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  1. Danb541

    Songs with killer Rythm guitar thread

  2. Danb541

    How many guitars?

    Have not counted for a while but around 35
  3. Danb541

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    Great info Eric, thanks for taking the time to explain. I messaged the eBay seller, he said I did wire the pickup correctly and is sending me a shipping label for a full refund. I'm guessing this is pretty common with these pickups as he did t even question it. Live and learn. I am glad the...
  4. Danb541

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    Eric, Yes I figured that out while googling. This is the first BL pickup I’ve ever ordered. Can you explain to me how someone is selling these pickups branded BL? It seems to have been going on for a while.
  5. Danb541

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    Came to the conclusion this pickup is junk. I had an SD Quarter pound. Put it in there, sounds great. Instead of messing with a return to the eBay seller I bought the Lawrence from I’ll probably just eat it. After googling these Lawrence pickups Ube discovered they’re not really BL pickups at...
  6. Danb541

    Gorgeous demo of a 1950 Broadcaster

    I explained the hair thing a few posts back.
  7. Danb541

    Hardtails are so rare

    I just finished this one. I'm not too in to the lace sensors and will prob make it a normal strat soon.
  8. Danb541

    Gorgeous demo of a 1950 Broadcaster

    Very tasty playing. I can't help but wonder if this guy rode his bike to the demo right after taking a shower, sort of letting the wind dry his hair along the way.
  9. Danb541

    Bill Lawrence L-250 Tele bridge pickup wiring question

    I wired this up last night and the Lawrence L-250 blade bridge pickup is very thin and not loud at all. It did not come with wire instructions. It's 3 wire. One bare, one black and one white. I wish I would have hooked it to my meter before wiring it up, I usually do that but I assumed black and...
  10. Danb541

    Duplicolor primer types

    I just did this guitar. Here is what I used. I had no issues with this primer filler, I painted over it with duplicolor..
  11. Danb541

    Coil split wiring help

    I didn't realize I had any responses. I wired it yesterday and it worked first try. I just grounded to the top of the box on the pot. Thanks for the info
  12. Danb541

    Coil split wiring help

    I've wired lots of guitars but never with a split humbucker. I'm not sure where to ground these push pull pots. I'm guessing anywhere will work? Here is the pots and a schematic.
  13. Danb541

    Building a T-Style from a historic stump

    Very cool, I'll be watching this thread and look forward to seeing the end result.
  14. Danb541

    Ronnie Spector, RIP

  15. Danb541

    Bill Lawrence USA L-250 Bridge Pickup

    I’m installing one soon… 17 years after your post 😂
  16. Danb541

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Traffic light turns green, car/driver in front of me texting...doesn't notice...
  17. Danb541

    On what have you changed your mind over the years?

    That I need a wah wah pedal.
  18. Danb541

    truly shocking hand painted strat on reverb

    Fender Custom Shop Molten Elite Stratocaster
  19. Danb541

    Guitar store riff?

  20. Danb541

    Guitar store riff?

  21. Danb541

    Guitar store riff?

  22. Danb541

    What's on your workbench today?

    I should have added, I believe it is a GX-100 or similar. Google Takamine GX 100 or GX series and you'll find some info.
  23. Danb541

    What's on your workbench today?

    Yes made in Japan early 1980's. from what I've researched, Takamine contracted these out for a few years. There were a few models, I'm not sure which factory made them but it is a quality build.

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