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  1. StevesBoogie

    And today's massive doofus award goes to . . . ME!

    So that's how you get that majestic tone Hemingway! Don't take the plastic off! Happens to me all the time. The plastic is quite difficult to see. I just peeled the plastic off the 'button' area of our fridge a month or so ago and we've had it for 5 years now. The fridge is white but the...
  2. StevesBoogie

    On Average - How Many Posts Do You Back Out Of Posting Daily ?

    LOL this was a great post. I thought I was the only one! I'd say for every two posts I actually create, there is 1 that I reneg on. For very different reasons.
  3. StevesBoogie

    Who plays wordle daily??

    LOL. On a whim, I had to find out for myself. YUP! LOL! Fun little trick to show off with. They've stored all words to be used for the future in the supporting .js file.
  4. StevesBoogie

    Who plays wordle daily??

    Count me as a huge fan! My wife had been telling me for weeks and I kept blowing it off. She sat me down, showed me, and within minutes I was hooked.
  5. StevesBoogie

    Am Pro II Gold / Gold... What do you think?

    I'll tell ya .... the more I look at it, the more I love it. Something about the color scheme that makes all the chrome really stick out. And I'm a sucker for roasted maple necks. I love this Telecaster.
  6. StevesBoogie

    Physics: Large Hadron Collider suggests a new particle carrying a fifth force of nature.

    You'll get your shares of 'harumphs' unfortunately. But, the ramifications of such discoveries have fantastic impacts. When physicists and theorists are "literally shaking" with excitement, then it's gotta be good.
  7. StevesBoogie

    Can a guitar tech please explain?

    “leave the high D-sharp string 14 cents flat but in tune with the other strings” I agree with OP as far as the confusion about this sentence. It doesn't make sense. I get it, Eddie tuned down either half or whole step. For the sake of this discussion, a half step. The sentence is an oxymoron...
  8. StevesBoogie

    Best Gibson-scale Guitar...

    Hi Mark - hey what model Revstar did you pick up? I keep hearing great things about that guitar. I have my eye on the RS502 in black but they are all on backorder.
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    I don't know of any pure plants but hopefully you find the below to be helpful. I've just discovered Lunchbox Alchemy CBD Gummies Full Spectrum 250mg Relief, but the link below is for their 'Stress' formula. I am not...
  10. StevesBoogie

    NGD! Tele American Professonal II

    Dang man, you have good taste! That guitar is beautiful! Congrats!
  11. StevesBoogie

    Tinnitus question - advice appreciated.

    JL_LI: I apologize if I missed this but are you taking Ubiquinol specifically for tinnitus? And if you are, on a scale of 1-10, how much improvement has it had? Just this week my tinnitus has skyrocketed, including as I type this. I can't seem to find any rhyme nor reason as to what exacerbates...
  12. StevesBoogie

    I welcome the recent software update 👍

    I have not witnessed one improvement. Really, a terrible effort.
  13. StevesBoogie

    Life's Embarrassing Moments....Let's Hear Some....

    I signed my then-5 year old daughter up for her first group swim lessons, and attended the orientation at the pool with about 8 other sets of parents and 2 instructors. The head instructor went around to each parent asking about their respective child's current swimming ability and one or two...
  14. StevesBoogie

    Increase TDPRI display font size of

    That was available yesterday, I played with it for a good amount of time. It appears to be gone now, unless it was moved a bit deeper into some of the menus.
  15. StevesBoogie

    Today is... Post a short stupid joke you made up!

    Here's one ..... my guitar playing! ROFL ROFL ROFL
  16. StevesBoogie

    This Site Is Becoming Very Hard To Navigate

    ***Look for the 'Change width' option in lower left corner of this page. Also, 'Style chooser' appears to have more options as well.*** "Jump to new" is pretty cool. The search menu/submenu is a welcome change. Color scheme/font scheme is quite nice. I also love hitting ALT + capital S +...
  17. StevesBoogie

    She may be ugly but she's mine

    Total beauty and creative as heck! Love the idea of the sole neck pickup. How does she sound and play? I think I have an accordian case it would fit in, LOL
  18. StevesBoogie

    Anyone in their mid-50s remember this?

    The only band image that comes to my head is Jethro Tull. But, I believe the Safety Dance guess is likely a better fit here. Just my luck, I failed my first trivia question of 2022!
  19. StevesBoogie

    Demo of how to get 6 Tones from the Quilter Aviator Cub

    Whoa. The Tweed and Blonde tone has my name all over it! Well done video, thank you. I'm keeping my eye on the Aviator and Mach 3 'from afar', they strike me as incredible products.
  20. StevesBoogie

    Got an electric car

    Cool! I failed to digest if this is your first electric? I'm in the market for a short-term lease. Man, I am seriously considering what you did. Dumb question but you had to dedicate a garage spot for it, and keep it indoors at all times? Would love to hear your opinion about the entire car! (is...
  21. StevesBoogie

    I think somebody re hatched SRV

    Full agreement. Wow, that's crazy impressive. He nails those delicate double-stops and string scrapes, not to mention every other beautiful nuance.
  22. StevesBoogie

    Great Bumpersticker

    Kinda hard to heed this advice when the highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
  23. StevesBoogie

    SRV sober vs non-sober?

    Way cool! Hey, get this ... my buddy Larry and I call Lake Compounce (this was obviously pre-internet) and was told SRV was the headliner and Joe Cocker was opening. We're like .... COOL, time for beers, we'll catch half of Joe Cocker and obviously watch SRV in its entirety. NOPE. Dang girl on...
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    Holy crap, he's going to be the coolest kid in town with that guitar! That is awesome, what a gift, congrats to you and your grandson! Keep on rockin.
  25. StevesBoogie

    Nirvana and Winger: against the narrative

    In '89 a gorgeous girl agreed to go to a Winger concert with me. A buddy ran into both of us and asked "You going to Winger?" I said "I sure hope to after the show!" Needless to say, that did not occur.