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  1. Bendyha

    Another 'what are you reading' thread......

    Got it, and I agree. I just read books 1 - 3 in less than three weeks. I am waiting for my son to visit again and bring me the next 6. I'm passing time with the 3 Sylvain Neuvel books, The Themis files.
  2. Bendyha


    Aldi, Lidl, Netto....all much the same as good value for money, smallish supermarkets here in Germany. Plenty to choose from, even living semi rural like I do. Each has certain products justifying a visit, so we tend to visit the one that has the thing we need. Lots of Turkish Supermarkets...
  3. Bendyha

    Two Single Ended Output Transformers in Series for Small Push-Pull project?

    It might work, if it doesn't, then you will know. Без муки нет науки
  4. Bendyha

    Two Single Ended Output Transformers in Series for Small Push-Pull project?

    The bottom two PP Parallel are a bad idea, the transformers will saturate with DC and magnetize with no gap, no do.
  5. Bendyha

    Two Single Ended Output Transformers in Series for Small Push-Pull project?

    Transmission-line transformers are not all the same, some are large, and made to go on the amp end of the line with high voltage and current in the primary, AC and DC to step up the secondary to the 70 or 100V AC line, and then there is the other end of the line made only for the low current...
  6. Bendyha


    Niki de Saint Phalle's "Nana's" in Hannover are always a pleasure to see. She left the city over 400 works when she died, many of the larger sculptures are placed around the city pedestrian centre.
  7. Bendyha

    Your favorite songs with neat key changes?

    At the moment, I'm fascinated by this tune from Zita Swoon, a band from Antwerp. I have most of their albums, but only got this one recently. Most of the songs are in English, but not all.
  8. Bendyha

    How does a tone stack impact gain? Impedance matching content inside.

    ......Rider doesn't give us a drawing of little electrons with hot feet.
  9. Bendyha

    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    I saw him live back in '83. Good show, great voice, excellent band. I only really know the BOOH album, I liked it then, and still appreciate it. RIP Mr. Loaf.
  10. Bendyha

    pig brains, duck tongues, and other delicacies.

    I'm keen on trying pigs snouts after reading about them, but haven't done so yet. Anyone here had them, and if so, how did you prepare them?
  11. Bendyha

    How does a tone stack impact gain? Impedance matching content inside.

    Yes, but, with a circuit as fundamental as the Champ, and its function so iconic, from the cleaner lower settings, up to the idiosyncratic dimed hoot, not talking about the interesting bit is ignoring the best bit. "How does a tone stack impact gain? Impedance matching content inside." was the...
  12. Bendyha

    How does a tone stack impact gain? Impedance matching content inside.

    Mostly just transcribed, actually.
  13. Bendyha

    This old house, check out what I found.

    I stripped wall-paper off a room in my house, six or seven layers deep in some places, and it looks like the bottom layer, glued on to the lime on mud plastering of the mud-brick walls, is the original hand printed paper from when the house was built in 1802. I still have a few samples of it...
  14. Bendyha

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Hometown, if referring to where I now live, then; Despite being only a small village, it is where a battle was fought in 1367, involving about 5000 people. Wikipedia tells me it is considered the most important medieval battle in northern Germany, changing and setting the political and religious...
  15. Bendyha

    Super Champ 1983 - Optimizing

    Hi there If 6. Welcome to TDPRI, and congratulations on owning an S.C. Glad you like my thread. Here in this thread is probably not the best place for posting your questions, you would probably get more good people involved in helping you if you ask the questions over in this thread...
  16. Bendyha

    Side Dot material ideas

    I like that. I did something similar on my last build, boxwood markers on an ebony board.
  17. Bendyha

    Active Tone control design

    Most of the utilization of the Baxandall, and the James, is in audio amps - Hi-fi's, or gramophones as they were then. Because of this, they will mostly tend to have the tone control centred around 1k. As you note, this is for guitar amps, not what we want. Most guitar amp stacks have the "mid"...
  18. Bendyha

    Active Tone control design

    I know Ampeg refers to some of their amps as having Baxandall tone stacks, but the only ones I recall seeing that looked similar, like on the GVT5 or the VT-52, were of the James, passive, type. The 5D8 has an unusual stack, but it too is not active.
  19. Bendyha

    Active Tone control design

    Heathkitt S-99 has a slightly different take on the design.
  20. Bendyha

    Active Tone control design

    They don't show the input cap, I guess they take it for granted that you know it's there. TSC in the web is a great resource. Yes, it is the same circuit, but they have it relating to I.C.'s instead of tubes - so all low impedance values. (If you look at the anglefire page they show the...
  21. Bendyha

    Active Tone control design

    You might have seen this over at, if not, here is the part that might interest you. No tapped poti needed. "As you can see the values have been scaled up to vacuum tube levels. This makes it possible for one tube to be used. The...
  22. Bendyha

    Active Tone control design

    The pot is a bit unusualy nowadays, they are available; tapped potentiometer, or you can adapt and make your own _ I've done that, and actually have a post somewhere here showing how - I'll see if I can remember where. As to grid-ground reference, it goes in the loop like shown, the two sides...
  23. Bendyha

    i m not a huge dire straits fan but...

    I got to see them twice, both times in the Rainbow Theatre, London. Dec.'79 & Dec '80. Before Brothers in Arms, but still great concerts. A good friend of my brothers was working on their management team, so we got free tickets, centre stage, about row six or seven, I still have the backstage pass.
  24. Bendyha

    6V6 cathode current limitations

    Ohhh yes. I think I was the colour red. The brown was splattered throughout, even now, some splashes can still be seen somewhat above.
  25. Bendyha

    Active Tone control design

    Jewellworks, I like the idea of using a Baxandall style negative feedback, active tone control in a guitar amp, but have never tried it myself yet. Here a copy of the original...... ...yours is a bit of a variation on it, nice to see......BUT..... I can’t help but notice that the way you have...