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    It's a great series. Very cool characters and drama.
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    Worst You've Been Called

  3. zimbo

    NFL playoff picks predictions and discussion

    I think you got it right. Congrats. Not 0 for 4, 4 for 4.
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    Single Drunk Female

    So any good or not so much?
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    Recommendations for old movie/TV discussion page?

    I kind of like Wagon Train. Each episode tells a different story. However in just about all the old westerns the good guys were really good and the bad guys were pretty bad.
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    Oh Canada

    Not Paul Shaffer. BTO yes, Neil Young yes.
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    Recommendations for old movie/TV discussion page?

    Spent some time visiting a friend in a nursing home. A lot of the old guys spend their time watching old westerns like Bonanza, Cheyenne, Wagon Train etc. That's what it comes down to. Any fans here?
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    Best TYPE of humidifier

    The mostly all have white dust even the expensive ones. I like the old ones with a water wheel and fan.
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    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    Anyone remember Jackson Jackson? He did an amazing Pink Floyd tribute. He put it up as a free download on this site.
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    Michael Lang (Woodstock) RIP

    He seemed like a really cool guy. Woodstock was one of a kind. Not sure if he'll even be mentioned on the news. I always wondered if he made any money from his ventures.
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    Back Button Doesn't Work

    I get a red X and have to get out of TDPRi and then go back in.
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    Betty White rip

    She embodied the face and personality of the older lady that everyone likes. That's why everyone will miss her.
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    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    Sony Trinitron was the Cadillac of TV's back in the day. No remote.
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    Stew Mac - The Spam That Doesn't Stop

    I ordered something years ago and stopped the spam back then. Yet they still keep starting it up again after however many months and it's been going on for years. When you get the spam you can't just click Unsubscribe. You have to contact the company by phone or email. What a pain. WTF is wrong...
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    STORM TEAM 5......goofy reporters

    I like it better when they have hottie weather girls like Ginger Zee.
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    Christmas television programming rant

    Law and Order is kind of like comfort food. All the Dick Wolf shows have a certain cadence that you now it's Law and Order. It's all pretty predictable. Still I think Mikey got a bad deal if you know what I'm talking about.
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    Dopesick on Hulu (Disney+ in Canada)

    I thought it was fantastic. Interesting that Purdue is in the news. They're still trying to get charges against the family members.
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    NAD: Fender Princeton 65 Fawn

    PRRI - an $800 amp with a $30 speaker. Go figure.
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    Happy Holidays!!!

    Christmas canceled. See you in the soup kitchen.
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    Depressing Betta fish

    They kill other fish with nicer fins like angels.
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    Egg Nog (basic non alcohol version)

    I like the custard nog. In KY they used to call it boiled custard.
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    christmas wish list-your list

    A couple of hookers with warm hands but I might not wait til Christmas. No more cancel culture No more woke culture No new culture
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    Any Fans of Sped Spedding?

    This one is good. He gets a call from Robert Plant.
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    It’s Hobo season again!

    We have them around here in Upstate NY. They still live up under the underpass in the freezing weather. They're all looking for drug money. Some have been around for years. People give them money although most don't understand drug addiction.
  25. zimbo

    Any Fans of Sped Spedding?

    He teaches some awesome Led Zeppelin on YouTube. He consults the big Zeppelin book that describes the making of every song, very accurate. And the guy is a super cool Brit.