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  1. Dogbear

    Any way to lengthen the pull on a Parson-Green by Hipshot?

    This might help..... I have two short throw P/Gs, a long (shortened to medium) throw P/W and a medium (BFriend) clevis P/G. I like the medium throw in both the P/W and P/G.
  2. Dogbear

    B-Bender clicking noise??

    Somebody forgot to put a drop of Loctite on the screw at Fender. It's interesting to note that the chrome Fender unit uses a chrome Philips screw to secure the bender hub. The Hipshot P/G unit uses a wide head Allen bolt. The Allen bolt is much easier to lock down than the Philips screw. If...
  3. Dogbear

    need a stiffer spring for b bender

    I've seen an internal lock for a Parson's White, but never one for a Parson's Green. I did see this a while back.
  4. Dogbear

    P&G Bender Trouble

    Here are some other threads that I did that show the internal workings of the Hipshot. It is a fairly simple design but is not very flexible.
  5. Dogbear

    P&G Bender Trouble

    OK, if you pull the bender only remove the outside screws. Do not pull the screws that attach the hub or tower or the bender will fly apart inside the guitar. It is extremely unlikely that it is in the linkage. Check the movement of the adjustment block as it sounds like it is not moving for...
  6. Dogbear

    P&G Bender Trouble

    View from the inside. You can see the screw on the wheel. If that screw is not tight, the adjustment block will not move or the wheel will slip on the shaft. Hope this helps.
  7. Dogbear

    P&G Bender Trouble

    OK, the thing to check is that the little allen screw on the tuning wheel is tight. It should fit into a flat on the threaded screw that moves the tuning block. This is most likely the source of your problem.
  8. Dogbear

    School me on b-bender kits likes Sparklebenders......:cool:
  9. Dogbear

    School me on b-bender kits

    What Brian F said..... no one gets rich installing benders. P/G's are not that hard to install if you are handy with a drill press and a router, but one screw up and you have a mess. I've installed five of these for myself and friends without any problems. The P/G is a very serviceable bender...
  10. Dogbear

    Recommendations to install a Parsons-White B Bender

    Brian Friend (Bfriend) on this forum also does excellent work.
  11. Dogbear

    Useless piece of chrome?

    LOL, I cut one for a Parson White Bender one time.... just because I could. Totally useless but it was different and I had nothing better to do with it. :lol:
  12. Dogbear

    Lessening tension on Parsons-Green?

    Usually folks want the tension increased, but the solution is about the same. 1. Replace the main spring with a longer one or one with less tension. Most major hardware stores have an assortment available. 2. Install a link made from wire between the main spring and the mechanism to...
  13. Dogbear

    Over-The-Top String Bender System

    Telesavant, where did you get the hollow screws?
  14. Dogbear

    About to join the club

    The P/G is a very serviceable B Bender..... tons of them being played out there. Install it, learn to play it, and enjoy it. If in the future you find that your playing style can't live without one and the P/G doesn't meet your expectations, you can always look at other choices. Good luck on...
  15. Dogbear

    About to join the club

    Unfortunately the body he bought on eBay was already routed for a P/G….
  16. Dogbear

    Just Love this

    Pretty much a Byrds/Clarence partial set list out of the early 70's.
  17. Dogbear

    Just Love this

    Search "Roger McGuinn and Marty Stuart" on YouTube. Lots of video both from the show and live of them playing Byrds. This collaboration has been going on for quite a while. I'm sure that it's fun for Stuart to play "Clarence" and certainly takes McGuinn's music back into the "Clarence" era...
  18. Dogbear

    p/g bender

    Not that Bill couldn't build anything he wanted....but I don't think he has messed with a long/medium throw clevis for a P/G. Gene and Brian F are the only ones I know who have done it. Very limited market at best and the limitations on the P/G design really make for limited mods. I own three...
  19. Dogbear

    Can I order Parsons/Green B bender unit from Fender?

    I totally agree with Chet.....but if you are set on a P/G with a shiny back, specify a Hipshot P/G with a polished aluminum back directly from Hipshot. Less weight than a Fender and basically the same unit.
  20. Dogbear

    p/g bender

    You are welcome to try... All of this has been tried before. Gene Parson's who invented this bender even made a new clevis to change the throw. Above all, remember your original configuration so that you can put it back to factory specs. Just a little bit of variance from optimal and you will...
  21. Dogbear

    p/g bender

    No, it throws the geometry off causing the rod not to pull in a straight line which will bind up the bender.
  22. Dogbear

    p/g bender Gene Parson's did also make a long throw clevis for the P/G. I don't know if he still does...
  23. Dogbear

    About to join the club

    The Vandal - FYI, Hipshot makes two P/G's, one with a steel plate and one with a polished aluminum plate. The aluminum plate Hipshot is about 9 ounces lighter than the steel Hipshot version. May not seem like much until you wear it around your neck all night long.
  24. Dogbear

    Do you find any tonal differences in B Benders compared to standard.

    I'm no expert and I have no idea what a "raw and ballsy" classic tele is :razz:, I have however converted four teles to aluminum plated P/Gs and Bfriend (on this forum) converted a 50's classic reissue to a long throw P/W for me. I have heard no difference in the sound from any of the...
  25. Dogbear

    Mike Beck

    J Hayes, try a little bit of for some bender fun....