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  1. Steerforth

    Aptera: I'm in

    I think one of those was displayed in Cleveland at the 1936 Great Lakes Expositiion. It has sort of a retro vibe. I’d look one over. I wonder if you could remove the electric stuff and drop a 454 cu. in. Chevy in it? :lol:
  2. Steerforth

    Would you rather be without electricity, or water?

    Are those our only two choices? Can we substitute other choices? Because I’d be just fine with going without Miracle Whip. If I never saw it again, I’d survive the ordeal. Miracle Whip is not a substitute for mayonnaise. But of the offered choices, I’d rather go without electricity. It’s nice...
  3. Steerforth

    Common guitar stuff that's commonly disparaged but you happen to love.

    I don’t think much of my stuff is commonly disparaged. I guess most people would enjoy playing my gear. It’s not bad at all. About the only place that maybe I don’t really splurge would be my strings and picks. I use GHS Boomers on my electrics most of the time, and D’Addarios on my acoustics...
  4. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    Ah, well, that’s probably part of some misunderstanding me. I’m acculturated to military life back before the military decided to be nicer to their people. On a military base back in the old days, no one would have taken my commentary as hostile. They might have chuckled, but they wouldn’t have...
  5. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    I don’t think they’re morons. Neither do I think that younger generations are inferior to my own. Being a moron spans the generations. And all I have to do to confirm that observation is make a trip to Wal-Mart. You’re trying hard, but in order to successfully refute a point, you have to...
  6. Steerforth

    Gear Confessional - a/k/a yes, I'm a Bleeping Idiot

    My early life is replete with instances of gear stupidity. In more recent years, my only big regret was selling a Guild F512 to fund some untempered whim.
  7. Steerforth

    One more thing I just learned to like about TDPRI

    That’s about what you get with a trailer behind you. Around town, you can get 13-14 MPG, and out on the highway around 17-18.
  8. Steerforth

    One more thing I just learned to like about TDPRI

    Nice truck! I’ve got a TRD Tundra, but if I didn’t have so much stuff to haul all the time I would have gone for a Tacoma. But pulling trailers and hauling feed made me choose the bigger model. We only drive it when we really need it. The rest of the time we use the car. It’s considerably...
  9. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    Well, whether or not you believe anything that I say is of no consequence to me. Feel free to believe or disbelieve anything that I post. Most of the people with whom I choose to interact willingly in real life are under thirty. My daughters and their many friends seem to be very fond of me...
  10. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    Nope. Just different, with different motivations. Not superior. The problem lies in the fact that our society has no rite of passage anymore. There is no definitive point at which a boy becomes a man, or a girl becomes a woman. Consequently, we find ourselves living in a world full of boys...
  11. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    Well, good for you. You enjoy that now, and bask in the glow of a personal sense of superiority until your next opportunity to miss the point completely comes along.
  12. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    That’s good. Perhaps in the course of your meditation you’ll realize that I’m not singling anyone out as specifically right or wrong, but complaining about the overall social dynamic that seems to drive the human species. I wouldn’t care about that either if it weren’t for the fact that I’m...
  13. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    Nope. There are a lot of people right here in this forum who understand exactly what I mean. But not everyone.
  14. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    Much to my deep and abiding distress, I did pay attention for a while. But when it finally dawned on me what’s going on, I disconnected. Now I spend as much time on Tralfamadore as possible.
  15. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    Nope. Because I’m not trying to one-up anyone on some trivial crap. I’m simply expressing my utter contempt for the endless game that most people incessantly play. And I don’t give a damn at any time where I fall in the pecking order. I refuse to play. But you just tried to make me wrong. An...
  16. Steerforth

    Things I hate: 3497

    There are nearly eight billion people on the planet, and the overwhelming majority of them think that this goat rope is some sort of competition. They’re all trying to sort out their place in the pecking order, and if they can figure out any way to make something that you said seem wrong, they...
  17. Steerforth

    What is mojo?

    24 ounces pineapple juice 24 ounces orange soda 12 ounces beer 12 ounces gin 8 ounces rum Stir thoroughly. Serve on ice. I’m going by memory, so you may have to adjust to taste. If you get to drinking Mojo, just remember, everything will be fine until you stand up. You want to be careful when...
  18. Steerforth

    Classic Professional Wrestling

    It was all downhill after the era of Chief White Owl and Bobo Brazil.
  19. Steerforth

    High End Picks vs. standard picks

    A few years ago, I conducted the most sweeping plectrum research inquiry ever carried out in the history of human scientific endeavor. After months of hands-on research, I can say with certainty that it doesn’t get any better than Dunlop Ultex or Tortex, no matter how much money you spend. I...
  20. Steerforth

    The Gen Z kids are quite different from the previous generations

    I’m a Boomer, Mrs. Steerforth is Generation X, our oldest daughter is a Millennial, and our youngest daughter is Generation Z. I have the complete spectrum, all the research data that I need. I should write, “Human Generations: A Field Guide”. What the world needs is more categories into...
  21. Steerforth

    Who did it better?

    Good answer! :D
  22. Steerforth

    Let me here your "meet cute" story...

    It was around midnight. I was doing some night fishing, sitting there in my boat, when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and there was a beautiful young woman, walking to me on a wave! She was staring at me and calling my name. I couldn’t get it out of my head for...
  23. Steerforth

    Sweetwater calls and emails - Why?

    Once you buy something from them, they consider you family. I went to a reunion late last year. Aunt Winifred sure is looking older. We all had a pretty good time, great barbecue, but then Uncle Frank and Cousin Sarah’s husband, I forget his name, got into a fight. They’d been drinking all...
  24. Steerforth

    Which headstock shape do you prefer? Tele or Strat?

    I like a Telecaster headstock on a Telecaster, and a Stratocaster headstock on a Stratocaster. But I don’t like the 70s style of either on anything.
  25. Steerforth

    New Doggie - Need a Name

    Wagram, Roitelet, Intendant, Vizir, Marengo, Tauris, Cyrus, Styrie, or Desiree. Or Copenhagen.