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  1. stormsedge

    Best small blender for smoothies and high-calorie recipes

    Ninja. Whatever you get...make sure all the pieces (except motor) can go in the dishwasher (if you use one)...some of the blenders had blade sets that weren't sealed well enough for the dishwasher.
  2. stormsedge

    Wouldn't you really like to have a Buick, a Buick, A Buick?!

    The Roadmasters are great. But, my coinage and street pounding memories would probably find me looking at something like a '65 Riviera or a '67 Dad had examples of both when I was a kid.
  3. stormsedge

    New orchid stand

    Outstanding. Reminds me of the driftwood my Mom and Dad collected along the river.
  4. stormsedge

    In praise of your 'clean' effects

    Reverb, delay, tremelo, and chorus in that order. I have a couple of different versions.
  5. stormsedge

    Hobbyists - how do you improve your playing?

    Memorization (which I have not been a big fan of) has helped me. Edit: I probably can do a thousand tunes with the lyrics and chords in front of me...there is no risk of my ever memorizing them all and going without a music stand :lol:😂:lol:😂.
  6. stormsedge

    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    NUX Horseman. Does a good less gainy with a little grit boost that I like on my main board. Caline Clear Veil Fuzz on my R&D board...always a surprise the sweet tone it conjures. In the "other room", I like a Danelectro Pride of Texas...reputed to be a TS808/8 clone. Controllable grit.
  7. stormsedge

    How to sneak a guitar under the wife’s radar

    Mrs doesn't care...but I've found an empty pedal box on the kitchen table draws attention from other parts of the house :cool:.
  8. stormsedge

    snubbed, slighted, rackets, backroom deals, cults of personalities.... the concept of fair...

    There is no fair without collateral damage.
  9. stormsedge

    Are Guitar Players Generally Financially Poor?

    I'm good...thanks.
  10. stormsedge

    Does the new site grow on you?

    I shower.
  11. stormsedge

    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    I papered my professional life with a BA and an MS between '78-87. I take a class of interest every now and then at the local over 60, it costs me $50 per class plus supplies. I'm signed up for a basic Spanish class this term...Wilderness First Responder and three art classes in my...
  12. stormsedge

    How many guitars?

    Beware the slippery slope of want vs need :lol:😂🤣😂.
  13. stormsedge

    Need some advice about a possible Gretsch NGD...

    Personally, I'd go for the Country Classic.
  14. stormsedge

    It's 32 degrees and you're driving on the highway...

    It all depends. Edit: Funny...around here, the instant the temps hit 32F around here, people start driving like there is ice everywhere...not the case. It takes hours for the roads to cool enough to freeze over.
  15. stormsedge

    REM Sleep Behavior Disorder...

    Yup, get a sleep study...a good start to put your mind at ease over what may be what. In my case...I have sleep apnea and once my CPAP rig was set and fitted correctly, it is an easy treatment. I do strike out from time to time, but that is dream-state combat and Mrs usually sleeps close...
  16. stormsedge

    Turning Japanese?

    We lived near Yokosuka in a nice home for a year (Mrs reminds me she and the kids lived there a year...I lived there about six weeks due to schedule). We lived on the Navy Station the last 1.5 years. We enjoyed it. Mrs got the kids out on a lot of activities and we took an excursion at least...
  17. stormsedge

    Kudos To The Members And Of Course...The Admins/Mods

    Absolutely 👍.
  18. stormsedge

    Where is everyone? Has anyone else noticed the slowness

    I took a break last night.
  19. stormsedge

    Anyone learn a second language as an adult?

    I've had some number of years of Spanish classes...and can reliably order beer and ask the way to the library. I'm signed up for classes at the local U starting next month...try, try again.
  20. stormsedge

    Patch cable length - exact for pedal location or extra length for moving things around? Whats your experience/advice?

    Cut them a little long, but to length. LOL, I reorganized my pedal board(s) yesterday and as usual, did not have enough cords between 12 and 36"...opting to coil a couple of 36"rs underneath a board rather than cut them. YMMV.
  21. stormsedge

    Kudos To The Members And Of Course...The Admins/Mods

    I am a sailor. Profanity is an ugly crutch and a weakness, not just practiced by sailors. I knew how to do it before becoming a sailor. It saddens me to see profanity becoming so prolific in scripts of movies and TV (where so many people take their steer). I am able to easily write/post...
  22. stormsedge

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Let’s see…new iterations as of yesterday’s reorganization. Main (known by some as "The Corksniffer"): Board 2-Research and High Science: This one gets a Pro Co Rat2 tomorrow. Board 3-The Other Room…Land of the Lost…formerly known as the All-Danelectro:
  23. stormsedge

    Confession: A new rabbit hole (TikTok).

  24. stormsedge

    Single Drunk Female

    Been there...done that.
  25. stormsedge

    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    Do what makes you happy as long as no one else is hurt.