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  1. WrayGun

    Mustang Pickguards

    Does anyone happen to know … if a Fender Mustang pickguard will fit on a Squier Mustang? Or, how a person could find an answer? Thanks yinz guys.
  2. WrayGun

    Tab & Samantha

    Wow, this rocks so hard. Pretty new Tab Benoit with Samantha Fish & others.
  3. WrayGun

    Basic iPad/iOS Recording

    Welp, I just got a brand new iPad under the old Xmas tree this year, and what immediately comes to mind is, how do I do some multi track recording on this thing? So here I am, looking for some beginner information on how to get started, specifically with an iPad (iOS) device. Any info or...
  4. WrayGun

    Taming the Wild Mustang

    I’ve set up hundreds of Strats and Teles, but never a Mustang … until now. Can someone recommend a resource (preferably a video) detailing how to set up a Mustang tremolo system? If I can get it to work without immediately going out of tune, I will be happy. Otherwise I’ll just block it...
  5. WrayGun

    Mustang Transmogrification

    Well, I recently picked up a Squier Mustang for cheap, and I kinda dig the overall petite size for playing in my easy chair, I’m not really loving the preset switching thing. I’m thinking that it would be easy enough to remove the stock wiring harness and replace it with a simple...
  6. WrayGun

    Which iPad?

    Which iPad model will get me started with a real basic recording setup? Just using GarageBand to record guitar tracks, mostly. Maybe a channel for a microphone/vocals. I used to have a MacBook Pro, and it was dandy, but as Buddy Guy would say, it done got old. Won’t run current software...
  7. WrayGun

    Generally Speaking … in an Annoying Manner

    … I get the “basic idea” of the effects loop, and <generally speaking> I know the *accepted* pedal order, but here’s something I don’t ^quite^ understand: So, as I understand it, with exceptions “of course,” you’ll go from guitar to boost, overdrive, distortion, and so on with your OD toys...
  8. WrayGun

    Effects Loop

    Hello there friends, I am here today to challenge the conventional wisdom that there is no such thing as a stupid question. To wit: On the back of my amp are two jacks, one labeled “efx.ret.” and the the other labeled “efx.send.” So yeah that’s my effects loop, I am not quite that dumb...
  9. WrayGun

    Recommend a Digital Delay Please

    I have a pretty okay analog delay (Carbon Copy), but I would like to find something equally simple, but with a clean digital sound and longer delay times. And, oh yeah, not too expensive. Any thoughts on the issue? TIA!
  10. WrayGun

    1990 Les Paul Standard

    You can probably guess my question … which is, is this a good year and model combination? I really know nothing about LPs, so any opinion are welcome. Or any thoughts on this guitar versus a 2018 Standard? thanks yinz guys!
  11. WrayGun

    Tremolo (Vibrato) Pedal

    Recommend me a trem pedal … I miss the tremolo from my old Ampeg Reverberocket 2 amplifier; you can let that be your guide. Something warm and natural, but kind of wide and very adjustable … if you can make any sense from that. oh, and not too $pendy if possible! Thanks yinz guys.
  12. WrayGun

    Bridge Plate Fit

    I’m going to attempt a photo and try to explain … I am attaching this Glendale bridge to this fabulous shell pink body. The front lip of the bridge (closest to the neck) is not laying flat on the body as it should. I was thinking about punching and drilling a couple of holes on the front...
  13. WrayGun

    Strat vs. Taylor

    Okay, I’ll get some crap for this post, but … Imagine: a Taylor 410 acoustic (no electronics or cutaway), versus an American Standard Strat, with a few upgrades. Used resale prices are similar. I can have one or the other, not both. Both are really nice. Really, really nice. I’m strictly a...
  14. WrayGun

    Ding! Crunch!

    The peghead of my Taylor tapped the floor somehow. It was a freak accident (several freaks were injured). See attached photos. It looks like some of the finish could easily flake off with a thumbnail in the wrong place. Other than controlling my thumbs, is there a way to stabilize this injury...
  15. WrayGun

    Natural to Sea Foam

    So I have this “natural” finish Tele that I put together years ago, and I am really thinking about refinishing in a “rustic” sea foam green, with an aged white pickguard (or maybe mint? IDK). what are your thoughts? The grain is pretty bold, but I’m thinking it’s time for a little change. I...
  16. WrayGun

    Hot or Not?

    Hot or not? Yea or nay? Sweet guitar or Fender pooped the bed? I don’t know.
  17. WrayGun

    Phosphor Bronze vs 80/20 Bronze

    As you may rightly assume, this is another simple question that I should already know the answer to: what is the difference, sound-wise, between phosphor bronze strings and 80/20 bronze strings? I was just rooting through my Big Pile of random string sets and realized I have both kinds. One of...
  18. WrayGun

    My wife, what a gal

    An unexpected surprise from my wife. I mentioned in passing this morning that it would be nice to have my little portable amp mounted somewhere easy to reach and adjust, without getting out of my recliner (cause I’m a lazy SOB). later this afternoon, I go to sit down and find my amp attached to...
  19. WrayGun

    Cigar Box Bass Neck

    Heya all, so last summer, someone gifted me with an old unbranded bass neck, that look something like a J-Bass neck. I didn’t have a good use for it at the time, but recently I found a pretty nice wooden box that I thought would make a nice body for a “cigar box” homemade bass guitar. see...
  20. WrayGun

    Recommend Me a Micro Amp

    So many little toy amps out there … I’m just looking for some kind of a tiny amplifier that still sounds reasonably decent, that I can take out on the patio, or stash next to my easy chair and play at a moderate volume. And … doesn’t sound like sheet, and won’t break within the first few weeks...
  21. WrayGun

    The Pointy Peavey

    Okay, I know I will take a lot of crap for this, but here’s the thing: I have a Peavey Classic 30 that I really love. I replaced the stock tubes and the stock speaker, and it stands up to any high end amp I’ve ever had the chance to play. Great amp. However … there’s one really superficial...
  22. WrayGun

    Delta Kream

    Sorry if this has been extensively covered, but tomorrow is a big day for me... as the Black Keys drop “Delta Kream!” ... RL, Junior, and more Hill Country covers. I don’t know what could be better on a Friday afternoon!
  23. WrayGun

    Bellying Question

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this question (or really, the best site?), but I have always gotten the best info, or directions to good info, here. SO ... I have this Recording King RH05 acoustic, more or less a 000 size. The bridge is starting to belly up, tilting the saddle towards...
  24. WrayGun

    Martin Bridge Pin Holes

    So as documented elsewhere in this forum, I recently acquired my Martin 000, and it’s as fantastic as expected. The only problem I have ... and you’ve already guessed it ... is that the bridge pins stick way up proud of the bridge holes. Like, waaay up. I had no idea that this was a Martin...
  25. WrayGun

    Lifetime Guitar

    Okay, I will be the first to admit that I don’t know a lot of about acoustic guitars. That’s why I’m here, in the company of generally knowledgeable comrades. So, due to some life-affecting changes that I am getting through, I am in a situation where I am going to unload a number of my electric...