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  1. aleski

    Gear from 1983 thats worth buying?

    Rickenbackers from the 1980s are great, should they tickle your fancy.
  2. aleski

    Do AVRI '52 Natural exist?

    If it's indeed a legitimate vintage reissue, odds are that also the pickguard has been changed. I could be wrong, but I doubt that even a limited-run '52 reissue would have a three-ply pickguard. A very cool-looking guitar, though.
  3. aleski

    Gig worthy Guitar Stands

    I smash my guitar to pieces on stage at the end of every show. Problem solved.
  4. aleski

    Your Favourite ‘Awful’ Album Cover

    Search for TDPRI member on a date and this is what you get on Google.
  5. aleski

    MJT relics/custom/etc...

    The gerund probably should take the 'k', given that 'to mimic' becomes 'mimicking' and 'to sellac' becomes 'shellacking'.
  6. aleski

    MJT relics/custom/etc...

    Cool colour. What is it? I have a '72 Thinline from MJT. Very, very pleased with both the end result and the process that led me there. Another project is already underway.
  7. aleski

    70th Anniversary Broadcaster 1 Month+ Review

    I gave this a test with both my 7.25"-radius Telecasters. No issues whatsoever, the note rings very clearly - even when bent to C. My frets are not vintage-accurate, though. Musikraft's 6105 wire has a height of 0.047 and width of 0.095. EDIT: Messed up the decimals.
  8. aleski

    Collection of Favorite Pedal Effect Demos

    My personal archive would only contain the following:
  9. aleski

    That Pedal Show - Telecaster

    Well, he does usually play a Stratocaster. The delivery isn't quite my cup of tea either. Ditto for the musical genres represented, although I must say I'm glad they stick to what they know and enjoy rather than make half-arsed, at times cringe-worthy attempts to dive into genres they appear to...
  10. aleski

    Tuning By Ear…No Reference

    Lately I've been doing it imagining a tuning video on Youtube. The results vary, but not too dramatically and I usually get quite close. Nothing else matters by Metallica is a song I used to use, given the use of open strings.
  11. aleski

    NGD - J Mascis Telecaster - SPARKLE!

    One of my all-time favourite album covers.
  12. aleski

    Anyone here been to the Mayo Clinic?

    Newsweek named the Mayo Clinic in Rochester as world's best hospital in 2021, so odds are it's hard to find better hands to be in.
  13. aleski

    Planning my next Partscaster, need help with the neck

    I'm not familiar with manufacturers in Europe, but Musikraft does allow you to have modern frets on a thick neck, be it a C, D, V or U, and vintage radius at no extra cost. If your search closer to home yields no results, it'd be the one I'd turn to.
  14. aleski

    How many Tele variants do we want or need ?

    I've been mulling over this very question for some time now, as I sense that the end is nigh for my pandemic-fuelled partscaster binge. I presently have three, with an assortment of parts ready for another three, but it's proving increasingly difficult to justify completing the builds--I'm...
  15. aleski

    BJFE/Bearfoot, remember them?

    I had the Candiru octave fuzz on my board until very recently. It'd still be there if it wasn't for the fact that it needs some expert care.
  16. aleski

    Black Pumas (some nice Tele work here)

    What Telecaster is that? I couldn't make out the manufacturer from the headstock.
  17. aleski

    Recreating Tape Delay Heads with Two Delays?

    I'm not an expert, but the following video may contain some applicable principles.
  18. aleski

    Anyone Bought an Ebay Guitar from Japan?

    The shipping costs should come back down once airlines start restoring frequencies. The options are limited at the moment, and at least I'm not aware of any new piece of regulation affecting shipping. Also, cool to hear about your Vanzandt. A few have caught my eye, but I've yet to pick one up...
  19. aleski

    Humbucker sized single coils? Or a surround to fit a single coil in a humbucker space?

    As mentioned above, P90s in Humbucker casing are pretty readily available. Creamery has not only a humbucker-sized P90, but also a humbucker-sized Charlie Christian and a humbucker-sized single-coil called Sonic-Six. Porter's Richochet, I believe, is also fundamentally a single-coil pickup...
  20. aleski

    John Mayer talking about his move to PRS

    ...after getting the guitar relicked.
  21. aleski

    Does anyone have a maple neck Fiesta red tele with a mint green pickguard?

    I'm sure more accurate and helpful replies will follow, but I think I'd like the look -- though I'd be tempted to try an anodized gold pickguard first, like they did with the road-worn 50s Precision Bass.
  22. aleski

    1997 Fender Tele USA - Real or Fake?

    I lack the expertise to comment on the Telecaster, but I'd like to remind that the year of manufacture of the Les Paul isn't insignificant either.
  23. aleski

    Mike Campbell to sell gear from his personal collection

    The Black Beauty with P90s looks gorgeous.
  24. aleski

    AVRI vs. MJT

    I have a '52 AVRI from 2007, but I've never tried a complete MJT guitar. Based on the couple of MJT bodies I've had, though, I'd probably go with MJT - partly because of the minor adjustments I have made or would like to make--pickups and frets, respectively-- to my AVRI.
  25. aleski

    Restore or Mojo??

    Just play the