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  1. J

    Dead ... or passed?

    In real time, “x died.” Sometimes when it’s in the past, maybe “passed away” but dead is dead and “died” is accurate and most commonly used here.
  2. J

    Super Champ XD

    Great with a Ragin Cajun, I’ve used it on a few gigs (BF model).
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    What was your worst gig?

    The trio wedding gig where the bass player misread his own handwriting and thought our 1:00 gig (at the bride and groom’s house) was at 4:00 pm. talk about pulling the train uphill by yourself for 3 hours…just the drummer/singer and me :eek: I told the leader (who wasn’t on the gig) that he...
  4. J

    Is it worth it: Purchase an extended warranty for my 57' Deluxe?

    … I’ve found that higher quality and higher price are not necessarily related, though cheapest is rarely best. :cool:
  5. J

    Besides Reranch, any US Lake Placid Blue sellers??

    Not LPB, but fwiw Gracey’s Burgundy Mist did not match the intended target here… just one data point.
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    Is it worth it: Purchase an extended warranty for my 57' Deluxe?

    Counterpoint… every extended service contract (few or none are true “warranties “, which has legal significance) I’ve seen leaves choice of repair contractor up to the contract administrator (can you say “do it cheap?”). I want my own chosen quality contractor doing the work right. You often...
  7. J

    Why You need a beater guitar....

    My California Tele was my travel guitar take-apart-Tele a la Gatton, with steel machine thread inserts I installed so the neck easily came off and went on for airline travel inside a folded gig bag, padded with some clothing. Not a beater, well cared for, but a road dog. Used it for years and...
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    Is it worth it: Purchase an extended warranty for my 57' Deluxe?

    you should go to Vegas, those are usually some of the worst contracts, actuarially speaking … you won the gamble (odds of recovering more than contract cost). :cool:
  9. J

    Explain to me Klon KTR prices...

    Supply and demand, plus psychology of the market.
  10. J

    The furnace and putting the guitars in their cases with humidifiers...

    Under 40 I start to plan hydration. Whole house humidifier keeps it there well during heating season.
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    I Confess: I Bought a Klon....

    My point was fairly simple… if I take the actual pedals I have on hand so I can A/B/C etc. them, (minimizing the significant limitations of aural memory noted above) there are clearly differences ime that aren’t only the valid points you mention … they sound different and some sound do have more...
  12. J

    Craigslist: reply or ignore?

    Not sure I’d give away that info / advantage.
  13. J

    I Confess: I Bought a Klon....

    I I don’t necessarily disagree, yet so very very few klones I’ve seen, heard, or played, capture the tone (in that range you describe w variables) or, more important, the touch sensitivity of the Centaurs I have experience with. so variability (as experienced by the player) is still a factor...
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    Ready to Gig? How to know, what to do...

    Playing with other musicians is a whole different skill set on top of the inherent and basic musical skills. One without the other is problematic. I’ve gotten gigs over technically better musicians who lacked other attributes (being on time, getting along with others, etc.). At some point...
  15. J

    I Confess: I Bought a Klon....

    that’s most important… I ask because few klones do Klon Centaur just right ime, though they do very pleasing things for many players (I’m not trying to make anyone defensive about klone v Centaur).. Im looking deeper into, e.g., touch sensitivity, etc., that set the Centaurs I played and heard...
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    Guitar Center Used - My Experience After 12 Purchases

    no one ever comes to my house for gear deals, public on- camera spaces only… I’ve done it a long time, just misunderstood and thought you had done Reverb + in person. Reverb payments can be reversed after a pickup (I’ve read of one at least), so cash only in person, please. Thanks. :cool:
  17. J

    OMG used car prices

    Same here, dealer financing twice at 0% and 0.9% … practically free money. :cool:
  18. J

    I Confess: I Bought a Klon....

    OP, Have you heard or played a real Klon Centaur? I’m always interested re Klone reviews (since touch sensitivity ime is a Centaur attribute, so helps to know), thanks.
  19. J

    Guitar Center Used - My Experience After 12 Purchases

    how do you handle payment to cover yourself for confirmation of delivery and Payment, etc., to avoid issues after delivery for local pickup? I’ve stuck to CL and cash payment but am interested to hear more. Thanks.
  20. J

    Don Mare is up!!!!!

    be thankful you’ll get another chance and move on…ready when the next batch drops ? :cool:
  21. J

    Best compliment you ever received?

    From a drummer midway through our first set / gig together: “… alright…. [you’re] a groove player who listens [to the rest of the band]….” I try. :)
  22. J

    Why warm 5-30W engine oil before draining to change the oil?

    Tight tolerances in modern engines....
  23. J

    Danny Gatton Telecaster No Longer Offered By Fender

    well, it can matter ime.... compare playing behind fuzz vs clean and it reveals who really has technique or dynamics.... some just don’t have the technique to carry off playing clean even after eg, getting used to Bardens. :cool:
  24. J

    Danny Gatton Telecaster No Longer Offered By Fender

    That is true ime re Bardens. Very transparent, nowhere to hide. I took it as a compliment that I didn’t/ don’t suck with them (according to others). :cool:
  25. J

    Danny Gatton Telecaster No Longer Offered By Fender

    need a big big neck, Vintique hardware, etc. imo. The zirconium dots are a pita but the 2 DGs I played were excellent instruments and with the Bardens and other details, its own thing. I’m not generally a gold guitar guy but this one was nice. :cool: