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  1. Tim S

    Baby’s first wah

    You can also defend yourself against assailants by wielding one above your head in a threatening manner.
  2. Tim S

    Amp Head for Big Clean Pedal Platform?

    That was my first thought too!
  3. Tim S

    Fender Capricorn Amp, ever heard of it?

    Thanks for that. My late wife was an astrologer (hey, someone has to be) and a musician. I wish I had known about this amp line while she was still around. “Turn down that loud Taurus!” :p
  4. Tim S

    Question on other brands if amps.

    You’re relatively new here… give it time ;) Asking questions often leads to purchases.
  5. Tim S

    Cheap 1 watt guitar amp kit?

    FWIW, I don’t have a Gremlin, I have a Sky King. But I recall reading here that there’s a significant volume difference when switching pre-amps on the Gremlin. That has to be annoying in some situations (but if you use the Tweed side exclusively for leads, maybe that’s fine?) You’ve got me...
  6. Tim S

    Question on other brands if amps.

    I can appreciate where you’re coming from, but I stand by “company name” isn’t enough to go on (other than for customer support & warranty policies). Most companies make a variety of amp models that are not designed for the same application. If I recommend Mesa to someone thinking they need a...
  7. Tim S

    Cheap 1 watt guitar amp kit?

    I’m guessing that building ^that^ is probably cheaper than buying a Tone King Gremlin (which proclaims the same SE BF/Tweed functionality).
  8. Tim S

    Question on other brands if amps.

    How much money are you willing to spend? Recommending a $6,000 head for a home player with a budget of $2,000 would be a waste of everyone’s time. There’s a tool for every purpose. But you need to define the purpose and state your budget. As for naming amp brands we’ve used… that’s too...
  9. Tim S

    NAD... a D-50!

    If the Gold doesn’t do it for that amp, don’t worry — there’s a thread for that.
  10. Tim S

    NAD... a D-50!

    Well, you thank me today. Down the road, when you’re deep into snubber cap values and matching component values to different Dumble build numbers you may end up cursing me. :p Please post your thoughts and experience with your D-Fifty. I’m not the only Dumble-curious person here. When I first...
  11. Tim S

    NAD... a D-50!

    Congrats! I’ve been debating getting one of those or one of the very many Ceriatone Overtone models. If you got a deal, that’s a no-brainer. Here’s a link to a mod thread to start you down that rabbit hole
  12. Tim S

    What if I have two pedals that need to be first?

    Maybe the digital pedals need a built-in buffer when in use like the wahs mentioned here?–-Things-To-Know-About-Using-Wah-Wah,-Fuzz-&-Buffers
  13. Tim S

    Baby’s first wah

    I ended up getting a mash-up of two previous posts, but in mini-form — the Mini Crybaby 535Q Auto-Return
  14. Tim S

    Dumble amp tone scaleability?

    From my reading of various forums, yes, the magic mostly happens in the pre-amp. People who use the external Dumbleator (or work-alikes) are able increase the preamp volume and then attenuate it the loop via the Dumbleator. Of course the buffer in it as well being able to set the incoming and...
  15. Tim S

    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    The YouTube auto-translate leaves a lot to be desired, but the video manages to demonstrate what you said. Thanks for pointing this out.
  16. Tim S

    Suggestions for a Rockabilly/Jazz Tube amp for bedroom practice - under $800 new/$500 Used?

    I will second the suggestion of the non-tubed Blues Cube Artist. 80 SS watts that can be scaled down to 0.5 watt. It accepts Roland Tone Capsules that change the amp’s Bassman tone to a DR or Vox or JTM45 or ODS. It also does a good job of emulating the feel of a tube amp. (Don’t knock it until...
  17. Tim S

    My amps

    The common consensus around here is that tube amps need to be serviced (caps replaced) around every twenty years. If you fire up an old amp with a bad capacitor, it could take out the power transformer (among other things). Components age and drift out of spec, so getting those replaced will...
  18. Tim S

    My amps

    How many years since these amps were last serviced? You may not want to power them up until you take them to an amp tech.
  19. Tim S

    Plug And Play jack question

    ^What he said^ If you own a can with this plate, you really need to keep a dummy plug handy for the occasions when you want to use a single speaker.
  20. Tim S

    NAD. Engl in the house.

    HNAD! And thanks for the education. I see Engl and automatically think “Oh, Metal — Like a German Dual Rec”. This post challenges my assumptions and I *always* appreciate that. And anyway, you got an amp with the cool logo!
  21. Tim S

    Now that Dumble is RIP... I'm curious

    Too bad Fender didn’t make an ODS. Try a Roland Blues Cube with a Robben Ford Tone Capsule to get SS Dumble-like goodness (or pick the ODS emulation on a Spark 40 if you want Digital Dumble-like goodness)
  22. Tim S

    Taking my tube amp to Europe

    I’d just rent a local amp and consider the experience educational. But that’s just me.
  23. Tim S

    Tell me I don't need a 2nd Princeton!

    So, you’re saying the answer is baffling?? :lol:
  24. Tim S

    Which is the real spring reverb?

    I voted “Trick Question” and say all 3 clips were made using real spring reverb tanks as external devices (simply because no one else has called that yet) :p
  25. Tim S

    New Gibson (Maestro) Line of Pedals

    There’s a reason the Maestro line went away in the first place. Just sayin’