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  1. Wyzsard

    Pink Floyd Argument Bait

    I always considered them a prog blues band.
  2. Wyzsard

    shoes For Industry! The Best Of The Firesign Theatre

    There is a whole dead cat in every bar of Dead Cat Soap.
  3. Wyzsard

    What is an unspoken rule about getting through society and life that annoys you when other people don't honor it?

    Annoying ? People who die without all their grave, funeral, and all related costs paid for. Imo, all of it should be dealt with as their top priority. Including having a power of attorney and will in place. No heir should have to do more than spend a few minutes on the phone telling them where...
  4. Wyzsard

    Leslie West has departed...

    Always enjoy this performance.
  5. Wyzsard

    Songwriter Practice

    Sure I used to write lyrics just as an exercise. For example, an exercise in imagery.
  6. Wyzsard

    Fender Price Hike ... Again

    I just don't get it. Comforts Baby Wipes have been 1.00 for a pack of 40 at Kroger for the last 15 years or longer. Another thing.... do short people get excited when they bump their head on something ?
  7. Wyzsard

    Fender Price Hike ... Again

    Put an amp head in my cart Friday. Went to pull the trigger a few minutes ago. 50 dollar increase from 699 to 749. EVH Lunchbox. I think I found a cure for GAS lol.
  8. Wyzsard

    Fast Fret, and wiping beneath your strings.

    Yep, been doing that for years.
  9. Wyzsard

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    We are doomed :cool:
  10. Wyzsard

    How do you get your daily workout

    200-250 reps a day on one of these (not all at once) ^ Full body workout or target muscle groups depending on where and how you grip the bar. Upper rung of pedals takes the legs out of the equation. Bars under the seat to add weight plates. I also lift, mostly dumbells. Squats, walking, a...
  11. Wyzsard

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    1960 1972 1985 1997 2020
  12. Wyzsard

    Happy songs to help us not worry

    Not sure if this is considered a happy song but it rocks.
  13. Wyzsard

    Happy songs to help us not worry

    This one puts me in a good mood..
  14. Wyzsard

    Why would someone want to own cows?

  15. Wyzsard

    Catalytic Converter Theft Causes Deaths

    Last week a lady was parked out front of my church. I was working the security desk watching the camera that sweeps back and forth out front. A car parked in front of her vehicle and sat there with the lights on for a couple minutes. Not a great neighborhood so I locked the cam on them and...
  16. Wyzsard

    One Meal A Day - Intermittent Fasting

    Yep, true that.
  17. Wyzsard

    One Meal A Day - Intermittent Fasting

    I can't knock the one meal angle but no way it would work for me. I've lost 72 lbs since January. I eat all I want, but only eat high water content and nutrient dense foods. I also bought a blood glucose meter and checked before and after I ate anything I normally ate. I also ate each food...
  18. Wyzsard

    Too many cowboy chords?

    Don't regret it, refret it ;) I have an old Yamaha flat top I love. Probably brought 8 other acoustics home since I got the Yamaha, including a Gibson and a Martin. Sold them, but the Yamaha isn't going anywhere.
  19. Wyzsard

    I have a Victoria 35310, am I crazy for wanting to get a Tweed Pro vs a Bassman?

    Play what want and and can afford. Victoria amps are sweet imo. There may be amps that are as good, but Imo, none are "better".
  20. Wyzsard

    Welp, I bought a soldering iron. Time to ruin some guitars!

    I learned to solder/desolder on junk gizmos. Best gadget I bought was one of those desoldering irons with the bulb that sucks up the old solder.