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    Hello from western MA

    Welcome from the North Shore!
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    Mixing Tints in Nitro (question about the tint solution)

    I would probably try spraying the stain dna mixture and then topping it with clear or tinted (if the color is off) lacquer. I say spray as I have found for myself that this is sometimes easier than wiping and getting "brush strokes" if your not use to staining by hand.
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    Spray shellac before grain fill?

    No finishes breath, they gas off as they cure and dry. Alcohol, which is a main component of shellac, gases off pretty quickly unless very humid (70%+). The truth about nitro lacquer is it's very similar but there's no breathing to be had. Nitro Lacquer is a form of plastic that remains soft...
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    Crack appeared after (light) heat application

    By warm the wood/epoxy I should have said Hair dryer on medium, for both. FYI there is a thicker CA glue that would work too. I find it tends to need multiple applications to get level.
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    Crack appeared after (light) heat application

    Do a stress test, if the crack widens/deepens easily then it's likely trash. If it stays as it is now, the epoxy will work just fine. When doing the epoxy, warm the wood and the epoxy, it will seep in deeper.
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    dupli color problems...

    Duplicolor - the tips clog easily on the metallic, and I found that I need to spray a bit longer (to get that metallic color to look even and not full of primer) than say Color tone or Behlen's spray cans.
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    Latest plague in rock music : guitar finish

    I'm surprised this lasted 4 pages without getting the wrap. Clearly a topic for acoustic builders where the finish does kind of impact things. Finish / tone / wood breathing :cry: next it will be unfinished fret boards o_O and tones woods :twisted::lol: for electrics!
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    Dyeing Tru Oil with pigment?

    Have you thought to try artist oil paints? Essentially you use the TO (or even wipe on poly) to thin the paint color and you can end up with a semi transparent finish. Depending on the color some maybe more or less opaque, usually if there's a white in the color make up you get semi opaque, if...
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    Tele thinline build

    Very nice save!
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    Thinline Jaguar

    Oh Thank god! I thought you painted that beauty a solid color! I hope a stain or tinted clear (or both) is in the future. Looks awesome!!!!!!
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    So where is your guitar from?

    All my G&Ls are from Fullerton, CA. All the mod parts are also USA. I have a fenrnandez that as far as I can tell was made in Japan during the lawsuit era. I also have a MIM Jazz Bass. The rest are home spun.
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    Can you add pigment to transtint for a solid finish?

    Yeah Viz, transtint mixed into lacquer. I thought the OP was looking to make it more opaque. In my experience transtint is a great shader (ie clear lacquer w/ color added but still transparent) but not great for opaque colors.
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    Can you add pigment to transtint for a solid finish?

    Short answer is....yes. I've added mixol pigments to transtint black lacquer to make it more opaque. Doing this, to me anyways, gives you the middle ground between staining and a solid paint. I use this mix on burst when I want nearly opaque level of color. How ever mixol black on it's own in...
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    Nitro not checking, help!

    I'm in New England, and I feel your pain, if it ain't raining the air is at 90% humidity here most of the summer.
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    Nitro not checking, help!

    Winner winner! Take the body outside into the hot air (85 & up) for 10 15 min, no direct sunlight though. Then about 2-3 minutes in the freezer. The issue that can cause this not to work is humidity, the dryer the better.
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    Rustoleum 2x Gloss clear over 2x satin. Has anyone done this?

    For me it happened with in hours, it looked good after spraying and then when I came back later in the day it looked like a wrinkly old man.
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    PSA - Watch that heat, folks.

    I want a picture of the cup. Is that wrong? I agree with all of the above statement and will add that if you use solvent style paints, heat can be just as deadly. Stay safe out there!
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    Help with Spray Polyurethane Finish, please

    I definitely think those above me hit the nail on the head. Too many different brands and types of finish is likely your issue. Rustoleum and Krylon are likely similar but since they are 2 different paint companies I bet the solvents are slightly different and likely the issue you are having...
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    Rustoleum 2x Gloss clear over 2x satin. Has anyone done this?

    I'd probably use fine steel wool or the synthetic stuff to smooth areas out. FYI the Rustoleum stuff is no acrylic or lacquer, it's enamel. I highly suggest testing the drawings on scrap painted just like the guitar. I suspect the acrylic might lift the enamel paint of the Rustoleum, no matter...
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    Just saying (again)...

    o.k. that's mind bending . . . how'd you do it? if by hand 1 sparkle at a time then I understand the 14 years as the process not the
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    Nitro Question -

    I would look at the pigment and the dye/tint. They maybe off setting your ratios and chemistry. I'd test 1/2 as much of each in the same mix on scrap.
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    Building a 'Telecaster'.

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    Total Newb Initial Build Questions

    Strotosphere is good, they are near by me in Boston and they have had good turn around times in the last year or so. At least that's my experience.
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    How far can I extend router bit?

    I mark the 1/2 point of the shaft on all my bits and never extend them past that point. Because I had 1 bit, in a router table set up, while trying to do a truss rod channel, come out of the router and up into the wood, scared the hell out of me. So I bought 1/2 diameter bits in several lengths...
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    Open pore finishes

    If you put a finish on it, although it looks open pore, it's still coated in finish so no impact or rather same a gloss.