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  1. Quexoz

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

  2. Quexoz

    REM Sleep Behavior Disorder...

    Um, I can't be of much help (other than to say, warn anyone who may get close to you), but I have punched a few people who "disturbed" me while sleeping before. Like if a female decides to get cudly = Bam! Then she jumps on top of me "WTF are you doing?!?!" Then I wake up shocked that she is on...
  3. Quexoz

    Anyone learn a second language as an adult?

    ...and that explains why all my guitars have new strings and setups, but I haven't showered in 3 days, my laundry hasn't been done in 2 months, and my driveway has a foot and a half of snow in it.
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    It's 32 degrees and you're driving on the highway...

    32, damp but salted? Only real concern is icy bridges, barely. If it's not safe to do 40, I am off, or on my way off the road anyway.
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    Guitar lessons @ Guitar Center

    I had two private lessons about 1978...but I could not afford the $4 after that. I don't remember if I learned anything at all or not.
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    bourns vs CTS pots

    I gave thse Musiclily Brass Shaft pots a whirl last project and they have been very good so far. Low torque (pinky swells would be easy), feel good and smooth. Just thought I'd toss this in here if price is an issue. Coarse spline I believe, worked for my import style Monoprice Tele.
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    Recommendations for simple guitar interface for MacBook Air.

    The Behringer is outdated by the newer M-audio stuff in the same +/- $5 price range. Also Behringer does not supply a proper driver and you have to use generic asio-4-all instead. No good! Besides the fact it was always just a cheap clone of the M-Audio FastTrack.
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    Recommendations for simple guitar interface for MacBook Air.

    Depends on budget. $120 Focusrite Scarlet Solo. Quality but a bit pricey for what you get, I think. It's really stripped down for $120. $49 M-Audio M-Track solo. Good bang for buck. Both are good for guitar and/or mic. There's a decent Presonus model ~$100 too, but I find it overpriced (reviews...
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    Physics: Large Hadron Collider suggests a new particle carrying a fifth force of nature.

    From what I've read, they collect billions of dollars, and build a giant machine and theorize about what it did. I am aware of no proof of anything. But, like I said, I am still perplexed by paper cone speaker and telephone tech. I'm talking rotary phones...cell phones are black magic!
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    What's The One Piece Of Gear You Can't Live Without?

    For the sake of just picking one piece of gear though, I'm taking my best guitar. My Shine WT240 SG "copy" I use my PC as an amp, and pedals, and mixer, and drum set, etc. etc.
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    My predictions are becoming true.

    Yep. We always called them upside down whales. Ugliest car evah! Like a Pinto, Vega/Maverick and an old '72 Impala all meshed together.
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    My predictions are becoming true.

    Nice. Nice baby. :lol:
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    My predictions are becoming true.

    Thank God it was not the AMC Matador! *google it
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    recuring dreams

    How about dreams that don't so much recur but is the same "entity" each time in different scenarios that are extremely disturbing for whatever reason, even if there is no apparent reason why they should be? 1. I had one where I (about 16-17 yr old) was riding passenger in a car driven by my...
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    My predictions are becoming true.

    My predictions are coming true too, but I can not mention them anywhere public or I'll get banned, especially if they're true.
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    Physics: Large Hadron Collider suggests a new particle carrying a fifth force of nature.

    On which part, dark matter, quarks and black holes, or reincarnation? I've read up on both for years and found no more evidence for one over the other. Then again, I am still fascinated at how a paper cone and a magnet can move air to make sounds like guitars, drums, and people...all at the same...
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    Physics: Large Hadron Collider suggests a new particle carrying a fifth force of nature.

    The more I read about that stuff, the more I am convinced they are a bunch of very smart people who do not know jack squat about dark-this and dark-that. Theorizing about what a thing does that they can not even prove exists in the first place, and how that affects another thing they do not know...
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    Weird Phone Calls

    Good question. All I know for sure, is I answer NOTHING I don't recognize.
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    Weird Phone Calls

    Most of the time they have computer "robo" calls going out. The second you answer the call at all, your number is added to a for sale list. The call is just to see if it's an active number.
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    I’ve finally had it!

    Skip to 14:40 if in a hurry. You may be surprised...when it goes back to 11s at the end. I use .009-.040 balanced tensions. Edit: Whoops, I see someone beat me to it. I'll leave it for the 14:40 shortcut time anyway.
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    Can a guitar tech please explain?

    I don't know about all this, but I have found over the years that I have to leave my "B" string about 6 cents flat for it sound right in chords. And yeah, they do start sharp and then fade down a few cents within a second, some more than others (Low E). I tune them to 0 with a fade to 2-4 and...
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    Weird Phone Calls

    Now that is a good idea. Can that be done on Android 10? If so could someone aim me in the right direction? Just a quick "Settings > Privacy ???" general area to look will do it. NO-ONE but my close friends gets my cell number, ever. Never been told to an online purchase/registration/signup...
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    Weird Phone Calls

    deleted for brevity, next post.
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    It’s not Leo’s fault, but . . . .

    Good thing for me, I just don't care for the sound of a Strat at all. I like the comfy body shape, but hate the third pup position, and the knob positions, and the tremolo/tuning, and the 25.5 scale. The only Strat I ever had was a little "super Strat" and I had to remove the volume knob. ~1988...
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    Show Your First Guitar

    A ~76 Univox High Flyer. I have a picture of 12 year old me 'playing' it, but would have to scan, etc. so here's someone else's photo of one. Thought it was crap then, wish I still had it today. Second was a Lotus LP copy, I hated it.