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    Facial hair. Yay or nay?

    Sometimes have a beard and ‘stache more often than not, just a ‘stache…… Just cut my lockdown hair, was down to like my nipples….. now it’s like that old fool Billy Idol… with a ‘stache
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    Do you look at the fretboard while playing?

    Sometimes (often?) but not always, depends on the song, I guess
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    All your guitars are destroyed ... you have 2000$

    I'd buy an Epi SG with P90s and worn finish (whatever they call that model) and a Squier Strat, dunno if I'd replace the Bullet or upgrade, but, that would work well enough....kind of
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    Do you sound like your guitar …

    I like that :cool:
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    I Was Hoping For A New Car Day, Buuuuuuuut...

    We got "lucky" after my wife's Kia got rear-ended in June - no injuries to her, and the car was totally drivable, just had a dented "bumper" and bent trunk lid, had to seal it with plastic and tape, but....she drove my lil Fit, I drove her car - hard to not drive in the rain in east TN - the...
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    Dangerous knuckleheads drivers in your locale are usually driving what ?

    'Round here, full sized pickemup trucks, I pay little attention to brands ......but they seem to "pride" themselves with, after 2 or 3 attempts, at backing into a parking space.....such a waste of time......that must be the one thing they they "taught" in driver's ed down here in east TN...
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    When I was a kid our vinyl was black

    Can't say without going down to the basement and digging for it, but I remember it saying something about "this album has three sides" .....Matching tie and handkerchief sounds familiar :)
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    When I was a kid our vinyl was black

    Virtually all of my vinyl stash is black….. IIRC, I have a yellow LP by The Dickies, and a swirly blue and green EP by The Flying Lizards…. Pretty sure the rest are black ….. I DO have a Monty Python with “3 sides”. One side is a normal length side, the other side has “ grooves within grooves,”...
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    Trick or treat. Best and worst candy

    We give out nothing anymore....apparently our sub is "the place to go" with rich folks....I wish I was rich could blow through $400 worth of cande in under 2 hours.....over and out, with that ****. When I was a kid, and when our kids were kids, you wandered the neighborhodd.....I'd be...
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    Well....the universe did its thing, again, last night

    As someone who has had a history of szs, and they rear their ugly head every year or two, now, pretty well controlled if I control my stress levels - docs have never found a "cause," so to speak.....after reading a lot after I starting having them as an adult, I seem to recall the ancients...
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    IMAX...I do not get it.

    Try visiting The Grand Canyon ......spent 8 days/7 nights white water rafting the lower half...... changed a whole lot of perspective in my life, amazing place.....not to mention I met my (now) wife on the hike down Bright Angel Trail to the rafts......May of '89, vacation of a...
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    Only have one guitar with P90s, an Epi Wildkat......they sound good enough after with fiddling with this and that......prefer the old gold foils in my old Harmony, they sound, to me, like a P90 in my imagine, well at least more so than Fender single coils, and yeah, I know they're all singles....
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    Nick Lowe

    I got the 3 day FaceBook ban hammer/jail for posting this song.....violation of community standards, or some such nonsense....c'mon, it's a clever humorous tune by Nick ......FB needs to lighten the up
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    Nick Lowe

    He’s all around great… including being witty and humorous, been a fan for decades
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    6V6s - why are they unpopular in modern amp designs?

    Am pretty sure my Tweaker has 6v6s (6v6 GTAs? , possibly, can't check them atm, my in laws are temporarily staying with us, and my father in law is currently asleep in my "guitar room")
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    Brian May's "Deacy" transistor amp

    Pretty amazing, Dr May building a successful career/sound on a home made guitar and, partly, on the dumpster rescue Deacy......
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    What would you do in my shoes? (Car question)

    Hell, our 2010 Kia Forte got rear ended in June….. the inattentive pastor that hit her, his insurance co decided our car was “totaled”…… offered us $8900 for a totaled 2010 car with like 160,000 miles on it…. We took the money and ran to the Honda dealer
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    Let’s see those vintage amps

    Amps of what "vintage"? I hate the use of that word when speaking of instruments/amps..... I have a "vintage" '18 Telecaster....that's it's vintage
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    Songs about the outdoors, the country, being in nature

    Heart Of The Country - Paulie and Linda (post-Beatles, pre-Wings)
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    Songs That Can Bring A Tear To Your Eye

    Probably too many to mention, but two I can't sing and play along to without crying would be For No One - The Beatles, and '39 - Queen ....heartbreakers
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    How about a review of something you’ve owned for more than say 2 years.

    Was gonna talk about my fun '15 Honda Fit, but, keeping it to music related stuff..... Have two guitars that I love both to death.....a Fender Tele Thinline '72 RI that my wife bought me for my 60th b-day 3 1/2 years ago.....fine instrument, imo, feels great. looks great, plays...
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    Best guitar to play surf music

    Technically, you can play surf on any guitar, just have to adjust this and that to get close to the sound. I vote for '60's Harmony Silhouette/Bobkat with gold foils
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    Let's say you just drilled through the headstock..

    I’d just leave it…. Or maybe put a small screw in it to fill it. When I removed the pick guard on my LP, I just put the two screws back in the holes they came from, looks fine to me
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    What’s your oldest guitar/instrument in general?

    Had to scroll through the thread to be sure I haven't previously oldest is a very fine to near mint '64 Harmony Silhouette (to become Harmony Bobkat in later years) with DeArmond gold folis.....all original, plays/sounds great, everything works as's a rowdy lil thing...