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  1. drmordo

    New tele recommendation for Jazz tones

    One thing you could do is get a Tele you like to play, then put a standard Strat-sized single coil pickguard on it. Then you can swap in Lace Sensors until you find the one you like the most. I did that and put in the Lace version of the Charlie Christian PU - sounds great.
  2. drmordo

    Your hairline/do you wear a hat?

    I started balding in my early 20s. I still hate wearing a hat and only do it when I will be in the sun for hours or when my head is cold.
  3. drmordo

    Are Analog consoles still worth it?

    I use mine every time I fire up the studio. They are enormously useful for tracking, especially if you are tracking a drummer. Even if you are mixing ITB, they can be used for 'tricks' like analog summing or routing to an external effect or even just dialing in an EQ using physical controls...
  4. drmordo

    On Average - How Many Posts Do You Back Out Of Posting Daily ?

    Mine is one or two per week, so I didn't vote. But I have many times spent twenty minutes typing up a long reply to ultimately decide that I didn't want to post it so I just move on.
  5. drmordo

    Stereo Speaker Advice

    Congrats on coming back into the fold! I have experimented a lot with vintage gear, and the one thing that has improved dramatically since the late 70s is speaker design. They literally did not understand how to design a speaker cab until the late 70s. The one exception I have heard are 70s...
  6. drmordo

    Revelations from a Super Beatles fan

    I don't love everything he posts (and I hate the stupid faces he makes for his cover shots), but I thought he pointed out a lot of what was great about Get Back and the lads in general. Also, it's important to note that Let It Be focused on the misery and contentiousness during the opening...
  7. drmordo

    Baby’s first wah

    That is why I tried to make my other wahs better, but ultimately it was wasted effort.
  8. drmordo

    What if I have two pedals that need to be first?

    This is the way.
  9. drmordo

    String buzz even with high neck relief and action

    I am no expert at all, but I have had a few guitars that could not be tamed without a neck shim. IMO that is probly what you are dealing with.
  10. drmordo

    Baby’s first wah

    They don't 'wah' like the pedal on classic recordings. They sort of 'aww'. It's obviously difficult to explain, but the "wah" sound is very much watered down in modern Crybaby pedals. Why? I have no freaking idea. Why on earth would they make a pedal that sounds worse than its predecessors...
  11. drmordo

    Baby’s first wah

    The reason not to get a Crybaby is they are not very good. I have had a few and even after modding was never happy with them. Get a RMC. Any of them will be a mile better than a Crybaby or modern Vox. The classic Jimi and Cream wah is the RMC-6, but his other wahs are also great.
  12. drmordo

    Re-release of the Harrison Rosewood Tele

    It's fascinating how much "Let It Be" impacted our time. I'd thought The Beatles were fading from the collective consciousness, but now Casinos are desirable and sold out and Fender is issuing a Harrison Tele. I wonder if Fender Twins and Hofner basses have also spiked in value. Is there any...
  13. drmordo

    Tell me which guitars I should sell

    I voted for almost all of them. That said, I never sell guitars.
  14. drmordo

    GAS Hamer double-cut - Korean. Talk me into or out of it.

    Possibly the only 'common' guitar archetype I don't have is the double cutaway Les Paul. I have a long time acquaintance who has a Gibson "Rock and Roll" DC with humbuckers that I would love to buy, but he isn't ready to sell despite barely playing for 25 years. I have considered Hamer and...
  15. drmordo

    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    I own a lot of guitars. I find different inspiration when I pick up each of them. I always take at least two guitars to a paying gig, mostly in case one of them stops making sound or gets broken. I sometimes swap out the different guitars in between sets. I don't gig very much or I'd take...
  16. drmordo

    Your favorite songs with neat key changes?

    At 20:30, Bill Evans walks you thru a song with modulations. It's pretty magical. At 37:30, they discuss adding modulation to a standard, and he illustrates again. They talk about modulation a few other times as well.
  17. drmordo

    Your favorite songs with neat key changes?

    Genius modulation for the chorus. Probly the song I have sung and played more than any other. It also modulates for the chorus. also and I could probly keep going all day
  18. drmordo

    Your favorite songs with neat key changes?

    I wrote this one that has a lot of modulations in it. It was weird the way it fell together, I wrote the melody sitting at the piano and just followed it with the chords. It's from a concept album so the lyrics will be meaningless out of context.
  19. drmordo

    Home rig: monitors instead of headphones

    No, just get a small amp.
  20. drmordo

    Need help deciding: a guitar that complements the Telecaster

    Line 6 Variax. They are the ultimate swiss army knife for recording. I have two - both the acoustic and electric versions. And I also have over 20 other guitars, but the Variax is a very easy way to play with tones until you find what you are looking for without having to pull twenty guitars...
  21. drmordo

    I had no idea they made a Jazz Chorus stack

    I cannot imagine the brutality of a cranked JC120 full stack. So... much... clean... bright... guitar...
  22. drmordo

    In praise of my Fender Vintera Telecaster Custom 70

    Ha, I'm glad you like it! I had always wanted a Deluxe with Cunifes, but had a recent epiphany about how amazing the EVH Wolfgang PUs are and realized I could build a monster Deluxe with them. Sidenote: I play blues/rock/fusion guitar. I like a bit of gain, but get it from a cranked amp...
  23. drmordo

    Your favorite songs with neat key changes?

    The genius of this song is that they modulate back to the original key for the last soaring chorus.
  24. drmordo

    In praise of my Fender Vintera Telecaster Custom 70

    Y'all have lovely guitars. I can relate to your Esquire dilemma. I recently put together a Tele Deluxe partscaster and it plays and sounds so amazing I struggle to put it down. I have a couple dozen other guitars, many of which are nicer, yet my Deluxe is my current fav. I think it's because...