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  1. ScottJPatrick

    Melody Maker Club.....

    Looks great, love the darker finish on the body.
  2. ScottJPatrick

    Youtube vids of...Gramophones? Yes, please.

    Here's one for you, took this little video of my Dansette ages ago to send to one of my friends. Sound quality ok but you get a lot more mids and bottom end when you close the lid!
  3. ScottJPatrick

    Which of the 3 blues Kings is your favorite?

    Freddie for the win, early instrumentals are great, Woman across the river, Texas cannonball and Gettin' ready are 3 of the finest albums you would ever want to hear. BB and Albert obviously great too, love the early BB King stuff but Freddie for me.
  4. ScottJPatrick

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Here's one for @Flaneur, Taj Mahal taken backstage at a venue he knows, the Queens Hall in Edinburgh. Copyright Marc Marnie, Stagefright photography in Edinburgh.
  5. ScottJPatrick

    Too cold

    Well, this is the TDPRI after all........
  6. ScottJPatrick

    is there any reason why I shouldn't use an empty amp cabinet as an extension cabinet?

    I have converted several 'blackface' style combos into speaker cabs, I usually strip everything off the amp chassis and then tape over all the holes except one on the rear that I use as the input jack socket. Don't know if it changes anything sonically but it certainly looks a lot better than...
  7. ScottJPatrick

    Comparing older Mesa combos

    I believe the Rocket 44 was the Subway Rocket Reverb pre-amp combined with the output section of either the DC3 or F30 (can't remember exactly, basically 4 x el84 giving about 30 watts output) The Express 5:25, either 10'' or 12'' would also be a good option and easier to find these days.
  8. ScottJPatrick

    Comparing older Mesa combos

    Another vote for the Rocket 44 here if you want something giggable. Had 3 Studio 22's, really nice but hiss a lot, not quite loud enough, Subway Blues nice but breaks up early, F30 has 2 sounds, glassy clean and absolute filth, nothing in between, ok if you're in a 90's hair metal band. Rocket...
  9. ScottJPatrick

    Any love for Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pickups?

    I use an Alnico II in the neck of my '75 Tele, been there for about 30 years, love it. Had the bridge too for a while, nice sounding pickup but not enough bite for what I need playing live. I think SD describe it as 'spongy' and very musical, great sounding for clean and has an almost compressed...
  10. ScottJPatrick

    Requesting info on fender twin

    Probably best to get it checked by a good tech before you do anything else, if it is all original on the inside it will need a few parts replaced as standard. Maybe @Blazer will know of somewhere near you.
  11. ScottJPatrick

    Melody Maker Club.....

    I totally forgot there was a Melody Maker club! Time to catch up. Stupidly sold the Pelham Blue '67 a while back, loved the look and sound of the guitar but the really skinny nut and neck that went from very slim to full baseball wasn't doing it for me. Since then I have owned a 2003 (P90) and...
  12. ScottJPatrick

    Well, that's different: 2021 Gibson Les Paul Junior Rhythm

    I prefer this, the whole point to me of a Jnr/Esquire is the solitary bridge pickup.
  13. ScottJPatrick

    Man I wish I had the scratch...

    Ad has been deleted/taken down.
  14. ScottJPatrick

    Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.

    Seems like a good time to post this.
  15. ScottJPatrick

    Completely Happy with your Dirt Pedals?

    TS mini paired with an OCD here, use both individually and stacked, no intention of changing anytime soon.
  16. ScottJPatrick

    NGD, partscaster I just finished

    Yes, very rounded edges, very comfortable, bit like an old Melody Maker. Would love to take the credit but I bought the body on eBay, can only dream about making my own bodies and necks.
  17. ScottJPatrick

    NGD, partscaster I just finished

    Pickguard is parchment/light cream, difficult to get a photo showing the true colour.
  18. ScottJPatrick

    NGD, partscaster I just finished

    Parchment although it looks more white in the photos, might try and get a better photo in daylight.
  19. ScottJPatrick

    NGD, partscaster I just finished

    9lb 3oz, not too bad.
  20. ScottJPatrick

    NGD, partscaster I just finished

    Had a spare neck I bought a while back, plenty parts and a couple of Cavalier pickups going spare so decided to go ahead and buy a body to finish the job off. (In the real world I would just have sold off all the parts I didn't need but this is TDPRI land so the obvious thing to do was buy the...
  21. ScottJPatrick

    NKD (New Kitten Day, almost)

    That was my first thought, but then again I am biased, meet my wee ragdoll with the white mascara.
  22. ScottJPatrick

    What step-down transformer for US to UK?

    That was my first thought too but he actually means UK to US, thread title was a bit deceptive! Thomman have a range of them, some with two outputs, you could just run an extension cord if you want multiple outputs.
  23. ScottJPatrick

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    Well, they did say it was going to the wire, seems like the Stewards have a lot of explaining to do after that last lap.
  24. ScottJPatrick

    Open G songs to learn that are not blues?

    I play this in open G.