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  1. John Frets

    Guitars that never made it

    My goodness. I’ve never seen one of those. For a longer-than-brief moment, I thought it was a photoshopped joke. It looks like something from a Looney Tunes cartoon.
  2. John Frets

    Songs with killer Rythm guitar thread

    I love the way this song begins. The drums and guitar are perfect. However, I believe that Ry Cooder says Keith Richards took the guitar part from him when Cooder was helping the Stones record “Let it Bleed.” He played mandolin on “Love in Vain” and slide guitar on “Sister Morphine.” The guitar...
  3. John Frets

    Songs with killer Rythm guitar thread

    Steve Cropper has been mentioned here a couple of times. Here's one of my favorites - Soul Man.
  4. John Frets

    Guitars that never made it

    Yes, but I don’t think that most people are thinking of those Martins when they refer to “guitar porn.”
  5. John Frets

    Guitars that never made it

    There are some mighty ugly (and unusual) guitars here. Still, I might want to include the electric guitars made by Martin in the 1960s. They don’t quite look right, and I think it’s safe to say that they “never made it.”
  6. John Frets

    Your favorite songs with neat key changes?

    Faithless Love. This one doesn’t really change keys. It just suggests a change in tonal center a couple of times (with a ii-V of the key a minor 3rd up followed by a return to the I of the original key). This starts at the beginning of the bridge. Very subtle. It happens around 1:35. The song...
  7. John Frets

    New Paranormal Day

    Nice Cabronita. I see that someone finally figured out where the pickup selector is supposed to go.
  8. John Frets

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    They had widely different views on drugs. The only drugs Zappa tolerated were the ones that he used prodigiously: caffeine and nicotine.
  9. John Frets

    Lou Reed, the Music Snob

    Michael Bloomfield said the same thing about the San Francisco bands – at the time when they were most popular. I’m inclined to say the same thing about Lou Reed.
  10. John Frets

    One Word Song Title Transference Game

    Little Red Corvette – Prince
  11. John Frets

    Gorgeous demo of a 1950 Broadcaster

    That was really nice. For some reason I had thought that YouTube guitar demos were prohibited from using a clean tone. I’m glad that I was mistaken.
  12. John Frets

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Linus Pauling Mel Blanc Beverly Cleary James Beard Matt Groenig Phil Knight Paul Revere and the Raiders The Kingsmen Elliot Smith Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer The Decemberists Esperanza Spaulding Pink Martini Kelly Joe Phelps Only extinct volcano within a city Powell's City of Books Food...
  13. John Frets

    Stevie Wonder guesting on other people's songs.

    This thread could go on for pages and pages. Here he is with Dizzy Gillespie. Stevie solos on harmonica, starting at 1:56, for about two minutes.
  14. John Frets

    open "G " tuning, for Slide Guitar.

    Here’s what Lowell George said about open A in an interview published in the August 1976 edition of Guitar Player magazine: I used to play a lot of open D tuning ... I use an open A tuning which is an open G tuning moved up a whole step. ... There's a lot more tension on the strings, and it...
  15. John Frets

    First snow of the year

    Cars and trucks line up on northbound Interstate 5 north of Grants Pass, Oregon, while waiting at a checkpoint enforcing chain requirements Sunday, Dec. 26, 2021. Semi-trucks that did not have chains installed were being turned around.
  16. John Frets

    Something that even Keef would snort at?

    I just don’t get it. My first reaction was that it was a joke or some kind of parody. I see that it’s been listed on Reverb for six years.
  17. John Frets

    Sonny Landreth: Do you like slide Guitar?

    The guy who moves me the most with his slide playing is Derek Trucks. He’s also one of those who has a unique voice.
  18. John Frets

    We could all use some good cheer - What's your favorite Christmas song?

    Here’s a little-known song by the late, great James Dewar, vocalist in Robin Trower’s band. It’s good enough that more people should hear it.
  19. John Frets

    Lovin' Leslies...

    Jesse Ed Davis used one quite a bit, I believe. Check out his solo on Bacon Fat. He wrote this song, "Farther on Down the Road," with Taj Mahal.
  20. John Frets

    The A Cappella Thread

    Jennifer Warnes, a great singer, singing a Leonard Cohen song and backed by a great choral arrangement written by jazz pianist and arranger William Ginn. The arrangement got a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocal(s).
  21. John Frets

    The Greatest Solos Of All Time

    I have so many favorite solos. The one that first popped into my head was this lesser known one by Mick Taylor when he was only nineteen years old. It’s both very bluesy and very melodic, with impeccable phasing. I like how he starts slowly and intensifies gradually before coming to rest...
  22. John Frets

    Your Top 5 Rhythm Guitarists

    That’s not what I mean when I refer to rhythm guitar. I don’t understand why you think rhythm guitar requires an additional guitar that plays lead or why you think single-note lines aren't often rhythm guitar parts.
  23. John Frets

    Keith Richards

    Did someone mention teef? That’s with a voiced labial-dental fricative, rather than a voiced interdental fricative.
  24. John Frets

    J.D. Souther Anyone?

    I always liked Linda Rondstadt's version of his song Faithless Love.
  25. John Frets

    RIP Dave Frishberg

    One of my favorites, "Marooned, marooned, marooned in a blizzard of lies." Frishberg and I used to be neighbors. Here's a post about him that I wrote earlier this year.“hey-neil-”-chance-encounter-with-neil-young.1073507/page-6#post-10715724