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  1. AtlanticCity83

    Aging in the Classic Series 50s White Blonde Lacquer

    Why not building the perfect beast including the exact finish you're after? ;-)
  2. AtlanticCity83

    NGD: Kotzen Telecaster, huge sound

    Fantastic guitar! Enjoy your new Tele. I once installed this pickup configuration in a 50s CV Tele and it was awesome. Although a HB in SC size, the Chopper still has Twang.
  3. AtlanticCity83

    NGD, the hard way

    There was a time I did't like the finish. But I think it's a great finish on Fender guitars now.
  4. AtlanticCity83

    Marshall Origin owners, what boost do u like with it?

    Somebody plays a 78 Distortion? Is it a great pedal, either in combination with an SD1 or as a "stand-alone" Drive unit?
  5. AtlanticCity83

    Marshall Origin owners, what boost do u like with it?

    I use an SD1 in combination with my Origin 50 Combo. Works very, very well.
  6. AtlanticCity83

    The Boss Pedal Owners Club

    I bought an SD1 not long ago. Love this Overdrive!
  7. AtlanticCity83

    Telecaster tuning stability?

    When it comes to tuning stability, check the nut slots! In case they are filed well, you never need "nut sauce", lube, etc. ... A luthier have files to do the job and it shouldn't be that expensive.
  8. AtlanticCity83

    NGD American Original '60s Telecaster

    Wow, that's something different! Great finish and a stunning guitar. :cool:
  9. AtlanticCity83

    Can you help me decide?

    With a 4 way Switch in a Tele you can play nearly everything.
  10. AtlanticCity83

    Can you help me decide?

    I'd go for a Tele. But why not buy both? The Squier CVs are stunning guitars, so is the Tribute Line from G&L.
  11. AtlanticCity83

    $1000 Telecaster

    I can even remember when a german Musicstore sold a Les Paul Std without case for around 999 DM. The USD price was even lower.
  12. AtlanticCity83

    Vintera road worn vs Regular Vintera.

    Both are great guitars. Buy the one that sounds and feels better.
  13. AtlanticCity83

    What the F... new thinlines

    I think it looks great. Non-traditional but kinda cool.
  14. AtlanticCity83

    Which Tele would you choose?

    I love the Texas Tea finish. One of Fenders most beautiful finishes.
  15. AtlanticCity83

    Tele decisions

    Yeah, the CVs are awesome. Wish I did't sell mine. I used to have a 50s Tele MIC
  16. AtlanticCity83

    2015 Nashville Tele w pics

    It must be pure fun to play this guitar in an Eagles cover band.
  17. AtlanticCity83

    2015 Nashville Tele w pics

    That's a very nice guitar. They offer great Strat tones and are even more versatile than a common Tele.
  18. AtlanticCity83

    Which Tele would you choose?

    I'd then go for the Ultra as this Tele is something different.
  19. AtlanticCity83

    Tele decisions

    Exactly, go for the SC Tele first, then a Cabronita. I love my 50s Classic. Try a maple and a rosewood board, too. They sound a little bit different.
  20. AtlanticCity83

    Looking for a soldering station

    Hi, Currently I'm looking for a soldering station as I don't like to bring my guitar to a luthier. I even once swapped the pickups in a CV50s Tele with a 20€ soldering iron. But I think it's more comfortable using a soldering station. Do I have to pay a lot for it? Which one do you use?
  21. AtlanticCity83

    Telecaster Newbie needs advice

    I bought a Marshall Origin 50. Vers close to a Fender Bassman. But what you might like is a Tone Master amp?!
  22. AtlanticCity83

    Telecaster Newbie needs advice

    Why directly changing the pickups? Try different pickup heights at least...
  23. AtlanticCity83

    Delayed NGD

    There once was a CodaMusic-exclusive 50s Relic-Tele in LPB. Since then I'm totally in love with LPB. Are old LPB finishes darker?
  24. AtlanticCity83

    Delayed NGD

    A-w-e-s-o-m-e :cool:
  25. AtlanticCity83

    NGD - havent had a single coil tele in a while, I've wanted one for ages and got this today :)

    HNGD! That's a nice one. What do you think about the pickups?