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  1. Alamo

    Captions, please!

    They said I'd nail this song in 5 minutes, if I bought the costume.
  2. Alamo

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    Same here, except it's gray. since the days are getting longer, we get even more gray. more is more edit: Now I'm in the wrong thread too! 😫
  3. Alamo

    Which is the real spring reverb?

    I'd guess all of that was there, but this is how it sounds under water 😉 #4
  4. Alamo

    Patch cable length - exact for pedal location or extra length for moving things around? Whats your experience/advice?

    I went the solderless cable way. cut them to the specific length that was needed for the first layout. it looks neat. I do change pedals once in a while. should I need a different length, I'll have an un-opened cable set, waiting to be used. besides that, there's also an assorted box of the old...
  5. Alamo

    Is it time to replace the iPad?

    I'd wipe and reset it, as if you were selling it. then start from scratch with only the apps you really need today.
  6. Alamo

    Bats Hanging Upside Down Are In A Goth Nightclub! Hilarious!

    Posers! they're very good at posing. 😄
  7. Alamo

    Bats Hanging Upside Down Are In A Goth Nightclub! Hilarious!

    Didn't even know that one, I expected this was going to be the sound track. perhaps a bit too Captain Obvious
  8. Alamo

    Indiana Jones

  9. Alamo

    Indiana Jones

    Love the storage scene 👍
  10. Alamo

    Headphone Cord Is Driving Me Crazy

    The removable cord of my One Odio headphone has a partial coily bit in between. works kinda cool, so far.
  11. Alamo

    Surgeon caught autographing livers he transplants into patients

    sign here*, if you don't agree to have further surgeon autographs *liver
  12. Alamo

    Mailbox Hit and Run

    When steel reinforcement doesn't cut it, a coil spring may do the job better. with instant karma re-percussion built in. ;)
  13. Alamo

    NUX MP-2 Headphone amp

    The Nux won me over because its tweak ability, seemed more flexible and a cheaper price. the firmware update and open source 3rd party software added so much more to the + side. note, I've never tried a Fender plug.
  14. Alamo

    Guitar Slogans Based on Other Products

    Look, Ma, no cavities! (Crest Toothpaste) for Fender Esquire
  15. Alamo

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    I notice some fine tuning going on. the colour hue has changed slightly, to the better 👍 and the round avatars are back to square 👌 and probably much more... good work, keep on tweaking :)
  16. Alamo

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    Post one, get another for free
  17. Alamo

    silence is golden, duct tape is silver

    silence is golden, duct tape is silver
  18. Alamo

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    my first double post. oh oh
  19. Alamo

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    The colour ain't right, imho #E6E6B7 new, in the reply box instead of #FFFFCC old
  20. Alamo

    Is outboard gear worth it in a home studio?

    You'd be unearthing the entrance to a brand new rabbit hole. you might even find a can o'worms at the bottom ;):twisted:
  21. Alamo

    20 Flight Rock

  22. Alamo

    What Music Did You Start 2022 With?

    The Hives - live ...and loud :cool:
  23. Alamo

    Rolling Stones - Rock and a Hard Place

    The Stones recording their "comeback" album Steel Wheels at Air Studios, Montserrat and Air Studios, Montserrat was something special too
  24. Alamo

    Steve Perry Criticizes Singers Who Uses Auto-Tune

    Sorry if that happened, when I thought I had an original brain fart. could you point me to the post# ? :)
  25. Alamo

    Hang Over Cures ????

    Drink plenty of water, rest and bear the misery. swear that you'll never have a drop of alcohol again. if you had your fingers crossed - just rinse and repeat 'til you got it in your thick head.

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