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  1. Togman

    A family gathering (not guitar related)

    With families being spread around the country these days it is very rare to get everybody together in one place at the same time. Add to that the recent problems caused by Covid and the matter is even more complicated. However, on Tuesday of this week we finally managed to get 4 generations of...
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    Friday Joke....

  3. Togman

    Carillon - First attempt at multi-track recording

    Lockdown recording project. Over the last few months I have been learning how to record my own musical noodling’s onto the computer. The video features my Granddaughter Alana when she was younger. She’s now 3 and will soon be a big girl she tells me. The piece of music (Carillon) was...
  4. Togman

    Are you honest with your partner regarding price of gear?

    I saw this on another site and had to share.
  5. Togman

    The metric system question....

  6. Togman

    One of the best performances on Jools Holland (IMHO)

    Jools has had many impressive acts and artists on his shows over the years, but this is exceptional in my opinion. A great song & singer coupled with a lovely Big Band arrangement of ace players.
  7. Togman

    I don't know much about guns...

    but surely this is not advisable?
  8. Togman

    RIP Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers.
  9. Togman

    If you haven't gigged for a while....

    you might relate to this. (Borrowed from another forum - but too good not to share).
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    Things have changed a lot since the '60's

  11. Togman

    Do you have too many Guitars?

  12. Togman

    Russian effects pedal

  13. Togman

    A lovely misty morning walk in England (The joy of retirement)

    It's a cold and misty morning in Cambridgeshire today. This time last year I would have been driving to work in the Fog across the Fen roads. Another thing about work that I don't miss! This morning I took a 7 mile walk out into the Fen. I'm lucky in that I live in a city, but the countryside...
  14. Togman

    Cars you have owned....

    I recently found these old photographs that show the first 3 cars that I owned. My 1st car is the Blue one (with body filler) in the background of this picture. I got it S/H in 1977. It was a Simca 1100 (No, me neither!). It's big attraction was that you could fit a 4x12 cabinet in the back of...
  15. Togman

    Hearing Aid - update

    There have been many threads on the subject of hearing aids recently. I thought I would post an update following my recent 3 yearly check-up. I have been wearing hearing aids (both ears) for about 12 years now. Whilst being far from perfect, they have enabled me to keep performing both solo...
  16. Togman

    RIP : Spencer Davis
  17. Togman

    Rock around the Clock - Film banned in Cambridge (UK)

    I've just come across this old news item from the Cambridge Daily News dated Oct 9th 1956.
  18. Togman

    RIP - Brian 'Licorice' Locking - Ex Shadows Bass player
  19. Togman

    My 3 year old Granddaughter is showing good signs....

    We were looking after Alana this afternoon until her parents got home from work. We were laying on the floor doing various puzzles when she asked if we could put some music on. My wife asks her what sort of music she would like - expecting her to say Disney songs or nursery rhymes. But no. She...
  20. Togman

    Red Hot Chili Peppers: Guitarist Jack Sherman dies aged 64
  21. Togman

    RIP Julian Bream

    Julian Bream: Classical guitarist dies aged 87
  22. Togman

    I'm sure you guys & gals can help me spend this $10 Million...

    E-mail received today. My Good Friend I am Mr. William Vals the owner of Vals Construction Inc. I am a British Citizen. Last year the Exxon Mobil Corporation awarded a contract to my company for the total overhauling and turns around maintenance of an oil refinery. The total amount for the...