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  1. randym

    Pulling out my speakers on my Tone Master Twin Reverb.

    They may stick a little, but I don't think they're glued (not normally). I'm curious about the new cabinet though.
  2. randym

    68 Custom Princeton Reverb

    I put a GA10-SC64 in mine.
  3. randym

    Is the Vox AC-10 worth it?

    Start with the AC10, and move up in a couple years if you outgrow it. I have a stock AC10, Ric 330/12, Ric 620/12 and a jangle box, and I'm happy with it. I do sometimes use a 12 inch extension speaker (cuts out the internal) or a 2x10 cabinet. I like the internal 10 better than the 12 I have.
  4. randym

    Fender Deluxe Reverb Tone Master Switches

    While the power switch is for 'power', the standby switch is for toggling between playing through the speaker and being on 'mute' and only outputting through the xlr, so I assume it's a 'soft' switch.
  5. randym

    Fender Vibrolux Reverb 40W vs. Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 35-watt

    What year Vibrolux Reverb? I thought they were always 35 watts
  6. randym

    Tilt back legs on my Princeton Reverb

    Amp wedge works well. or a piece of wood. You can find amp wedges cheaper than $39.
  7. randym

    Vibratone fix up - Matthew Scott video

    Speaker code 328802 would be a Utah (328) from the 2nd week of 1968
  8. randym

    Cabinet suggestion and question.

    you can put a dummy plug in the external and run a 4 ohm cabinet. I use a tremolux 2x10. Look in the manual or search online. I read it somewhere.
  9. randym

    '68 original Fender Deluxe Reverb - $450 on Reverb!!

    But wasn't it $50 shipping before? Now it's $100, so no net change.
  10. randym

    '68 original Fender Deluxe Reverb - $450 on Reverb!!

    Great article here: I love the knobs also!
  11. randym

    Pro Reverb versus Deluxe Reverb

    If the original Pro Reverb is considered a 'low power Twin', can we call the new 68 Custom Pro Reverb a 'half-Twin'? Half the power, half the speakers, half the channels!
  12. randym

    Dual amp setup: ground loop and electric shock issues

    If you want the output of the Dimension C to go to 2 amps (Left to one, Right to the other), an ABY box won't help. ABY is for when you don't already have discrete A and B outputs.
  13. randym

    Dual amp setup: ground loop and electric shock issues

    I use a splitter when not using a stereo pedal/effects unit. I think when using a stereo pedal/effects unit to two amps (or to any two destinations) you won't be in danger of shock or ground loop (probably). Have you tried it yet?
  14. randym

    Silverface Vibrolux Reverb Pawnshop Find

    Where did you find the JBL badge?
  15. randym

    Are the Tone Master faceplates interchangeable with the blackface reissue faceplates?

    The bright switch 'clipped' is in the software of the ToneMaster Deluxe Reverb, which doesn't have bright switches on the faceplate (to match the tube version).
  16. randym

    Can you guys school me on Fender speakers?

    Eminence Allesandro. Like the 10" in my Princeton Reverb; they make a 12" also.
  17. randym


    I got a used Boss ME-80. Can turn individual effects on and off manually. Like having a pedal board.
  18. randym

    Speaker upgrade for my Supersonic22

    I'm running by SS 22 head into a tremolux 2x10 cabinet. But if I had the combo, I'd try the Eminence Allesandro (I have the 10" version in my Princeton Reverb).
  19. randym

    What is a Piggyback amp?

    After going to 'vertical' cabinets, Fender still had tilt back stands available. And the silver face single showman still had a horizontal 1x15 cabinet (in the catalog).
  20. randym

    Blackstar Fly 3 - Great tool so far

    Thinking about the Fly 3 Acoustic? Anyone have one and would like to comment?
  21. randym

    Canadian tone-bomb tele's -any good!

    Looking at a Tone Bomb thinline with a walnut top. How can I finish it to keep the grain indentations (not smooth)? Similar to the Fender redwood pine telecaster.
  22. randym

    Please recommend speaker cabinet for fender supersonic 22

    I'm using a vintage Tremolux cabinet. 4 ohms, but I put a dummy plug in the external jack to trick it into outputting 4 ohms.
  23. randym

    Just ordered an Eminence GA10-SC64 for my PRRI

    I run my 68 CPR with the GA10 at lower volumes (with or without a Timmy) and I like the sounds.