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    Musicians- with made up first names

    Peanuts O'Toole.
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    Suggestions for a Rockabilly/Jazz Tube amp for bedroom practice - under $800 new/$500 Used?

    Hmmm, octals. They sound great but you're looking at vintage $$$ (C series and earlier Fenders, 40s-50s Gibsons, some later Ampegs, among others). There's always Alessandro...If it was me, I'd be looking for a decent 60s Ampeg Gemini 1 or 2. I would walk away quickly from any modern 'fenders'...
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    Fender Bassmen Circuits - (5E6 vs 5F6)

    I had a 5E6 back in the 80s and it sounded very good if a little underpowered for the size. Like a lot of the E series, it broke up pretty fast. Also had a 5E8A but I tend to gravitate toward the 5E5A and the midsize tweeds.
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    Any reason I couldn't use this as a tone cap in a guitar?

    .022 400v Bumblebees and Sprague BBs are 1 1/8"---those old ladies at Gibson didn't seem to have a problem. Grey Tigers are even longer.
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    Swampy Music

    Goldband Excello Arhoolie Look no further...
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    Best Tube Head for Guitar AND Bass

    Ampeg V4, or V4B if you don't need reverb. Some of the larger Traynors. Hiwatt 200. Marshall Major. I didn't say they were cheap.
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    Shellacking Grill Cloth Guitar Cab Yay or Nay?

    It looks fine.
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    Which of the 3 blues Kings is your favorite?

    BB was the most accomplished of the three, by far---listen to Live in Japan, Live in Kansas City, or the Lucille instrumental album.
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    Guitar sounds good with one amp but not another

    That's why they make more than one.
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    Who is your favorite slide Guitarist?

    Robert Nighthawk, Earl Hooker, Elmore James.
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    Short dogear P90s? Who makes them?

    Your options are custom or inscrutably Oriental. Kind of a niche market, no? This is one of the reasons I don't own a Casino.
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    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    Up in Big Hollow, we only got one station and only at night well into the 70s. No remote, B&W, and we hardly ever watched it. Played cards, read books, found other things to do.
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    I want a 3x10 tweed Bandmaster... anyone have opinions?

    All of the E series tweeds are headroom challenged in a live situation (been there, done that for 40 yrs). If you're looking for any kinda clean BF-type tone ala 'country', a 5E7 will not get you there. I'd be looking at a 5F8A or a 5F6A for a nice clean tone at band volume.
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    Are you going out on New Years Eve?

    Amateur thanks. Have turned down all NYE gigs in the last 25 years.
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    Converting a LP Studio to P90s

    Phat Cats are sorta OK if you swap the magnets (A2s) for A5s. Why SD used A2s in a metal-covered 'P90' design is a mystery to me...
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    More headroom Fender Deluxe Reverb

    The sensitivity ratings for all Eminence speakers are nonsense. And 22 watts is 22 watts---want more headroom? Go to 6L6s ala Vibrolux or Pro. Somebody also mentioned the Fender 30 early 80s model---1x12" with 6L6s, not a bad offering for a beefier DR kinda thing and prolly fairly cheap for a...
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    Alright! Who else is working tonight?

    Playing a traditional (10+ yrs running) Xmas eve gig with Billy Watson at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix.
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    Does neck plate thickness have any effect on tone?

    I took the neck plate off my old 50s Strat and replaced it with washers. Fattened up the tone, a little less attack. I also yanked all the vibrato hardware out of the back and blocked the trem. I don't use it, so out it goes. Just an experiment but it did fatten it up. Completely reversible, no...
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    Blues by Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog and Down Home Shakedown

    Now...Bee Houston on Ball and Chain is something else altogether.
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    5F6A Settings

    Easy enough to tell which circuit it is---right there on the board. Most of the early ones have the .02/.02 bass and mid cap values, later ones went to .1/.02 pretty consistently. To me, they're like two different amps. Why they picked those values (among other things) for the RI is beyond my...
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    5F6A Settings

    Depends what you want...there are two different tone stack circuits; the early .02/.02/250/56K and the later BF style tonestack values (as used in the RI). I favor the early one as it's more guitar-friendly and I keep the tone settings around 3.5 for bass, 7 for treble and middle, and presence...
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    Albert Lee Ripping it Up With EmmyLou Harris on Luxury Liner

    Frank Reckard used to do a pretty good job with that tune as well.
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    Designing Eric Johnson's Pickups

    RE EJ in general: never has so much attention been paid to so little since the mid 70s.
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    Do you use your phase switch?

    Maybe on an archtop, but never on a Tele.