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  1. bottlenecker

    Robben Ford Recent Thoughts On Click Track

    I've done a lot of straight click work, and I've done a lot of complex tempo mapping to use a click and make it feel human. Performing or recording with click tracks is an inferior way to make 90% of the music I like, and absolutely any roots music. Clicks are for private individual practice, so...
  2. bottlenecker

    Black Wheels, Chrome Wheels, or Other...?

    Chrome never? Not even steelies? I think moon discs work on everything.
  3. bottlenecker

    Black Wheels, Chrome Wheels, or Other...?

    I'm running cross climate2 right now on the wife's car. Not bad, but they are noticeably worse on hard cold stuff, ice or bare road, than the blizzaks I had on it last year. But, I'm not autocrossing, and it's nice to not have to swap wheels anymore. No complaints in the summer.
  4. bottlenecker

    Black Wheels, Chrome Wheels, or Other...?

    They do. Is there a subforum for musicians?
  5. bottlenecker

    Klein's Flying Car Certified In Slovakia

    Folding wings seem sketchier to me than the powered parachute car (Maverick). It's funny that the Klein looks high tech while the Maverick looks like a dune buggy with a parachute, but the Maverick has 50 more hp.
  6. bottlenecker

    And today's massive doofus award goes to . . . ME!

    At least you didn't leave a sticker on your headstock with a crossed-out trash bin on it. Every time I see one, I think that guitar is so bad they have to tell you not to throw it away. I can't believe people leave those on.
  7. bottlenecker

    Are Hohner Telecasters recognizable?

    The Hohner madcat pictured above is only telecaster shaped, and was originally made by a different company, then had the hohner name put on it. It has a different bridge, a maple cap, and the pickups are basically strat pickups. It has a certain kind of attack that appeals to players who do a...
  8. bottlenecker

    Black Wheels, Chrome Wheels, or Other...?

    Black wheels look heavy to me.
  9. bottlenecker

    On Average - How Many Posts Do You Back Out Of Posting Daily ?

    It was none, until now.
  10. bottlenecker

    Mooer Black Secret - Vintage v Turbo (or Rat v Rat Turbo?)

    There is only one Rat and it's name is Rat II.
  11. bottlenecker

    Guitars that never made it

    It was weird, nowhere near as boring as most les pauls, and was actually playeb by Les Paul. And produced by Gibson. I'd say it made it.
  12. bottlenecker

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    CD players don't store and sort the data. And have you done that comparison?
  13. bottlenecker

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    5 minutes per CD is over 80 hours to rip 1000 CDs. At any living wage in the US, that's a lot more than I would spend on a CD player. But it did convince me that even $800 isn't so bad. I would like to make files of all my CDs before the moving parts in CD players make them too expensive to...
  14. bottlenecker

    How does one shop for a CD player nowadays?

    I don't think this is what a cd player does. It doesn't extract a file, and then figure out how to play it. That's what a computer does. Maybe that's what a cd player should do, but it plays a disc in real time. I don't think "error corection" literally corrects anything, I think it just keeps...
  15. bottlenecker

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    #26 would seem to have been an accurate observation. #14 is funny. I wish noel could write a song as good as this comment.
  16. bottlenecker

    Are Guitar Players Generally Financially Poor?

    Only the good ones are poor. That's why all the dentist jokes about PRS. Real guitar players dream about being able to afford a dentist.
  17. bottlenecker

    New Squiers Are Now $600

    Thanks! You fellas cured my fomo.
  18. bottlenecker

    New Squiers Are Now $600

    The TOM bothered me, tbh. I didn't realize the P90s. I'll pass. I just got hyped for a bargain.
  19. bottlenecker

    Fancy switch tips with set screws...

    That came to mind actually. I'm thinking of a 3/8 "shifter", and a 1/2" lollipop, if that makes sense. May as well try both.
  20. bottlenecker

    New Squiers Are Now $600

    What do you think about those j mascis jazzmasters for $500 (if they're still $500)? I've thought about one just because of some of the people who've raved about them.
  21. bottlenecker

    Fancy switch tips with set screws...

    Ha ha, I'm surrounded by chunks of metal. I'm a machinist. I don't have a top hat tip, though. But as a concept, I'd rather waste metal than plastic. It recycles better. There's not much to learn here. I need a tip so the blade doesn't cut my hand, and for looks. A barrel with a slot and a set...
  22. bottlenecker

    New Squiers Are Now $600

    It trips me out more that the most basic MIM tele is $800. The MIM classic 50s lacquer tele I bought new in 2017 for $900, is now selling for $1100-1200 used.
  23. bottlenecker

    Fancy switch tips with set screws...

    For myself, I know I want a small, round smooth thing. I use my hand to hit it, not grip it. Not that the knurling would bother me much, but since I'm just going to make some, I think I've decided I want a sideways barrel. Kind of a "T handle", but as narrow as a set screw will allow.
  24. bottlenecker

    Am Pro II Gold / Gold... What do you think?

    It looks great.
  25. bottlenecker

    It's 32 degrees and you're driving on the highway...

    Road surface temperature is almost always higher than ambient, especially if there's traffic. I've been riding motorcycles as my primary transportation all winter in wisconsin and the midwest for about 25 years now. I still check the road surface regularly with my feet while I ride, but after...