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  1. d barham

    Garage Find

    Cool. Excellent reason to start a tele build.
  2. d barham

    Black Wheels, Chrome Wheels, or Other...?

    This is how you do it. (I wish I could). Classic Cragar mags.
  3. d barham

    Who plays wordle daily??

    Got it in three tries today.
  4. d barham

    My Guitar Room/Man Cave Submission

    Antigua Tele?!?!?! Be still my beating heart.
  5. d barham

    Anybody have a mandocello?

    Never owned a mandocello, but I've several mandolins. If you've got the itch I'd say go for it. The Eastman mandocello are very nice.
  6. d barham

    Very Cool 1960 Tele Custom

    Super cool guitar. Enjoyed the presentation. Looking forward to hearing it.
  7. d barham

    Magical Deluxe Reverb RI?

    When it’s right, it’s right. That one’s right.
  8. d barham

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Halfway, MO. Is the center of the universe. I live a scant two miles north.
  9. d barham

    Fender Telecaster Deluxe '74 Restoration

    Gorgeous. I love it when a plan comes together. Congratulations.
  10. d barham

    Vintage Tele (1960) Case Question...

    As stated above, fender cases were fender cases and stores weren’t usually particular about what color case went out with a sold guitar. I don’t think I’ve seen a fender case from that vintage like Telelover1 described. I’d like to see a picture. My ‘60 tele is in a white (blonde) case with...
  11. d barham

    Help with value of '68 Tele

    That’s way cool Charlie.
  12. d barham

    FCG - Hello From Oklahoma

    Hello from just up the road in MO. Make yourself at home.
  13. d barham

    NGD!!! 50th Birthday Present to Myself

    I can’t add to what’s been said so ill just repeat. That’s a beautiful guitar. Congratulations.
  14. d barham

    Dramatic Sunrise on the Farm

    Red sky at morning…..
  15. d barham

    Dramatic Sunrise on the Farm

    The view out of my carport this morning.
  16. d barham

    shoes For Industry! The Best Of The Firesign Theatre

    Love FST. Forward Into The Past was a big part of my short yet colorful college experience.
  17. d barham

    Why. Oh, Why.

    I know Jimi and his tunes. I know Stevie and his tunes. I know John ………. (But I’ve heard others say he’s supposed to be really good.)
  18. d barham

    Congratulations to the Dawgs

    My son decided at a young age that he liked to watch teams that win. He was an Alabama fan. Now he’s grown and out of the house, but I couldn’t resist watching the game last night. Sentimental I guess. Wish I hadn’t. Georgia came to play.
  19. d barham

    Trouble with my new puppy.

    I don't have much to add except it'll pass. But where's the picture of the puppy!?!?
  20. d barham

    Big Army or Little Army

    We were fighting the Germans before we knew who the Germans were.
  21. d barham

    Here's the reason for my user name, and my avatar.

    I remember my short yet colorful college career. The cafeteria had a jukebox and several songs from that album were on it. The place would come to life anytime someone played Think I’ll just stay here and drink. Good times.
  22. d barham


    15 heifers ready to calve. 19 and snow today. Hopefully they can wait a couple more days.
  23. d barham

    Anyone know where I can get one of these greeting cards?

    I need a stack of them.
  24. d barham

    Do you have any junk food weaknesses?

    I love salty crunchy potato chips.
  25. d barham

    Yellowstone revisited.

    not sure I’m on board with 1883 yet. Teasing a new series is one thing, but I feel like the people in charge of such are relentlessly trying to cram it down our throats. It doesn’t sit well. I haven’t watched it yet, maybe someday.