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    Captions, please!

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    Graph Tech's RATIO machine heads: what do you think? I see they gave the pesky G string a 35:1 ratio.
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    Human remains found 40 years ago identified as member of The O'Jays R&B band Too on point?
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    Quiz: what distinguishes NFT from crypto, cheugy and metaverse?

    The others are runners up, but NFT is Collins Dictionary's word of the year:
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    Dead ... or passed?

    I can't help noticing the regular stream of posts in Bad Dog observing when someone dies. I also notice the preferred phrase to use is "X has passed". The might be a regional thing, but I've never used that euphemism, it even sounds odd to my ear, but it must be used in other places. I say, "X...
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    Tired gum

    How long do you chew a stick of gum before you spit it out?
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    1,626 kernels -- the lethal dose of Candy Corn

    The Exact Amount Of Halloween Candy You Can Eat Before It's Lethal Be careful out there, this Sunday...
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    Friday -- time for more TDPRI John-isms?

    TDPRI John likes to say, "XXX never heard of him/her/it." For example, Argentina? Never heard of it.
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    Who likes turtles?

    I like turtles. Post yer favourite.
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    What a day! What a lovely day!

    Cars used in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' movie up for auction
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    Not a headline you see every day: Shakira: Singer attacked by a pair of wild boars
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    Your favourite off-the-beaten-path beverage

    Coffee threads are always popular. Witness So, How Do You Coffee? But do you like to drink something unusual, something you might be the only one on TDPRI to drink and enjoy?
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    Oh, what a lucky man he was. Moog solo: ducky or yucky?

    Let's do what we do best -- talk about 50-year-old songs. The solo at the end of "Oh, what a lucky man he was" (@3:20) is an early example of the Moog synthesizer's use in pop music. I've heard it called self-indulgent and twaddle. Yet, after all the years, I still like it -- it's certainly...
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    I had to run the gauntlet

    Needed some 10W-30 for the mower. At the store (Crappy Tire, if you must know) the entrance way was constricted by some stock and I had to get past two(!) people trying to interest me in the store's credit card. I usually look left and deke right, but there was some congestion and I couldn't...
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    Anyone own a 10-foot-pole?

    Get to use it much, recently?
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    Coffee Junkie?

    I found this interesting...
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    Leap of faith

    Lex Gillette: Record-breaking blind long jumper:
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    Hot! "This event will likely be one of the most extreme and prolonged heat waves in the recorded history of the Inland Northwest," said the National Weather Service office in Spokane, Washington...
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    Muesli or Granola?

    What's your preference? I've just tried a 50-50 and I don't want it any other way!
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    What are your guilty pleasure TV series on Netflix?

    The horror movie thread got me thinking. Once you're rewatched all the reruns of all your favourite shows, what now? Why not watch something different? I've gotten into Korean TV, and ... is it a guilty pleasure? You decide. Right now I'm watching... My Sassy Girl After that it's going to...
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    How smart is your dog?

    Harley ... not so much. It's sunny but cool this morning -- 0C [32F]. After breakfast, Harley goes out in the backyard to do his business. The yard half in sun, half in shade and he lasts about five minutes before he's barking to come back in. He runs to the front door where sun is streaming...
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    Do you have a favourite mineral water?

    The Coke thread got me thinking... Many folks replied that they drank soft drinks rarely if at all. What about mineral water? Do you have a favourite brand? Mine is... It's chewy!
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    What was wrong with Ker-Plunk?

    I thought it was a solid game.
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    Caption this!