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  1. ZenGuitarist

    NGD - Noventa Telecaster in Vintage Blonde

    When I first brought it home I wasn't sure if I would keep it but the more I play it, the more I like it. Good catch on the string tree. It's fixed now. :)
  2. ZenGuitarist

    NGD - Noventa Telecaster in Vintage Blonde

    I was browsing Fender's website when I saw this strange Tele-looking guitar called a Noventa Telecaster. Once I found out it was a P-90 equipped Tele I became more interested because I love the sound of a P-90 pickup. I saw that there were some Noventa Teles in stock locally so I dropped by to...
  3. ZenGuitarist

    90s/00s American Standards

    I have a 2002 Tele and I've always thought that the bridge pickup on that guitar had a higher output than my other Teles. It's part of the Delta-Tone system that was used on the American Series Teles sold at that time. I'm not sure exactly what model years had it but someone else should know...
  4. ZenGuitarist

    Mac mini and 4k monitor or iMac?

    My main Dell monitor has a 2 port KVM built into it but eventually I'll get a 4 port external KVM. Have you considered one of the IOGear products? I don't know how good their HDMI KVMs are but I used one of their VGA KVMs for many years and it was rock solid.
  5. ZenGuitarist

    Mac mini and 4k monitor or iMac?

    I bought a CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock to go with my Mac Mini. Works great. What was really weird was that the cheapest price I could get it for in Canada was through Apple's online store. Normally I expect to pay more if ordering directly from Apple.
  6. ZenGuitarist

    Single Drunk Female

    I've never seen the series, but those three words are a pretty good summation of several of my dating experiences.
  7. ZenGuitarist

    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    I wasn't a huge fan but respected him as a performer. I was a teenager when Paradise By The Dashboard Light was released and, well, I could relate. The more performers like him I used to follow die, the more I'm reminded of my own mortality. It makes me depressed until I remind myself that I'm...
  8. ZenGuitarist

    Who likes/hates Fades (guitar finishes)?

    I guess I disagree with the OP. The lower bout on my 1978 LP Custom Sliverburst is all black and I love it that way. Good luck trying to pry this guitar from my hands. 1978 Silverbursts are very rare. They weren't an official finish offered by Gibson that year but they did make a few. All of...
  9. ZenGuitarist

    2004 American Series Telecaster

    Congrats, nice looking guitar! I believe the 2004 models have the same electronics as your 2000 Tele did so you should feel right at home. Enjoy!
  10. ZenGuitarist

    Mac mini and 4k monitor or iMac?

    I went with a Mac Mini because I primarily use Windows computers and wanted to be able to use a KVM to save on desktop space. If I was a Mac only person I'd be tempted by an iMac but I think at the end of the day I'd still go with a Mac Mini just for the flexibility in connecting external...
  11. ZenGuitarist

    NGD Esquire 70th anniversary LPB

    Congrats on a beautiful guitar! LPB is one of my favourite Fender colours. The pickguard on my LPB Esquire has warped too but I haven't got around to doing anything about it yet. But otherwise the guitar has been great. I've had mine for over a year now and love it.
  12. ZenGuitarist

    First “gig” with the new band coming up

    What about Frankenstein by the Edgar Winter Group?
  13. ZenGuitarist

    Is it just me or is red not a well loved tele color.

    My 2002 American Series Tele in Chrome Red was my first and is still my favourite Tele.
  14. ZenGuitarist

    is Eastwood still in business?

    I've been very happy with the three Backlund models I bought from them. It's a shame they're no longer making them. I assume they're struggling with the same manufacturing and transportation issues that many companies are dealing with. I've had good service from them in the past and wouldn't...
  15. ZenGuitarist

    Shingles PSA

    I got vaccinated a couple of years ago after reading one of the threads here similar to this one. I'm glad I did.
  16. ZenGuitarist

    New Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp

    That's fantastic! Thank you so much for doing that and sharing it with us.
  17. ZenGuitarist

    How long would you wait for instrument on backorder?

    I'm willing to wait several months to get the instrument I want. Just yesterday I placed an order for a Fender 75th Anniversary J-bass but the estimated delivery date is about 5 months from now. That doesn't bother me because it's a limited run in a unique colour, I only had to put 10% down to...
  18. ZenGuitarist

    NBD, but it's on a Slow Boat From Mexico

    The colour is Seafoam Green. The guitar is one of Fender's Magnificent Seven models they released in 2016. Here's a photo of it. Note the painted headstock. I have a thing for painted headstocks. :cool:
  19. ZenGuitarist

    NBD, but it's on a Slow Boat From Mexico

    I own a P-bass but for a long time I've wanted to get a J-bass as well. There were several times when I nearly pulled the trigger on either the MIM or MIA Geddy Lee models, but something always held me back. I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew the Geddy Lee models weren't quite it...
  20. ZenGuitarist

    Fender Fuse Software discontinued?

    You could always download Remuda Lite (it's free) to test it out yourself.
  21. ZenGuitarist

    Mustang III v2 stuck in some kind of diag mode

    I see you're in Canada. Buy this USB C to USB 3.1 OTG cable and this USB 2.0 to Mini USB cable, plug them together and you're good to go.
  22. ZenGuitarist

    Mustang III v2 stuck in some kind of diag mode

    Sure, USB to mini USB cables exist. I have several of them. It doesn't need to be USB 3. All my cables are USB 2 to mini USB and work just fine whether I plug the USB end into a USB 2 or USB 3 port.
  23. ZenGuitarist

    Mustang III v2 stuck in some kind of diag mode

    I think you might be in the Utility Menu. Try pressing the UTIL button. If that doesn't work you could try to do a Factory Restore. To restore the Mustang amplifier to factory settings: 1. Turn the amplifier OFF. 2. Press and hold the EXIT button while turning the amplifier ON. Continue...
  24. ZenGuitarist

    Jazz Bass questions...

    The Squier Classic Vibe model you're considering is totally gig worthy. I've played that model in a store and liked it, but have never owned one. If I did own one I wouldn't hesitate to play it on stage.
  25. ZenGuitarist

    Jazz Bass questions...

    My advice would be to buy the one you like the most that's within your budget. Don't overthink it.