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  1. fenderese

    I'm Getting Reverse-GAS-Syndrome?

    hand-wired? me too! is this a Covid thin?
  2. fenderese

    NFL playoff picks predictions and discussion

    thaw them out, they're going someplace sunny next week...
  3. fenderese

    Gorgeous demo of a 1950 Broadcaster

    Tobias Hoffmann, def. has some tasty jazz on Spotify.
  4. fenderese

    Any Hate For Guitarist Prior To The 70’s?

    welcome to the 2020s, everybody has the RIGHT to hate anyone me, I love the 60s guitarists; turn on the Spotify, play a 60s song, the music leaps off the guitar.
  5. fenderese

    Return, Or No?

    keep the guitar, buy a house with about 3000 mile of ocean to the west.
  6. fenderese

    Can you get a Tele to sound like a Strat?

    spend their inheritance, buy the strat
  7. fenderese

    Best shaving hack

  8. fenderese

    Pink Floyd : Wish You Were Here: full album

    Fri. turned the cd player on in the front room and this was loaded on there. I was compelled to listen all the way through. One of the downfalls of my life is that my son, a large jazz and prog fan - and just plain music fan, hates Pink Floyd.
  9. fenderese

    One Word Song Title Transference Game

    They Call It Rock & Roll Music - Delaney and Bonnie
  10. fenderese

    One Word Song Title Transference Game

    Paper Roses- Marie Osmond
  11. fenderese

    What Are You Eating Christmas Eve?

    Potatiskorv, ham, sweet and sour red cabbage, green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, broccoli salad, jello salad, breads, apple cider. My daughter is not with us so we skip the pickled herring (thankful for that).
  12. fenderese

    You have a budget of $300 dollars

    a beatle bass
  13. fenderese

    All time best US rock and roll band?

    From The BIBLE?
  14. fenderese

    Best & Worst YouTube Channels

    like: Dream Guitars - beautiful acoustics which I can't afford but I can dream. dislike: any unboxing channel - guess if you can't read a packing list...
  15. fenderese

    All time best US rock and roll band?

    now that the rules are clarified:
  16. fenderese

    I Slept On Old Peavey Solid States for Way Too Long

    My first Peavey amp was in the case of a T15. Not enough knobs to twist.
  17. fenderese

    So, It appears I am a chump

    check calendar, just as I assumed, not April 1.
  18. fenderese

    Dangerous toys from our youth.

    remember running around on a roof with red ryders and bud (now lawyer) shooting down at other bud (now renown author) yelling back "hey you guys, that stings". can't do that now and expect to afford to retire.
  19. fenderese

    Dorothy on TBS

    nope, they're asleep in the poppies...
  20. fenderese

    What time do you eat thanksgiving dinner? why eat so early?

    1300-1400 because the fog in the central valley starts rolling in about 1800. My aunt started the tradition to soothe the old folks (whom I resemble) having to drive home.
  21. fenderese

    I really am thankful today

    Doesn't sound like you're surviving, you're thriving. Keep up the good fight and abstain from too many Texas sized meals.
  22. fenderese

    Well if that ain't the early 1970's....

    no one's packing quarters
  23. fenderese

    NGD (*Viewer discretion advised- excess knobs may offend*)

    As a micromanager, I approve of this setup.