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  1. Midgetje94

    Squier standard tele?

    Possibly looking to build or buy/modify a tele. I’m usually more traditional classic fan. But find myself wanting to play with one. Maybe do some fun pickups, kill switch. Individual toggles for pickups. Kinda inspired by Jack Whites newer blue tele. I enjoy building. But there’s also a red...
  2. Midgetje94

    Finally got to see them!

    Went with my dad to see the Old 97’s for my birthday. Show was in Ft. Worth last Friday but was “away” from the website so hadn’t gotten to share. Dad got me into them years ago. So it was really great to go see them. (First time for both of us). Great band with a great stage performance. I...
  3. Midgetje94

    Older wiser advice needed!!

    For those who remember or even care lol. I’m a pit master. I love barbecue. I work at a froo froo taco joint (similar to Torchy’s or Velvet Tacos, if you are familiar) but we smoke all our meats… It’s the first job in a while I’ve been happy with. I’m in a good spot staff wise. I’m respected...
  4. Midgetje94

    Dale Watson’s amp?!

    Is he really using a Mustang?! A man who can afford any amp. He’s using a mustang? Have I overlooked them this whole time?!
  5. Midgetje94

    Austin Texas guys?

    Been to Austin a lot growing up (originally from San Marcos) but grew up in Dallas. Me and my wife took a weekend mini vacation there about 2 years ago. But as we all know that was during a tricky time to really vacation. Lol. There are a few places I wanna go 1. Moonshine (Austin) and Louie...
  6. Midgetje94

    Learning a song by ear.

    I’m horrible at it. But several songs I like don’t have tabs or chords. I’m slowly learning and getting better. But do any of y’all have any tips, tricks, or ways you do it?
  7. Midgetje94

    Work tools?

    May have been covered here in the past. But oh well. slow day at work. So giving some a extra care to my personal knife set as well as touching up some of the restaurants’ knives. what are your tools needed for your work? running out of room. Hopefully get a new bag from Santa. Lol
  8. Midgetje94

    Favorite Small Bands?

    As guitarists and musicians in general we tend to admire big name acts and almost “idolize” the players we loved growing up. What about the middle ground. Seems most of us are either doing our own recording things or playing weekend gigs. what are some of your favorite “Working Class” or...
  9. Midgetje94

    Stupid rookie mistake. Pickup rings

    Bought a AS73 used recently. Noticed the pickup rings were cracked and not curved for the body. Went to replace them. And completely forgot to verify what direction the pickup ring slope should face. lol they seem to be leveled here. But want to make sure.
  10. Midgetje94

    Sub $1000 semi hollow body?

    I am looking in the $800 cap. Ideally at least. But want a semi hollow. It can be a sleeper budget guitar. Or a real nice one. But what mid-mid high range semi hollows do y’all recommend?
  11. Midgetje94

    Finally got around to “fixing” my old tele.

    Err well more like got tired of the black. I’m a traditional guy. when I got it over a year ago it had the black plate with the chrome knobs. I put a set of black knobs on just to make it match. Still didn’t like it, but looked better at least. So I didn’t really worry about it. Finally...
  12. Midgetje94

    Help price a MIJ Fender JD Tele?

    If this is the appropriate place I apologize. I’m not 100% on selling it I like it. But it doesn’t get played much and I’m wanting a 335 style. It’s a 1995 MIJ Jerry Donahue signature telecaster. It’s not the cleanest shape. But they seem to range (sold prices) plus the current market...
  13. Midgetje94

    How to choose tubes?

    I’m new to amps. Well besides the “plug in… yep. Sounds good!” Haha. Recently got a 2012 Fender Excelsior. I love it. Gonna order the Eminence 1518 Legend 15” (seems to be the go to for this amp) figure while I’m at it. May as well upgrade the tubes. Don’t think it NEEDS them? But at the same...
  14. Midgetje94

    Potential amp? Fender Excelsior.

    Looks old and cool. Date stamp said 05/2012. Still cool and trips my trigger. 13 watt 1x15 speaker. get this!! It has a guitar, mic, and an Accordion input :lol:. Not quite sure why. But lucky an electric mandolin sounds pretty cool through the accordion setting. anyway. Anyone ever use one...
  15. Midgetje94

    Strings by mail?

    Anyone use them? recently got that ovation mandolin (requires ball end strings) I’ve been told I can clip and save the balls from guitar strings and insert them in the loop ends. I definitely want to try that. but strings by mail have a ball end 8 string mandolin set I’m wanting to try. Seem...
  16. Midgetje94

    NMD Mandolin day

    Drove about 45 mins today to visit my parents. Went to eat. Run around. Went to GC. Found this Beauty. Talked to my dad (it was underpriced used) so he went half with me. took a hour to clean the case. Between gunk on the outside. And I swear a cat slept in the bowl of the case. But nice...
  17. Midgetje94

    Volume/wah pedal

    Ok. So I have my board how I wanted it. Or so I thought. Everything is nice and secured down. Even my cables are zipped up underneath the board. Super happy with it. buuuut. I think I want to add a volume pedal. Eyeballing the Morley power volume/wah. But don’t want to get a bigger board. And...
  18. Midgetje94

    Out shopping with my wife today.

    We were out getting new jeans. And she picked out a shirt. I must say I very much approve of the shirt. She said “I like the mustard yellow!” My response was “I like that Shell Pink!”
  19. Midgetje94

    10 days off after surgery.. Make a new taco!

    For those who know I am a pit master and a manager at a kind of hip, froo froo taco joint. (Not my main style being a trained pit master. But owners are friends. And another friend/chef is the consultant and kitchen manager, and they give us creative freedom. So can’t ask for more) anyway 10...
  20. Midgetje94

    Probably last elbow update.

    Yes. It’s taken that long. Workers comp insurance agency is a nightmare to work with. But needless to say. went back to work 2 weeks ago, be it light duty. Had surgery this morning. Home and recovering now. Pretty easy operation. Just went in and removed a couple bone fragments. Off for 10...
  21. Midgetje94

    I died a little inside today.

    Talking to a buddy at work about The Beach Boys. And another guy stated that Pet Sounds was the worst album they put out. Im hoping he just didn’t know and trying to be funny.
  22. Midgetje94

    NUD lol. New ukulele day.

    Is a old (not sure how old. Online says 1960s?) Lyra ukulele. I think it’s supposed to be a baritone. But I liked the size of it body wise. So had the shop owner set it up as a tenor ukulele tuned whole step down. Sounds cool and can always capo it to bring it up to standard. I dig it it cost…...
  23. Midgetje94

    Modifying 1995 MIJ Fender Jerry Donahue.

    First off I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, think I got it right. But some of y’all are so uptight I could make diamonds out of coal. I have a JD tele. It doesn’t get played as it should as I have a tele I prefer. I have been thinking about turning it into a Nashville Tele. And adding...
  24. Midgetje94

    MXR Prime Distortion! Limited time left. But great deal!

    Just stumbled across this. I love this pedal. I paid this used for it. If you’re looking for a distortion pedal. Grab it now lol.
  25. Midgetje94

    NAD!! (Used content)

    Gotta love a sneaky wife with a good heart and memory. She knows how much I love my Crate VC50. And remembers me seeing the VC20 at a local pawnshop. Our anniversary is the 25th (one year) I suck at keeping secrets. So I have her her present Monday. I wake up and this beauty is in my room.