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  1. as5431

    40 Years from THE Catch

    Videos don’t showup on your post but am quite familiar with them. NFL ruled back then.
  2. as5431

    Do you enjoy cooking shows?

    The Nick Stellino shows on PBS.
  3. as5431

    2021 NFL season!

    It’s lame af anyways. Time to spruce-it-up.
  4. as5431

    Went to the grocery store, and bought three small bags of groceries. Eighty two bucks.

    Everything is available here but I’m close to everything. Cost is somewhat higher.
  5. as5431

    Go Braves!

    Not a fan of the Barves because my team is the Mets. As it’s gone on, I enjoy them more than the Astros. May be the last game for awhile if there’s a work-stoppage.
  6. as5431

    Quick World Series prediction : viewership…

    I’m okay with Houston being the most hated MLB team. That’s punishment enough for me.
  7. as5431

    Quick World Series prediction : viewership…

    In NY, Yankees fans will hate-watch rooting for the Braves and Mets fans will hate-watch against the Braves. Los Angeles will hate-watch the Astros. I think the ratings will do okay based on the two biggest metro areas having a hating interest. I wonder how Chicago feels.
  8. as5431


    We prefer them fried. Never tried a sausage mix. Can’t wait for the pics!
  9. as5431

    I'm Done With Sports!!!

    This should be a sticky. That way all the sports-haters can talk about in here instead of mentioning it in sports threads.
  10. as5431

    MLB 2021

    I wish they would open the roof and let some daylight in. If you can’t open the roof in October, why have one? It looks like a replay of last night’s game. Maybe Houston uses the air-conditioning to their advantage. Wouldn’t put it past that organization.
  11. as5431

    Happy Columbus Day

    It sure would have been fine to switch the holiday but change the date. It’s like it’s purposely trying to divide people(so is this thread idea imo). The Irish don’t get a National Holiday for St Patrick’s day so I think a compromise can be reached. The areas with a high IA population can still...
  12. as5431

    Why won't McDonald's sell me a burger at 6 AM?

    McDongles has bagels now? :eek:
  13. as5431

    Why won't McDonald's sell me a burger at 6 AM?

    Ask for day-olds. Might even be free.
  14. as5431

    Happy Columbus Day

    We should switch it to Verrazzano Day. I hear he discovered the Financial District.
  15. as5431

    Your Address- Where are You?

    Comes in handy for food discussion credibility.
  16. as5431

    MLB 2021

    He wouldn’t have gotten hurt if the NL had a DH this season.
  17. as5431

    MLB 2021

    Have you heard John Sterling’s call on that one? Hilarious.
  18. as5431

    MLB 2021

    “Never make the second out at home plate” … seems has been drilled into us all over the years. Red Sox 3b coach sent one also, with better results.
  19. as5431

    Do you listen to AM radio? Why?

    cbs880 monday-friday, days.
  20. as5431

    Did you like the Sopranos finale?

    I was just glad it was over. I have a phonetically similar name and had enough. Finally wore off after about ten years.
  21. as5431

    National Vegetarian Day

    Wonder if there’s a flexitarian day.
  22. as5431

    Your favorite song about a city!

    Especially at the beginning of the Belmont Stakes.
  23. as5431

    2021 NFL season!

    There are several close games happening and with so many legalized sportsbooks today, the ratings will improve for even the uninteresting matchups.
  24. as5431

    N.F.L. 2021

    Yeah well, you can’t really be just a bandwagon Bears fan. They don’t need you much.