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  1. Urshurak776

    Howdy from Charlotte!

    Welcome from Charlotte! I work in North Charlotte and live in Indian Land/Fort MIll, SC.
  2. Urshurak776

    My first failure....FuzzDog Timmy (Candyman)

    No offense at all. I was also just relaying my experience. I do feel these boards are inferior to others I have used. Component spacing is awful. The CLR spot is too small for even an 1/8 watt resistor. Never had to tombstone one of them until now.
  3. Urshurak776

    My first failure....FuzzDog Timmy (Candyman)

    I said, literally in my opening line, that it was probably my fault. Yes, the two sets of instructions for older revisions and the newest have very different boards, so I did use the correct instructions. I explained the issue with them in my opening post. I disagree with you on quality. The...
  4. Urshurak776

    My first failure....FuzzDog Timmy (Candyman)

    Thanks @zippofan! Appreciate it. Yeah it happens. This one really frustrated me.
  5. Urshurak776

    Ordered some maple...

  6. Urshurak776

    Let's see your watch.

    I’m clearly alone here. I have never worn a watch. Never. Terrible, huh?
  7. Urshurak776

    Is the Tube Screamer only good with a BF/SF Fender amp???

    I saw an interview with Kerry King (Yes……SlaYer) and he has a tube screamer set to hit the front of his amps. A ton of metal players do. I don’t think they are interested in the sound of the OD as much as the extra push it gives them.
  8. Urshurak776

    My first failure....FuzzDog Timmy (Candyman)

    Okay, got home a little while ago. Moved ground of led to lower left pin on foot switch. Seemed to work fine. Pedal nice and quiet. In fact, it can barely be heard cranked all the way now. Not sure? Starting over when I get the new board. I messed something up for sure. Here's a pic. I...
  9. Urshurak776

    When you buy open box, I guess they really mean open box

    Instant return. Attach pictures, wait for label to be sent to you and get it out of there. Shame, looks like a nice guitar!
  10. Urshurak776

    High School Reunion - Letting Go, etc.

    I honestly don't get it. Most of these people I could care less about seeing again. Those I did care about, I am still in touch with. For a lot of people that go to these, it seems like its some sort of weird validation. Not all, but a lot. My 35th is next year. ZERO desire.......
  11. Urshurak776

    My first failure....FuzzDog Timmy (Candyman)

    Thanks! I'll take a look. At work and it blocks that site, but I'll check them out this evening. Appreciate it!
  12. Urshurak776

    My first failure....FuzzDog Timmy (Candyman)

    So, probably my fault. Bought the PCB like a year and a half ago. Got around to building it yesterday. My first experience with Fuzzdog boards. To be honest, kinda weird. Documentation is really screwy and you have to go over it...
  13. Urshurak776


    We got tickets to see Korn in August (Greensboro, NC.) My youngest loves them.
  14. Urshurak776

    Best overdrive pedal for 57’ custom deluxe?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the OD of the 57. You can't dial in the sound you want with it stock? That being said, the KOT with a 57 is super versatile and can sound great.
  15. Urshurak776

    Dispiriting experience taking my Squier to a local guitar tech

    Agree, but if you're nervous about learning on your guitar, then pick up a cheapy kit guitar from GFS or even one of those $65 kits on eBay or get a Glarry. Then take your time and put the guitar together, good neck setup, etc. It's a lot of fun and you will learn a lot. If you completely...
  16. Urshurak776

    The Best Mayo Debate is Over!

    this times 1000. Just gross….
  17. Urshurak776

    What do these mean

    Yes, it’s a break in the strip. There is a tool you can buy for that or just use an appropriate sized drill bit.
  18. Urshurak776

    Wilkinson compinsated bridge and brass saddles

    I use the Wilkinson's on two of my telecasters. Intonation is pretty darn spot on. My Squier Bullet tele is all stock with the 6 saddles and intonates perfectly. I have considered upgrading those saddles, but it really sounds fine the way it is. Only reason, for me to do three barrel would...
  19. Urshurak776

    Building a guitar with my 6 y/o:

    Really cool!!!!
  20. Urshurak776

    Ohh oh that smell.....

    I think it was supposed to be the guitar player in the background, but the bass player photo bombed him. :)
  21. Urshurak776

    Cosby freed

    You beat me to the punch....... He had to have done that on purpose, otherwise....yikes. LOL
  22. Urshurak776

    Cosby freed

    Definitely not a perfect system. IN this case, it's criminal he is walking away. I feel for the 60 victims and their families. Oh, also, in before the lock!
  23. Urshurak776

    A couple of comps

    I have Bootstrap Pretzels! Awesome! I think I’m going to go for the Afterlife.
  24. Urshurak776

    I’m playing clean all the time now...

    Yeah, but you can't Djent!

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