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  1. Jim_in_PA

    Are Analog consoles still worth it?

    There folks out there doing wonderful work still in all analog studios. There's zero wrong with it if you have the desire (and space) to enjoy it.
  2. Jim_in_PA

    Working w/Spalted Maple

    ^^ This is exactly what I was going to suggest.
  3. Jim_in_PA

    Anyone go back to school later in life?

    I did start an MBA years ago as an adult, although it was an online program. It was a good experience in many respects and academically, I did a lot better than I had performed during my undergraduate days at age 18-22. I actually had a 4.0 for that vs about a 3.1 for undergrad. The only reason...
  4. Jim_in_PA

    How I Keep Carbon Steel and Cast Iron Skillets Non-Stick

    I own the same MadeIn skillet and like it ... for proteins, etc. One of the most important things to keep the seasoning is to not use these pans for anything acidic. It will strip the seasoning layer right off. And as you note, clean immediately...I do that with hot water and a brush the moment...
  5. Jim_in_PA

    Did You Grow Up Without a TV Remote?

    When I was a kid...I WAS the remote. It was an easy job, however, as there were only three stations. LOL
  6. Jim_in_PA

    Anyone learn a second language as an adult?

    Most adults have some level of difficulty learning another language post-puberty. It has something to do with the old neural networks locking into place. For that reason, the education system really has to change the way they approach language arts from HS and MS down to elementary. That's when...
  7. Jim_in_PA

    Power for the machine

    Rotary is typically what folks use for larger needs here but VFDs are increasingly popular for single machine applications where they are compatible. You'll be happy with that rotary unit!
  8. Jim_in_PA

    I don't want to sharpen my knives

    Keep in mind that the steel is just "dressing the edge", removing any burrs and straightening out any deviation in the edge from the act of cutting. It does sharpen a little bit, of course, because the steel is harder than the knife and has a texture, but it's minimal relative to any metal...
  9. Jim_in_PA

    What's on your workbench today?

    hopdybob, that's true in the US, too...but the regulation and enforcement is only for commercial shops. Folks in home shops can and do use a lot of plastic ductwork. I'm not one of them, however, and have always used metal for as long as I've had a shop. I recently converted to clamp-together...
  10. Jim_in_PA

    I don't want to sharpen my knives

    Winky, most of mine are Zwilling Pro, but the Nakiri and bread knife are Zhen that I handled myself...kits from Woodcraft. Not expensive and the bread knife is "scary sharp". It's the only one I've actually cut myself with! LOL I agree with you that a properly sharpened knife of any kind should...
  11. Jim_in_PA

    I don't want to sharpen my knives

    Actual sharpening is only a periodic thing...using a steel before use to keep the edge clean is all that is necessary for a decent knife. I'm not a fan of "knife blocks"...I keep mine in a drawer in a flat block with individual slots that keeps them organized and damage-free. And no counter...
  12. Jim_in_PA

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    This is an evolving thing for us since we move "into" town only 7 months ago. We are getting to know a lot more about things as time passes, including enjoying the many excellent restaurants for our Friday night "date nights" and adjusting some of our shopping habits, accordingly. Our older...
  13. Jim_in_PA

    Show me your cherry necks!

    None of my builds has a cherry neck, but I'd not hesitate to use cuts beautifully and will work similar to maple. it just not quite as hard. QS cherry can be really eye catching, too, and the same for figured cherry.
  14. Jim_in_PA

    Mac mini and 4k monitor or iMac?

    The performance of the newest Mini's can be impressive so I think I'd actually opt for a loaded Mini plus the monitor setup of your choice. I use a 2019 15" MBP with two 27" Dell Ultrasharp monitors; one UHD and one 4K. I use the 4K side mostly for video viewing because, eyes. The UHD is...
  15. Jim_in_PA

    Tried & True Original Wood Finish: Any experience?

    I"ve used Tried and True products for over two decades...for furniture and decorative projects. It would likely be fine for your neck as long as you understand that you may need to reapply it from time to time in the future or at least wax it. Bee's wax is very, very soft. I use both the oil...
  16. Jim_in_PA

    C-Band 5G dates and controversy.

    That's true, 'Floor...the concern that the airlines have is that there is minimal separation between the radio altimeter gear's frequency bands and the C-Band 5G cellular bands. It's less than what's in place in Europe, for example. Base station antenna power and "aim" is different near airports...
  17. Jim_in_PA

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Birthplace of the American railroad (first steam engine) and the town where popular holiday song "Winter Wonderland" was written.
  18. Jim_in_PA

    Dust collector tips & tricks share

    This is a really good practice. Aside from the obvious that dust in general isn't good to breath, many of the exotics (and some domestics like walnut) can really be a health problem from as little as "sensitivities" all the way to full blown "I think I'm going to die!" situations. The...
  19. Jim_in_PA

    How do you think this is built?

    Thinner and lighter may very well be more comfortable to play. The sound is largely down to pickups and other components that interface with the strings. The thinner you go, of course, the more challenging the pots and switches get to be and super thin also is going to impact pickup design. I...
  20. Jim_in_PA

    What's on your workbench today?

    Looks like you're in "that spot" that all those clippers and other storms are hitting as they move east while low pressure areas coming up our eastern US coast are keeping them north, although I have some woodworking friends in western/northwestern PA that are getting similar to you.
  21. Jim_in_PA

    C-Band 5G dates and controversy.

    Interestingly, some plane types appear to have been "cleared" to be less likely affected including many Boeing and Airbus models. So it sounds to me like the folks that make the radio altimeters are also a critical piece to this puzzle. Meanwhile, the wireless industry really does need to use...
  22. Jim_in_PA

    C-Band 5G dates and controversy.

    ATT and Verizon have now both agreed to delay turning on the C-Band stuff close to certain airports. There's a lot of complexity here and a lot of spread responsibility and that does include the airlines as they have know for years that C-Band was going to come into play. Same for the FCC. It's...
  23. Jim_in_PA

    epoxy resin for inlays?

    Yea, kinda like the difference between Pepto Bismol and vodka. One flows much easier 'cause it's less viscous. :) (the same only likely tastes better, too, unless you have an upset stomach from having too much of the other...)
  24. Jim_in_PA

    New hearing aids… I hate them!

    This is not atypical with some kinds of hearing loss. It's a combination of not hearing certain frequencies as well and inability to "discriminate", particularly in noisier environments. My right ear is the poster child for that...significant notches in frequency response pretty much make it...
  25. Jim_in_PA

    My CNC build.

    There can be a lot of satisfaction with physically drawing something...I, too, had an drafting course, although it was in high school, and I've benefited from it over the years for sure. I will admit, however, that what I appreciate about using the computer for this is the ability to quickly do...