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  1. Rombel

    Lemme get this straight

    OOooh. My Bad. Of course, and thank God you set me straight, I erred and mentioned continents, instead of more accurately saying North, Central and South. But they are three different Americas. And the only time I've heard US citizens say they came from the US was off the continent (this...
  2. Rombel

    Lemme get this straight

    Same as calling one country America, when it only sits on one third of one of THREE continents called America. It's easier, quicker, and you only have to remember ONE of the words in your country's name. Did you really think they'd bother checking if another sport was more appropriately named?
  3. Rombel

    Favorite Country Voices

    Alan Jackson Waylon Jennings George Strait Marty Roe (Diamond Rio) Raul Malo (Mavericks) I hat ehis voice, but Dwight Yoakam deserves an honorable mention for his distinctive twanginess.
  4. Rombel

    Darren Clark wins British Open

    Yeah, how he could light a cigarette and keep it lit in that weather deserves another prize!
  5. Rombel

    "Sam I Less Than Three U"

    At a party, I heard someone say LOL and then smile, instead of laughing. I was the only one who didn't look totally surprised by it. WTF?
  6. Rombel

    Lemme get this straight

    Supporters of the losing team usually have discussion about rule changes on the morning after. As we speak, japanese fans are too sakéed to care.
  7. Rombel

    Entertaining the audience ?

    Not every musician is a gifted public speaker, let alone comedian. Communicating with the audience is important to establish a rapport, but if you sound as wooden as the stage you stand on, it'll create a bigger gap. I'm a natural smartass, which is just as much of a problem. I have to rein...
  8. Rombel

    Darren Clark wins British Open

    Yup, here's to one of the older guys on tour, winning in his backyard (sort of speak), beating out the next generation of felines. It's a purdy good year for irish golfers!
  9. Rombel

    It Just Happened Again

    You know?
  10. Rombel

    Heading up north

    That ain't north, that's south!
  11. Rombel

    Is "Afternoon Delight" the greatest song ever written?

    I wouldn't call it total crap either... Besides, what was it running against?
  12. Rombel

    One great thing about being a female musician...

    Well played, sir.
  13. Rombel

    Not all Autotuning is bad

    Ke$ha is adorable too, until you turn up the volume.
  14. Rombel

    Marine Scores Date With Mila Kunis

    Maybe she blew a seal on the way to the ball.
  15. Rombel

    Speculation of Tiger Woods mystery announcement?

    Maybe he'll retire and go into insurance sales?
  16. Rombel

    Do I care?

    "Evolves" implies evolution, which is severely lacking in most of today's lingo.
  17. Rombel

    Told My Wife I'm Starting New Business...

    I believe this one is merely a dyslexic emo...
  18. Rombel

    Do I care?

    Y' know?
  19. Rombel

    Speculation of Tiger Woods mystery announcement?

    If he makes a comeback, it'll have to be after his body has recovered from th eyears of strain he's put it under to achieve his exploits. And then, he'll have to get over getting caught with his fingers in the tips jar. Then he'll have to get over being himself. Then learn to enjoy playing golf...
  20. Rombel

    Do I care?

    At the end of the day, when it's all said and done...
  21. Rombel

    Roseanne Cash On ACL

    Cool act, cool band, cool show.
  22. Rombel

    Deadwood - late to the party, but worth the wait

    Watching the extras on the DVDs, you learn that they had to use modern oaths and swear words, because the real ones used in that period would have sounded lame. I loved that series with a passion I didn't expect. I'm giving myself a couple months before watching it again!
  23. Rombel

    Yao Ming Retiring

    My italian friends like calling him Ming Yao...
  24. Rombel

    Neil Diamond passionately kisses fan during concert

    I wonder what tricks Ron Jeremy pulls at his live appearances....
  25. Rombel

    Today's Marine Mammal Minute

    I was expecting a story about a new Miami NFLer taken in to kick a substance abuse problem. What a let down! (kudos!)