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  1. demon

    Gimme a Yellow Song

    Velvett Fogg - Yellow Cave Woman
  2. demon

    Machines that just don't work that great.

    This doesn't auger well
  3. demon

    Obscure albums you stumbled onto that you still love today?

    Pony Club - "Home Truths"
  4. demon

    What's a good outro?

    Warm Sounds - Nite-is-a-comin: Starts cool, ends weird, all great
  5. demon

    "Nashville" mim question

    My Nashville Tele is exactly that model, except mine is 2001 and has a lot more dings in the paintwork. Came from the factory with the Tex-Mex pickup set. The neck pickup is really good, and the middle pickup is the star of the show for me; really clear. I swapped out the bridge pickup for an SD...
  6. demon

    Train Songs

    Procol Harum - Whisky Train: Kaleidoscope - A Story From Tom Bitz: Haymarket Square - The Train Kept A Rollin: The KLF - Last Train To Transcentral:
  7. demon

    Venn Diagram

    All of these Venn diagrams are driving me crazy
  8. demon

    Venn Diagram

    The ghost of Bertrand Russell spinning in his grave can be heard, even from this distance
  9. demon

    Less known psychedelic music 60s/70s

    These are not super-rare or that obscure, but maybe someone here will discover these anew. White Noise - Love Without Sound Kaleidoscope - Further Reflections In The Room Of Percussion Tintern Abbey - Beeside Factory - Path Through The Forest McGough & McGear - Ex Art Student
  10. demon

    Star Guitar

    Michel Gondry has made some amazing work. Given a million years and no responsibilities, I still wouldn't make anything this good. Though I actually liked his work on Let Forever Be more. It reminds me of certain experiences from my distant past.
  11. demon

    Albums you bought, sound-unheard, and liked.

    Around the same time I also bought My Computer's Vulnerabilia. NME review here: This one was just the CD. I got it for almost free because the CD case and liner stuff was missing, so not even the cover art to...
  12. demon

    Albums you bought, sound-unheard, and liked.

    Labradford's fixed::context - here's a Pitchfork review: I'd never heard of the group, and I had no idea what it sounded like. But the graphic design was the height of cool to 2001-me, back when I could feasibly fake being cool, and that...
  13. demon

    Delia Derbyshire - The Delian Mode

    Delia Derbyshire is one of my all-time musical heroes. You can count me in as a screaming fanboy. Her music is beautiful and strange, like the music you would hear on the morning radio after unexpectedly waking on an alien planet. If you want more Delia - and who wouldn't - then here's Delia...
  14. demon

    Saturday Music to Vacuum by

  15. demon

    Other songs aside from John Denver's which are about Leaving on a jet plane

    Queens of the Stone Age - Auto Pilot Silent hell on the marble slab The best trip that I've ever had Higher than a jet plane, pass it around My drinks on empty, need another round I want to fly, want to ride with you Is this the best that you can do?
  16. demon

    Covers that are better than the originals.

    I love that some bands took Dylan's songs, already brilliant, and turned them into something else brilliant. Like this one. Is it better than the original? Hmm dunno about better, but it sure is different and brilliant in its own way. Some of them I just can't imagine being bettered. Like, a...
  17. demon

    Bad Songs on Good Albums

    Surely you gotta count Octopus's Garden as a good one? OK, he might have had a little help from his friends in the arrangement, but it's still one of his.
  18. demon

    Bad Songs on Good Albums

    Revolution 9 doesn't count, because Revolution 9 is brilliant :) Unpopular opinion, but Bike is a low-quality end to the otherwise breathtaking Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.
  19. demon

    Covers that are better than the originals.

    Just posted this in another thread, but ... Or...
  20. demon

    What was the album you were waiting for...

    Labradford - Fixed::Context I found it in a library when I was meant to be doing college work, and trying to avoid totally falling apart as a human. I saw the cover and on a total impulse decided I needed to listen to it. It's very minimalist; you need good headphones and a quiet uninterrupted...
  21. demon

    Vintage Bob Dylan Poster

    Martin Sharp - what a brilliant artist. Did a lot of work for Oz.
  22. demon

    If you are a righty...

    Just wear it back-to-front with the strings facing toward you and the neck will point out the right way for a lefty :)
  23. demon

    Tell me your favorite fictional band name, and what kind of music the band would play.

    When I was in college in the late 90s I was super-pretentious. Let's pretend for a moment that's changed since, and some now-fictional bands I was in then might reform some day. One was called "Eponymous", and another was called "The: Definite Article". It's like therapy (but not "Therapy?") to...
  24. demon

    Favorite Album Cover Art (or Song Thumbnail Art)

    The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion - The Incredible String Band
  25. demon

    Discolored Falcon!

    Is the discoloring uniform, or patchy? Could be a perfect Cream Falcon.

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