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  1. Rich_S

    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    No question, the Xotic BB Preamp. Flexible EQ, tons of volume boost. Most important, it doesn’t compress and squash out the pick attack. Chunky.
  2. Rich_S

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Minor change: I wasn't feeling the Ripped Speaker, so the DIY Big Muff wins out for the coveted "Superfluous #3 Dirt Box" spot.
  3. Rich_S

    Patch cable length - exact for pedal location or extra length for moving things around? Whats your experience/advice?

    I always leave them a little slack and use a bare minimum of ty-wraps. That way if anything goes wrong, I can sort it out without first cutting the whole thing apart. Of course, my pedalboard has a solid top that hides the rat's nest beneath.
  4. Rich_S

    Home rig: monitors instead of headphones

    I'm using my 18 Watter clone into a DIY dummy load box, through a Hughes & Kettner Red Box for cabinet simulation. That goes into my Scarlett 2i2 and a pair of Kali LP6 monitors. I can use my Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones if I really need to be quiet.
  5. Rich_S

    GAS Hamer double-cut - Korean. Talk me into or out of it.

    Are you sure that one’s Korean? It looks like a later Chinese model I have a red “Slammer Series”, which was the first Hamer import import line. They seem to be the most highly-thought-of imports, made by Cort. It’s a great guitar and the only Gibby-scale mahogany humbucker guitar I own.
  6. Rich_S

    What if I have two pedals that need to be first?

    If the fuzz has a true-bypass switch, it can go first and when it’s off then the next pedal in line is “first”. This only applies if you’re not trying to use them together. If neither pedal is true bypass, or you want to use them at the same time, then you need to try it both ways and...
  7. Rich_S

    Redneck channel switching

    For years, I laid out my pedalboard so I could step on two pedals at the same time. Chorus next to flanger, because I never used them at the same time and I could turn one off and the other on with one stomp. Delay on the other side of the flanger, because I often used them together (think...
  8. Rich_S

    Recommendations for simple guitar interface for MacBook Air.

    For guitar-only the Focusrite Scarlett Solo would be good. I use a 2i2 because I wanted two mics inputs. The 4i4 would be overkill for you, unless you want to get into re-amping. I’ve never had any problems with Focusrite stuff not working. The drivers have been easy to set up and stable.
  9. Rich_S

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    It’s either Scrapple or the Declaration of Independence.
  10. Rich_S

    The "Shared" Gig

    I saw a show years ago where John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, and two other singer/songwriters toured together. I don’t remember who the other two were, but they were all similar in style. There was no band, just four guys with their guitars. They each played solo acoustic versions of their songs and...
  11. Rich_S

    Summarize Your Day With A Picture......

    Spending my MLK holiday snow blowing so Mrs_S can go to work.
  12. Rich_S

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Check out what I figured out last night (see post #8) in my other thread: Boss Multieffects 2022. I have a lot to learn and I'm purposely reserving some features for "future" use. I'm only using 2 out of the 3 effects loops, haven't touched the CTL outputs, and haven't even thought about MIDI.
  13. Rich_S

    The Boss Multieffects 2022 Thread

    I added a cool feature to my MS-3 expression pedal setup today. I got the idea from this YT video: Since I use an old Cry Baby shell for my expression pedal, I took the idea one step further. I put a momentary stomp switch in place of the original push on/push off. Then I wired it so the...
  14. Rich_S

    Budget Noise Gate Pedal (and attenuator)

    Have you tried just turning the amp down? The Orange Micro series have class D (solid-state) output sections to make their formidable wattage. Unlike all-tube amps, those output stages don't contribute to the overdrive or distortion the amp is making. All the dirt comes from the preamp stage...
  15. Rich_S

    Got pretty pedals? Do show.

    A lot of these are NOT pretty; they are downright evil looking. Not that there's anything wrong with that. This is pretty.
  16. Rich_S

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Next time I’m at our panel shop, I’ll have them engrave me a couple nameplates for them. Since the MS-3 lets me assign almost any combination of parameters to the CTL buttons, they need to be non-specific. Maybe just SOME STUFF and OTHER STUFF.
  17. Rich_S

    Best TYPE of humidifier

    We use the 1-gallon steam type, but we fill them with distilled water to keep them from gunking up with mineral deposits. I suppose the cool-mist ones would work without leaving white dust everywhere if you used them with distilled water, as well. The distilled water is kind of expensive...
  18. Rich_S

    New guitar…new sound?

    Holy hell that’s a nice guitar. The first “good” American guitar I owned was a ‘69 SG with a Vibrola. I liked it so much I bought a second one. This was back in the mid-‘70s. I think I paid $375 for one of them and $395 for the other. I don’t know if Epi puts decent pickups in that guitar...
  19. Rich_S

    Show us your Pedal board.

    I posted an almost-done photo a while back (post #12,030) but today it's FINISHED. I included a few little details that amuse me, if no one else. First off, a couple of Allen-Bradley pushbuttons like the ones I've been using at work for 35+ years. They're kind of the industry standard for...
  20. Rich_S

    Ex-bandmates want to meet for a drink!

    We expect real-time updates from the bar.
  21. Rich_S

    Cars: It’s All I Can Do lead sound?

    I contacted Mr. Easton through this forum years ago asking where he got the distortion on the song “Candy-O”. He actually answered me and said that all the tones on that album were cranked amps, no pedals. Unfortunately, he didn’t say WHAT amps. Live, they used Ampeg in those days, but he was...
  22. Rich_S

    Terry Kath model Tele….

    Kath played that Tele at the first rock concert I ever attended, at the Philly Spectrum, touring behind Chicago VII.
  23. Rich_S

    Chris Martin’s wife.....

    I had a nice talk/job interview with Chris back around 1994. Nothing came of it but it was fun meeting one of the guitar biz's greats and a really nice guy, to boot. I lost my Mom to cancer when she was just 52. My heart is a little bit broken for Chris and his daughter. Rest in Peace, Diane.
  24. Rich_S

    Anybody heard of/purchased Soundproofcow Insulation?

    Has anybody here heard of, dealt with, or purchased from these folks? I'm planning on building some bass traps for my small studio/office in the coming months, and I guess the Facebook algorithm intercepted my brain waves. Their ad just popped up in my FB feed...
  25. Rich_S

    Stand By Switch

    The only amps that really need a standby switch are tube amps with solid state rectifiers. In these amps, the high voltage comes up as soon as the amp is powered on, and the standby switch keeps the voltage off the tubes until their filaments are warmed up. Amps with tube rectifiers don’t...

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