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  1. Tone Quest

    In praise of your 'clean' effects

    Reverb and Delay are always on. Amp on clean channel. I use a Blues Driver for a clean boost.
  2. Tone Quest

    Scored a near new MIM strat. Help me get used to playing it!

    Congratulations on your MIM Strat. I love mine, but I did change the pickups for more output. Lace Sensor Purple in neck, Lace Sensor Lt Blue in middle and a Seymour Duncan Little 59 in the bridge. I get a lot of sounds with this combination.
  3. Tone Quest

    Finally registered but been here before

    A warm welcome to you sir.
  4. Tone Quest

    How to sneak a guitar under the wife’s radar

    Can't be done. My wife is the 'banker'. She knows where the money goes.
  5. Tone Quest

    New to TDPRI

    Membership validated. Welcome 🙂
  6. Tone Quest

    Hello from the land of Cheese Heads

    A warm welcome to you sir. Nice toys.
  7. Tone Quest

    Greetings and Salutations?

    Nothing wrong with a good Squier. Welcome aboard.
  8. Tone Quest

    Looking for the value of a 1995 MIJ telecaster

    I can't answer your question, but I can welcome you. So, Welcome Aboard!!
  9. Tone Quest

    Clean boost.

    I use my Blues Driver as a clean boost. To my ears it sounds good.
  10. Tone Quest

    How many guitars?

    Just 2 in the stable at this point. But I do have room for one more.
  11. Tone Quest

    NAD, my third Fender this year.

    Here's hoping your current Fender Amp will last a long time.
  12. Tone Quest

    Squier bullet red sparkle with a 50’s neck (for your appreciation).

    The neck looks great. 👍
  13. Tone Quest

    Where’s Your Happy Place?

    2 places. At the beach, or in my music room at home.
  14. Tone Quest

    Essential Tremor Query

    Get a referral for a neurologist from your primary care office. That's what I did. My life is much better for it.
  15. Tone Quest

    It's my birthday today.

    Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳
  16. Tone Quest

    Essential Tremor Query

    Been dealing with essential tremor for 4 years. Saw a neurologist for it. He put me on primidone. It works. My shaking hands are a good 90% better. I play my Strat and do other hobbies. I'll be honest, sometimes my hands still shake, but not the frequency or severity they used to. Life is very...
  17. Tone Quest

    Got a couple new teles last year

    A warm welcome to you sir. I really like the white Tele.
  18. Tone Quest

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    Living in a tourist city makes it easy to be one, sometimes. 🙂
  19. Tone Quest

    Won’t be playing for a while…

    Big time OUCH!! Hope you have complete healing there.
  20. Tone Quest

    Samantha Fish Band

    Been following her for several years now. She is awesome.
  21. Tone Quest

    Hello from Stockton, California.

    Welcome aboard. We're glad you are here. 🙂
  22. Tone Quest

    NGD - Robert Cray Stratocaster

    Beautiful Strat with classic colors. Very nice.
  23. Tone Quest

    New Tele for me. MIJ Fernandes.

    Classic looks 👌. Nice.
  24. Tone Quest

    Hanging in a hotel lobby

    I agree with you. 👍
  25. Tone Quest

    Greetings from Canada

    A hearty welcome to you sir.