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  1. AngelStrummer

    Baby’s first wah

    The standard CryBaby is a perfectly serviceable wah pedal. If you think it's too strident, just play around with where the pedal pinion meets the toothed pot wheel and use your ears. The trouble with commonly constructed wahs is that there are moving parts that will eventually wear, including...
  2. AngelStrummer

    In praise of your 'clean' effects

    Comp and delay for basic clean goodness, chorus or trem on top for added flavour.
  3. AngelStrummer

    Using delay pedals to get reverb

    My thing in this respect has been a Boss DD-3 with the following settings: Mode: 400 - 800 ms E.Level: a touch over 9 o'clock F.Back: a touch over 9 o'clock D.Time: a touch over 9 o'clock I leave the reverb on my amps off. And that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it.
  4. AngelStrummer

    Acoustic Guitar Build TPS Docuseries

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I put it here. Mods, feel free to move as you see fit. This is great viewing, if you're into this sort of thing.
  5. AngelStrummer

    I want to get serious about a pedal board but...

    The whole point of putting the looper at the end of the chain is precisely for the loop to remain unaffected by the pedals once it has been recorded and is being played back. So you can record a loop using any effect (or combination thereof, because the signal travels linearly from the...
  6. AngelStrummer

    I want to get serious about a pedal board but...

    Looks like you got the basics right, i.e., wah at the beginning, looper at the end. Now, the world is your oyster. After the wah, you put your gain stages, i.e. comp, boost, overdrive, distortion and fuzz. Then it'll be modulation (phase, flanger, chorus, rotary/univibe and tremolo) and after...
  7. AngelStrummer

    Today is... Post a short stupid joke you made up!

    For England fans: Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane walk into a bar and the bartender says: "why the long faces?".
  8. AngelStrummer


    I love Springsteen, one of the great American poets. But he'll never be as cool as that little ole band, when it comes to it. There's safe and there's cool.
  9. AngelStrummer

    Does neck plate thickness have any effect on tone?

    Two words, bypassing 7 :eek: pages of what I'd hope is humorous scorn: oh please.
  10. AngelStrummer

    Guitars that keep you honest

    Ham-fisted is good because tone is in the underpants.
  11. AngelStrummer

    Recommend me a delay pedal.

    At risk of being pedantic, the request for ideally for an analog delay :) So I stand by what I wrote :cool:
  12. AngelStrummer

    Who has had the biggest impact on country music in the past 20 years?

    Billy Ray Cyrus. And Bill Hicks would agree. :D Honourable mention goes to Michael Bolton.
  13. AngelStrummer

    Punks vs. Construction Worker - You have to see this

    Interesting, and staged or not, relatively harmless. In the USA, someone might have got shot.
  14. AngelStrummer

    Recommend me a delay pedal.

    No-one's said Boss DD-3 yet?!? As far as I'm concerned, an industry standard and not to be sniffed at.
  15. AngelStrummer

    The Beatles confessions: an anthology

    The Beatles opened the door to proper music, for me. My parents' record collection included Sgt Pepper's, Let it Be and Abbey Road, which introduced me to the Fab Four's (later) tunes. I'll always remember being no more than 8 years old and spending hours listening to those records while gazing...
  16. AngelStrummer

    The BOSS DS-1

    Pardon the hijack... Hilarious on so many levels. And sweetly ironic that most of the songs are Jagger/Richards numbers. :rolleyes:
  17. AngelStrummer

    Anyone use the second input of your amp?

    On my old Roland JC, always. To my ears it sounds sweeter and it'll be loud enough, believe me.
  18. AngelStrummer

    Beatles- Get Back Documentary

    Double post
  19. AngelStrummer

    Beatles- Get Back Documentary

    I've not seen it, I might not, ever. I do know enough of the music and possibly a good enough deal about the band in general to say this: the popular music industry at that time was much more of a work in progress than it is now. More amateurish and with that, probably more fun. Which also means...
  20. AngelStrummer


    I have sofa out to get re-upholstered, so with the free space I've set this up: Sounds very nice, if a little on the loud side :rolleyes:
  21. AngelStrummer

    Just had hernia surgery Friday. Any advice from those who've had it done?

    Avoid doing too much of this for the first few months:
  22. AngelStrummer

    After Midnight

    Whilst I love the laid back Cale original, this one's pretty good too: Eric's wah solo is sweet and the outro is classic EC.
  23. AngelStrummer

    Best Budget Delay Pedal?

    I was wondering how long into the thread someone would mention it. I needn't have worried. Alternatively, if you're really tight on cash and you want to buy new, a TC Electronic The Prophet is worth the (modest) outlay. I have one and with it, no complaints. The moral of this story is...
  24. AngelStrummer

    The hendrix chord, the beatles chord, the james bond chord...

    Yes, the guitar plays Bb in alternating octaves and there's an E being played as well throughout which results in a tritone. I should have mentioned that. At least that's what I'm hearing.