I just don't like the JB, it's really difficult for me to place my finger on it, but I just could not get along with the one I had. It felt like it was never bright enough, but also somehow kind of ear-piercing...
  22. Cysquatch

    Sweetwater initiation

    When was the last time you tried? I recently got them to match a 20% discount on an $1100 guitar from a seasonal sale at a competitor, just had to ask politely over an email. Didn't have to haggle, they just approved it right off. Maybe I got lucky?
  23. Cysquatch

    Sweetwater initiation

    Interesting that you say this, actually. At least in our area, FedEx tends to be utter garbage, but I've had multiple conversations with local friends about how, for whatever reason, FedEx is always fantastic with our Sweetwater shipments. Often arriving a day early and seemingly well-handled...
  24. Cysquatch

    Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25?

    I get that for sure. I do think the Mesa master volumes tend to be about as good as they can get on a tube amp as far as maintaining decent tone, but if we're talking getting comfy bedroom volume, a lot of that tone issue comes from not driving the speaker nearly enough to get a full response...
  25. Cysquatch

    Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25?

    I've got the 50 combo as well and absolutely love it. I'm not a huge Marshall lover and tend to think of the "Marshall-y" sounds in Boogies to just be a better version of the Marshall sound, and it's certainly capable of getting close enough for most any use outside of straight simulation...