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  1. TelZilla

    Tennessee Plates- The Sonny landreth part

    So the intro. I assume it's Sonny Landreth. Is he doing the "fretting behind the slide" trick? Is he using open E/D? Anybody feel like posting a tab or a video? Thanks. N
  2. TelZilla

    "Seen the Light"-Supergrass- What's he using?

    I love the crazy freak out solo in "Seen The Light" by Supergrass. About 1:45 below: What's your guess on what effects are on his guitar? A fuzz and a guitar synth of some kind? Can any of you folks recreate the sound?
  3. TelZilla

    I bought a possible stolen guitar... what to do

    If you feel guilty, donate it to a school or something.
  4. TelZilla

    Dead ... or passed?

    I say dead/died. My dad died when I was 29 and all the euphamisms people use for dying kinda drove me nuts, especially from all the funeral home types. But I'm sure there are many who feel otherwise.
  5. TelZilla

    Wet sanding: Let's get specific

    1. These are your steps for polishing after wetsanding, correct? Or are you saying you move straight to cutting compound, no sandpaper involved? 2. So you're using soapy water with the cutting/rubbing compound?
  6. TelZilla

    Wet sanding: Let's get specific

    So I've finished about 6 guitars now (typically using rattlecan nitro from Reranch or Stewmac- I know some think that's not really nitro...). I have gotten varying results, from not so great to pretty good. I get to a shine that's good enough for me, but there are often tiny scratches. Not...
  7. TelZilla

    Sandpaper loading = Lacquer not cured?

    I'm working on a body I finished with Colortone lacquer from Stewmac. Finished spraying clear 15 days ago. Tried some wetsanding today- water with a couple drops of dawn in it using P800 waterproof sandpaper. The paper is loading a bit- little globs on the paper even with regular rinsing...
  8. TelZilla

    Rib cuts

    Honestly? It is. It just costs a lot. A boutique builder, or the Fender custom shop would do it. Fender is just betting the larger portion of their market disagrees with you. Who knows if they are right?
  9. TelZilla

    6V6s - why are they unpopular in modern amp designs?

    this thread cracks me up. It shows everything i love and hate about TDPRI. I saw the thread title and thought “Thats a good question and one Ive wondered about myself. Maybe the replies will be illuminating “ instead the replies are: 1. I have an amp that has 6v6s. It is good 2. Whats...
  10. TelZilla

    Why is your Tube amp better that a Monoprice Stageright 15w?

    You’ll have to be pretty patient to find one of those (especially the Super) at your price point. Also, those amps (Again, esp the Super) will probably be way louder than what you need. Also, why do you want to switch? If your amp sounds good to you thats all that matters.
  11. TelZilla

    What's your rig? You get 1 amp, 1 guitar, and 1 pedal.

    58 Les Paul All Original Tweed Twin Klon Then I can sell them and pay off my house
  12. TelZilla

    ambiguity of directions

    Cardinal directions FTW.
  13. TelZilla

    ambiguity of directions

    I prefer "big E" and "Little e"
  14. TelZilla

    Music you recently rediscovered

    Here's one I heard lately for the first time in at least 20 years: If you can get over the 1988 of the thing, there's a pretty good song in there. And the dude can sing. Also, the band is so bada55, even they keyboard player has a full Marshall stack!
  15. TelZilla

    The Black Crowes Sometime Salvation

    Great stuff, great band. Steve Gorman's book Hard to Handle is a great read. It's very entertaining in a Spinal Tap way. The Robinson brothers sound very hard to live with.
  16. TelZilla

    1st Finish

    Some people mean well (I think) but their presentation needs work. Or they just want to show how knowledgable they are...:rolleyes:
  17. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    So i took my medicine. Sanded/ laccuered thinnered, sanding sealer then sanded level, painted to cover with vintage white, then used Pelham Blue from Ohio Valley Nitro. binding sanding/scraping went much better. Ill start doing clear tomorrow if it doesn't rain.
  18. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    Let's hope so.
  19. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    Thanks. Just to be clear, the red is the old paint, not the primer
  20. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    Could not agree more. perhaps the magic duplicolor wasn’t the right choice.
  21. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    Yes i did.
  22. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    Thats the red paint. I used duplicolor primer.
  23. TelZilla

    New build: Son of Pumpkincaster

    OK. Got a bunch of the paint on there (maybe too much- more later). I like the way it looks. I pulled the tape off the binding, and the Sides look pretty good- just a tiny bit of cleanup. Buuuuuuut, I scraped the "top" section of the back, and it looks pretty crappy: If it matters, this...