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  1. pi

    Cheap 1 watt guitar amp kit?

    Anyone try this one? Percolator 2W Tube Guitar Amp (valve amp) - Zeppelin Design Labs
  2. pi

    Scored a near new MIM strat. Help me get used to playing it!

    Boost pedal (or an overdrive with gain set low and use the volume as boost).
  3. pi

    NFL playoff picks predictions and discussion

    All 4 games this weekend were nailbiters. Not sure how the remaining 3 games this season can top them.
  4. pi

    I want some P 90s, but I don’t want a new guitar.

    How did you manage to get 50 guitars without one having p90s? Given that data point, I agree with the others that suggest selling one. Hell, sell 40 of them.
  5. pi

    Who likes/hates Fades (guitar finishes)?

    I don't prefer it but hate is a strong word. It looks like somebody forgot to finish the burst.
  6. pi

    An interesting FYI for DOD Gunslinger owners...

    This is a bizarre claim to me, considering the Gunslinger was released in 2015. Lots of MIABs were around by then.
  7. pi

    Actors I dislike for the wrong reason.

    For years I couldn't stand Kevin Spacey--he just kind of gave me the creeps. Turns out I was right.
  8. pi

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    good point, although you wouldn't know it from the way people drive.
  9. pi

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Don't just ditch your grocery cart in the parking spaces... put it back in the corral or proper place.
  10. pi

    Danger... Rhythm section is MUTATING!

    Does the audience even notice or care? Are they dancing too janky now? If not, it's probably fine to let it be.
  11. pi

    "Checking Down" - NFL Content

    There's some QBs I wish would check down a bit more, instead trying to thread the needle in tight coverage and getting picked.
  12. pi

    Do You Leave Home Garage Open? Why?

    We once left the door open accidently. Tools were stolen from the garage. Now I'm pretty vigilant about keeping it shut.
  13. pi

    TC Electronic Magus Pro = Rat 308

    OP07 doesn't have a compensation cap. It has a fixed internal compensation. The compensation cap on rats with OP07s has no effect.
  14. pi

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    I don't like it... yet. After a few days I'll forget what it used to be like and it will all feel normal again.
  15. pi

    Bad pickups

    Have you tried a boost pedal? (Or an overdrive with gain low and volume set to boost)?
  16. pi

    Picked up some old transistors

    Cool find. Knowing the model number is not enough, as even transistors with the same number can widely differ with specs. You'll need to measure the gain and leakage.
  17. pi

    Guitar TV ads

    Are you forgetting Esteban?
  18. pi

    Anyone Else Try the J Rockett $59 Pedals?

    I've built a clone of the Touch. It's basically a tubescreamer with a few components changed, but I like it a lot better than a stock tubescreamer. It's a great overdrive.
  19. pi

    Thursday Night Football - Pickem

    As a Broncos fan I hope they both lose.
  20. pi

    Anybody here worked with Wudtone a lot?

    It would be even better to have the discussion out in the open so we can all learn from it. I've looked at Wudtone and was intrigued to try it, but found little practical info on it.
  21. pi

    Expect people to disappoint you.

    This is a harsh truth, but as a manager, this is your job. In fact, it's pretty much all of your job. If you're not getting your team to see the big picture, what value are you bringing as a manager?
  22. pi

    Ivette Young's new Ibanez "Telemaster" signature model

    Those tones are totally achievable with the Vox Mini amp (which is what she's playing there). They probably doctored it with a better recording, but it's not implausible.
  23. pi

    Which Telecaster is the most comfortable for you to play?

    My Tele has belly and arm contours. Don't care if it's sacrilege, it feels comfy.
  24. pi

    Nothing's easy. (UPS content)

    Once Amazon delivered a package to me that was intended for a nearby neighborhood. I tried to report it to Amazon but was faced with a dumb artificial intelligence bot that couldn't understand the concept that a package could be delivered but also not received. I gave up and delivered it myself.

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