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  1. FenderGuy53

    It's Been A Great Ride, Guys! I Bid You All A Fond Adieu.

    Oh, my gosh. I'm overcome, guys! Thank you all, so much, for your encouragement and well wishes. You guys (and gals) are family to me, and I know, in my heart of hearts, that while we won't always agree, we're still family! Blessings, all!
  2. FenderGuy53

    It's Been A Great Ride, Guys! I Bid You All A Fond Adieu.

    sure, if you don't mind me lurking... ;)
  3. FenderGuy53

    It's Been A Great Ride, Guys! I Bid You All A Fond Adieu.

    I hear ya; but at this particular time in my life, it's what feels right.
  4. FenderGuy53

    It's Been A Great Ride, Guys! I Bid You All A Fond Adieu.

    I will ALWAYS enjoy "hearing" music; but playing music again is in my rearview mirror. You're right. It doesn't mean I can't hang around, but I do have other interests that I would like to pursue.
  5. FenderGuy53

    It's Been A Great Ride, Guys! I Bid You All A Fond Adieu.

    Well, that day has finally come, guys. :( I thought that my recent acquisition of the Alvarez MD60EBG would re-ignite my interest to play, but it hasn't worked. Don't get me wrong; the Alvarez was, without question, the best sounding acoustic guitar that I have ever owned. My hope is that the...
  6. FenderGuy53

    Is it quicker to New York or by bus?

    Your question makes no sense. :rolleyes:
  7. FenderGuy53

    Neil Young is so

  8. FenderGuy53

    Naming my new Axe

    Oh, brother... :rolleyes:
  9. FenderGuy53

    Is a 2011 MIM Fender Telecaster Worth it?

    ^^^ It doesn't hurt trying, so THIS...
  10. FenderGuy53

    Sigh. Tele Jack Issues.

    Try this experiment: wrap a piece of electrical tape (the smooth stuff; not the tacky stuff), one time, but slightly overlaying, around the plug sleeve, closest to the plug. If it cures your problem, then your golden; but if it doesn't... ...Switchcraft jack, Electrosocket cup.
  11. FenderGuy53

    Dynamics....What Is It?

    I concur, boneyguy. Dynamics goes much further than merely volume.
  12. FenderGuy53

    5 BIG mistakes new players often maken (explanation video)

    Very nice job, c_tecks! Your video provides alot of useful tips for beginners. I found it very edifying. Thank you! ;)
  13. FenderGuy53

    Chair or Stool in Music Room?

    I have both: a wooden barstool and a steel folding chair. The barstool is not as comfortable as the steel folding chair, but it allows free movement. The steel folding chair is more comfortable, and lower, but ateral movement is more restrictive.
  14. FenderGuy53

    Who's making the best acoustic guitars these days?

    Hmmm... Everyone's "best" is different, for different reasons. For those with "headstock" or "Made in" envy, Martin and Taylor are the standardbearers for acoustic guitars; but truth be told, there are lesser known makers producing some very nice sounding, and very moderately priced acoustic...
  15. FenderGuy53

    NGD is the D for dinged?

    I second your emotion, Aaron1061. "Near perfect" DOES NOT translate to dings, or ill-fitting and mismatched parts. It doesn't pass the smell test, IMHO. There are plenty of pristine, great sounding guitars out there, new AND used. Trust your instincts.
  16. FenderGuy53

    Bridge pin and saddle materials, your comments invited.

    My Alvarez MD60EBG has bone nuts and saddle, with ebony bridge pins. ;) Sure sounds good, too. :)
  17. FenderGuy53

    How are your retirement plans turning out?

    Yeah, make sure it's invested in tax-deferred mutual funds, i.e., an IRA account, and leave it the hell alone! o_O
  18. FenderGuy53

    String Suggestions Desired

    UPDATE: I was curious, so I just installed a new set of D'Addario EXP16 strings (which is how the Alvarez MD60EBG comes from the factory). :rolleyes: BTW, the Elixir Nanoweb's that I removed were new, too. ;) I prefer the D'Addario EXP16 set. :)
  19. FenderGuy53

    String Suggestions Desired

    Milspec, trust your instincts. My new 2020 Alvarez MD60EBG came from the factory with D'Addario EXP16 Phospher Bronze coated strings, and in ignorance, I had the dealer swap in Elixir Nanoweb Phospher Bronze coated strings before shipping, due to all the "hype" surrounding Elixir Nanoweb coated...
  20. FenderGuy53

    Choosing a first amp is overwhelming.

    'Cause that's what ya do, man. The only way you're gonna learn is by tryin', listenin' and learnin'. Where do you live? They're all open here. Sure it is. Haven't you listened to music and thought, "hey, man, I like that sound". You probably liked what you hear way before you even thought...
  21. FenderGuy53

    Choosing a first amp is overwhelming.

    Not at all. There's one worth having in every voicing, size and budget. One simply needs to make the effort to get to a shop, with his fave axe, and whittle it down. :rolleyes:
  22. FenderGuy53

    when you leave the building...

    I really miss CSN&Y. :( Wish they could have worked things out, but drugs have a way of mucking things up.
  23. FenderGuy53

    Which Deoxit or something else?

    I have always used DeOxit D5 spray, with the plastic straw insert, for cleaning AND lubing. I never had an issue with it.

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